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  1. I think after the geomagnetic storm all devices gone silent. Thus the world became mute. In winter. The answer is simple as that.
  2. Hi! again! I'm wondering if we can have an option to take our own lives with the revolver. As an example you're bleeding and nearly freezing, you suffer too much pain. You have nothing to eat, your shelter is far far away and you got the only thing with you. The revolver. A simple bullet to take all pain away. Let us die in peace, without suffering.
  3. Hey everyone! Quickly to the questions: 1- Do you have any plans to use Steam Market features for your next challenge prizes or just giveaway items? It would be nice to have some not game affecting in-game decorative items such as a snowglobe etc. to be acquired through annual challenges (just like you did in the halloween). Euro Truck Simulator 2 is doing the similar thing with the Steam Market and I think it's awesome 2- İf there will be any second game or dlc, do you have plans to kickstart it just like you did with the first one? I missed the chance to get those d*mn cairns and whenever I stumble upon them I get jealous. Keep up the good work! You rock!
  4. In the last dispatch I suggested a backer-style dlc and you answered my question nicely. Here's another suggestion: Start a kickstarter funding for a new dlc or a map. If it reaches its goal, make it free for everyone so those who want to donate you could achieve their goals by earning a couple of cairns or backer-created notes in that map or dlc, and those who do not have the opportunity (or don't want) to donate could grab the free stuff. there is a win-win-win solution here. another quick question: (I don't know if it was proposed before) there are a lot of unclaimed cairns by the backers. Do you have any plans to sell them to other people who would want to adopt them?
  5. You should map every trigger locations in order to get the achievement so I have been in every triggered location. Maybe I should map every dark place my map doesn't show? In that case I need another 500 charcoals.
  6. Hi! My name is Cem and I'm from Babaeski - Kirklareli - Turkey. I've buried 240+ hours into the game and still I'm counting minutes on my way home from work to continue playing. Have a nice day! That's my hometown in the attachment!
  7. Today I got the faithful cartographer achievement. I've been in every house, every store and I think I have looted all places from top to the bottom. Do you guys have any idea what might I have missed? Where is the rest 9% of the game!?
  8. Hello Hinterland! I'm Cem and I'm from Istanbul. Thanks for this wonderful masterpiece. I'm the proud owner of the game since 2014 and I'm amazed by the development which has gone positively day by day. The thing is: I want to donate more. I know for some, it is harsh but I think a dlc would boost your finances up and cheer the people up who want to donate more. Do you ever consider putting an extra region as a DLC in future? You can do it via kickstarter and when you achieve the goal; you can just add it to the main game for free if this donation demand is not accepted widely. There are still people who want to help you. And I want to see the world grow. Thanks!