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  1. does anyone know if the timberwolve attack on pilgram mode just wanna be sure before i explore
  2. so i dont know if im crazy or what but when i use to use flashlights i could charge them at the aurora and they would stay charged till they ran out now it doesn't matter and they wont work unless there is an active aurora this is just odd? or did i imagine it...
  3. there was a time that i was encumbered and just walking i had already sprained both wrist and a ankle then while walking i sprained the other ankle... i walked like a penguin.
  4. so i recently started a new game on pilgrim and normally i keep an eye out for signs of moose well ive looked and searched all over mystery lake and coastal highway along with desolation point. i have seen zero signs of moose and its very very strange even if i dont see one normally ill see the scraps on trees but i have seen nothing im just wondering if it is bug or glich
  5. yes i saw im so happy about that cause omg so much bs
  6. ok so... i will try to say this as calmly as possible.... cook all button, craft all ....for my sanity sake.... please i just spent a good half hour of my life pressing the cook button on like 200 fish and the craft button of 27 mushrooms this is just so basic even if you need to set a limit based on the type of fire place we are useing thats fine but for my sanity please please add this!
  7. ok so 1. i think that if any fire starter should be added it should be a bow drill can be made with any wood ,stick, gut and tinder is needed no matter what 2.i do think bone for a hook is a great idea since we do not get bones from animals yet and i am all for being able to use all of the animal 3. arrow head should be bone as well or if you pick up small stones you can craft them into arrow heads i think if anything there should be classes of arrow head metal, bone and stone . metal being the stronger of the two doing more damage, honestly i try to be sure i get my arrows back in decent condition then break them down for the stuff i normally only loose like 5 arrow heads over 200 days so thats not bad when hunting i get most back, as for the needing the quality tools for the hammer the way this works best is us quality tools to repair the hammer till you run it almost ruined but not then use the normal tools to fix the quality ones the quality one in general use up less % to fix things then the normal tools so if you need to fix things use the quality tools then repair them useing the normal tools 4. yes i want a rabbit hat and scarf i would also like to be able to use rabit fur to make a blanket something that you can carry with you to add to the warmth of any bedroll or bed ! i think a hat should use like 8 fur the scarf 6 and the blanket 40. 5. agree again bone would work well 6. bone would be more likely for axe as well 7. so heres the thing when a trap breaks you get the wood back one reclaimed wood makes unlimited traps as long as you have guts
  8. alunasmoon

    Basic Bed

    see this is where in real life my a$$ would be dragging around a mattress
  9. i dont know if this is a current issue or the wolves that i stab in the gut with an arrow just happen to have their blood clot super fast but i have noticed in my latest run currently at like 200 day when i was hunting i would hit the wolf it would run now im a very bad shot mind you so sometimes i question if i have hit it so i go pick up my arrows again bad shot and a lot of time i dont pay attention to how may i let off , well i fallow the wolf for a short bit he still runs and walks normal for like ever and then all of a sudden he starts to limp again no blood at all no trail nothing, now it dies no big deal didn't loose it but then the next wolf i go after i know i hit it saw the blood fly up everything i run after it again no blood it was running towards jack rabbit island i run after following right where it was running no blood until i get to the snow then i start to see drops??? im so confused i have yet to actually need to hunt deer yes (wolves keep killing them for me) so i haven't see if its all the animals or just the wolves. im just super confused and would like to know if the wolves have a super genetic allowing them to clot instantaneously and that the one that did bleed if that was dude to a genetic defect due to inbreeding?
  10. i was wondering about that to damn... oh well guess the next one gets made into a coat
  11. i found a moose by the hydro dam o i shot it in the face it tried to stomp me to death but i murdercated it
  12. this ammo has always been hard to get to for as long as i can remember
  13. alunasmoon


    happens like once a week for me its pretty often sometimes 2 days in a row sometimes none for a while