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  1. I gave him 10 deer skins and I have full trust with him. It still does not work. The option appears in the radial menu inside the cabin but once outside it is no longer present.
  2. Snow shelter still not craftable even after Xbox Update 1.05
  3. Bedroll disappeared Was not attacked or dropped. Just disappeared from inventory. Disappeared after fixing Jeremiah's rifle. Xbox One
  4. Ditto to OP and Rifle Cleaning Kit disappeared for me as well
  5. same here and rifle cleaning kit disappeared
  6. Same thing happens to me when I am walking around in a kitchen. Much slower frame rate when navigating within the kitchen.
  7. I cannot see my saved games from previous versions. Other users/accounts on our Xbox still has their saved games from previous versions, just not mine, and I am the ONLY one who actually plays/played this game. ****sigh****** Over 60+ days on the hardest level, I had base camps setup in all maps that were stocked with EVERYTHING. I had also fabricated everything possible ten times over. (Bears are now an endangered specie in my world!) I was ready for the Long Dark! Just not ready for the update to delete my saves. :cry:
  8. They're still having this problem! I took a six week break from this game and just came back to see what was going on, nice to see a new update with a new map and new features, but very disappointed to see that the same problems that were plaguing this game 3 months ago are still going on
  9. So that means if shoot an arrow, the arrow will get stuck in the fence? Will have to try that out.
  10. About the 25 day mark at CH. The ravaged deer that sometimes appears on the lake right in front of the coastal town/ Quonset Hut. Difficult setting = most difficult one (sorry, drawing a blank right now as to what it is called.) I would walk out and see the birds circling day after day over that deer, I never looted the dear. Then after a week or so i finally did loot the deer and I also noticed that there was about 20 or so feathers laying around. I guess the birds dropped a feather or two every day.
  11. Is there a place to fish in DP, I have looked and did not find anything. Thanks
  12. With this new update I have seen a big change with how arrows hit/deflect. If I hit a wolf straight on in the face, both the wolf and I facing each other. The arrow is ALWAYS lost. One time I did see part of the shaft of the arrow through the gaped mouth of the wolf after I had killed it. So one of two things happen: 1- the wolf is laying on top of the arrow and I cannot see them, or 2- the arrow gets deflected. As for the deflected part I am not sure about that one, because I have looked, and looked, and LOOKED and no stray arrow ever found. Search grid pattern came up blank! Now at times whenever I hit a wolf on the flank, and the wolf happens to die after running around a bit, if it falls laying on the side that I shot the wolf, I cannot retrieve the arrow. I do not know if these are bugs or if this is what you guys are intending. Thanks for the the great game!!!
  13. Since when do arrows ricochet? I would understand if I was shooting at a concrete wall but I'm shooting at something that has fleshy skin hair bone it could dig itself into
  14. +1 on the Clipping of the arrows. Now anytime I shoot a wolf dead center in the face and kill them, the arrow is lost. Never happened before. One of those times the arrow was barely visible through the jaws of the wolf. I had to pivot around to retrieve the arrow.