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  1. Adam12341

    Spooky stuff

    Haha yeah, or make the moose into something like wendigo... I would crap my pants pretty quickly
  2. Adam12341

    Spooky stuff

    Has anyone seen something suspicious or spooky? The skull in the fishing hut was cool, but I was really hoping that the developers would add like something scary to the 4DON like a yeti or Bigfoot running around, or sightings of them, or something like that. Any ideas on what spooky stuff the developers could add to 4DON? Or if anyone has seen anything? Another weird thing was when the sky suddenly got yellow for a few seconds and then it became very dark. Anyone else got that?
  3. I have literally seen people wanting refunds because they said the game was unfinished. It's sad to read stuff like that when you really understand how much effort the team puts in to this game.
  4. Yeah nothing wrong about that. And it still was very successful.
  5. You are right. They really couldn't do any better in this situation. You can never please everyone at once.
  6. So I have been thinking about the long dark and it's realese. The final release of The long dark got the game a lot of new players and a lot of both negativity and positivity. A lot of people criticted the game and said that they were selling an unfinished product. They did state what you get, but that is apparentaly not enough. I wonder if the games release could be better if the story mode would be finished. I know that it is hard for such a small studio to do so much stuff to just finish a game, but I believe that if the game would be released a year or so after the original release date, that the game could be more successful. Personally I didn't have a problem with the release, and think that the game is awesome, but could it that way be better? I think that maybe if Hinterland released Episodeds of story mode in the alpha, reworked them there and maybe finished one or even two episodeds, then released the game fully. I think that the decision that Hinterland made was due to pressure from the community, wanting story mode and the final release. They had very little time before the release and I feel that stuff was rushed. I don't believe that one more year of developement in the Alpha stage would do the game bad. It had a steady community before the release. I have also noticed that Hinterland is reworking the first and second episode, which I also feel could be prevented with a bit more pre release developement. This is just something I thought about and would want to know what you guys think about this. I also want to thank hinterland for all the effort the have put into this game.
  7. Sorry man for my bad spelling, didn't see that.
  8. So this is a very late term idea but I have been thinking about The long dark in a more warm or less snowy style. More like survival in the south part of Canada, where it still is cold, where the weather often hits minus degrees, but there is none or less snow. A place to survive in like for example Algonquin park. There is a ton of wildlife like deer, moose, wolves, bears and many other. There is a lot of rivers and lakes so canoeing would be a way of transport, and fishing could also be a way of hunting. Thunderstorms instead of snow blizzards, and even maybe a rare chance of a huriccane, which would be destructive. I believe that this would fit The long dark, but the problem is that I don't see how it could be done. Every map in the game is located on the greatm bear island which would mean there would need to be another place where the more south style is played. Even if there would be a summer season it would still not match the south style and look. What do you guys think about this, for a future idea, or maybe even for a The long dark sequel? Here is a picture of Algonquin park: Check out this guy: He often camps in Algonquin park, check out his 5 day solo canoeing trip. That is what I am talking about.
  9. So every time I walk into this type of houses in the long dark I stop by this door and think: Will this be a basement in the future? A small little closet? Or will it remain a mystery that will never be solved...
  10. So I traveled to the place where you enter a cave that leads to mystery lake from mountain town, and next to the cave you can see this:What part is this? It looks like the entrence in forlorn muskeg but I have no idea. You can see a railroad. I increased the brightness so you can see better.
  11. 1+ for randomness, I really want to see that in the game!
  12. I am playing on Xbox one and the game crashes a lot. When I started to play story mode, I though it's was a minor issue but now the game has crashed over 6 times. Mostly when trying to exit grey mothers house. Does anybody else have the same issues?
  13. Hopefully the will add that. I really don't know the reason. Maybe they ran out of time before the release.