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  1. I did that on twitter, but I will gladly repeat myself here It was very enjoyable, a very good idea to start with, nice challenge and nice pacing ( even though I hated the timing - I know it's supposed to be on some date and stuff, but it would be so much better done over the weekend, so fr-sa-su, etc.. from what I've heard a lot of people missed it completely.. ) and the fact that you could prepare ahead for what was to come was really nice Thank you, see you in a year for next 4don ;D
  2. god damn, I would piss myself ;D Occasionally I think I hear a footstep, like the "crunching" in the deep snow, but that seems to be a bug of my own steps.. by which I mean I like to tell that to myself ;D
  3. just finished for the day, arrived to hydro dam through winding river, through PV, via CH ofc. Went this way: Found 2 lanterns, rabbit mittens and this bad boy, yay ! No rifle, though.. planning to spend ~20 minutes of that yesterday's gameplay on the dam itself
  4. 100% support, looking forward to it. Looks great, you're taking it much higher than anticipated! Cool
  5. had a quick run through through the new region, looks very sexy Ty for the update ) Love the new detail like light from the light sources, grass, etc..
  6. yeah, this build is really worse. Noticed in test version, didn't report back than since I thought it will be gone on master. I am getting drops from previously stable 60 as low as 40 with areas of long visibility, sitting on i7 16GB 1080..
  7. I also don't agree with the requested amount of stuff, but a bit of something would help, yeah. I don't think I am a pro with 150 hrs played, but to be honest it's either you'll find matches or you don't and you can try again There are some ways how to survive for a while, but it very much depends on the spawn point. You can get some water off a toilet,that's a guarantee, but you gotta find some. Sleep inside, in the comfy bed, that will definitely warm you up a bit, but with that kind of temperature outside and no clothes, also no light to search places properly for the very items that would
  8. me too I don't need em there, they are not supposed to be visible according to what happening all around with the weather + yeah, they are too sticking out
  9. true that, I hate to "save that last can so I can heat it up before I leave out in the morning", that's silly.. just get something hot inside you that will warm you up for an hour, that might help a bit, it's not tasty but tbh I suppose dog food isn't either ^^
  10. bringing shot rabbits = top Draggin a carcass to a cave at least to work it shielded from a wind.. for some fatigue, to remain fair or what not..
  11. cool idea, I would love to travel in the night with full moon that is somewhat lighting up the scene, if clouds would allow
  12. Yeah, that's a nice candidate for a skill, that would solve all the complaints and not for free, ie. "just like that change". Start as it is now, skill is 50 and bring it up to 100 for, say, 50% time saving ? Seems fair