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  1. There is a bug right at the beginning while exploring Mackenzies garage. If you delay and then go to sleep, the time sequence needs to be night again and you wake up dehydrated. You fly dehydrated, you crash and then you wake up with 3% condition. For beginners that will be game breaker.
  2. Thank you all for the answers, are much appreciated. So lets wait for the rest of the development that the team has to offer.
  3. Maybe they don't as you say, although I feel that kickstarter money was the initiative to start this game, every single penny matters despite the fact that it wasn't that much for the final amount of work they have delivered. It maybe for aesthetic or even for practical reasons but still I would like a reason for removing it.
  4. I would like to point out that you have removed the backer support from the introductory sequence but you have kept Canada Media Fund support instead. As a kickstarter backer from the early beginning I feel a bit disappointed. I have personally pledged at October 9th 2013, provided also my support in the forums during the early stages of development as much as I could, bugs, recommendations etc. 3 years and 10 months later we have found out that the backer support screen has been removed from the game.
  5. Off course fully mod-able is welcome.
  6. The new layout is ok, but what I don't really like is the less information you have on your screen at any moment. This new trend of making the posts bigger but with less info in them. You need to scroll lot more etc. Also in the unread content you cannot really check the actual number of unread posts. You have to click, load more and more.. Its very easy to skip posts that might be of interest to you.
  7. Well done to everybody for the effort. Nice challenge Scyzara!
  8. Well done to everybody for the effort. Nice challenge Scyzara!
  9. In the past even if the bedroll comes to 0% if you dont pick it up, it will stay there. I dont know if they fixed this bug.
  10. Maybe a tile selector instead of pages?
  11. This app uses similar technics to The Long Dark. The goal is to survive as long as possible by crafting, walking, foraging, hunting, use fire, boil water etc. An interesting little app and its free to play. Survive
  12. Cooking menu still needs a major redesign, We should be able to eat, drink, cook, add fuel without leaving the menu. We should be able to multicook pieces of meat instead of clicking each one separately. We should be able to distinguish the hot foods from the icon. etc etc
  13. Still ML, pure beauty despite its the oldest map still holds the naturalistic award. Pure nature, elevations, man made interaction, everything bonds together.
  14. Killer implementation as always. Love the new graphics on the maps