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  1. It would be awesome to collect some decorative, non-game-affecting items via Steam Market. These items would be distributed during seasonal events like 4DON. A teddybear, a halloween pumkin etc. Euro Truck Simulator 2 uses the same technique to put items inside the game, with this items you can decorate your Truck's interior. The items would be varied from decorations to item alterations like pattern carved hatchet, military grade knife etc. Those alterations would have no effect on durability or damage but only alter the cosmetic appearance. People would pay for it. And those who want to help Hinterland financially would buy these item packs if they're sold. (The Hunter: Call of The Wild hunting game does that)
  2. Hey Raph! Did you hide any loot-container in the game that is nearly impossible to find? I wonder around and search every corner if some of you guys from the design team hid something under a rock or a hidden space. So far there are two options: 1- There is no secret to be found 2- You hid it so well that noone ever found it. Thanks for this awesome game, yet again!
  3. I don't think breaking necks of rabbits is alson family friendly either, but this is a survival game and it's proven that drinking alcohol gives you a "fake" heat boost as I stated in the topic name. Still it is a variant that can alter or enchance gameplay.
  4. Description: A bottle of brandy that gives you a temporary warm boost during cold weather or blizzards. Pros: completely stops hypothermia and the chance of frostbite for an hour, gives you a chance to run away from a blizzard to indoors. Cons: - After one hour: if still outdoors and temperature still feels like at least -1C; sudden hypothermia and frostbite at 2x speed. -25% drop from sleep condition -headache Use: A bottle that consists 0.50lt brandy; 0.10lt is consumed per use. What do you think?
  5. That would be one hell of a journey. I totally agree that this challenge should be supported. Not only it should be a challenge but also an endless road mode that you try to survive as far as possible.
  6. I made at least 30 trips to PV to carry all the loot I have found. I finished the whole season of the Office while walking for days.
  7. I do not break down objects until I need it so I hoard nearly everything.
  8. Hey Ralph! I still play the game (which is astounding as one of the factors that I love about games is the replayability, such as Diablo 2 and Heroes of Might and Magic 3) and the game is getting better and better with each update. I wish I lived in Canada I would definitely visit your studio (if you'd accept visitors) and hand all of you some granola bars and grape sodas. Now to the questions: - I know even if you didn't start on a second game project, I'm sure you dream about it roughly. Do you think the second one needs to be more realistic in terms of graphics or do you love the current "out of an oil painting" graphics? I sometimes play a hunting game named "The Hunter: The call of the wild" and I really like the graphics. Especially one of the maps that has a tundra setting reminds me of TLD and I immediately switch back to the Long Dark. Don't get me wrong, I really like the current graphics of the game. - Do you still get inspired by the new games and some of their features which make you say "damn, I need this feature in my game? - I don't remember who mentioned about a challenge mode in which you should survive on a computer-generated road that lasts kilometers long (which have random houses-encounters on the way) but it is brilliant. - What is your take on deep mysteries hidden in games? GTA 5 still has an unsolved mystery that puzzles the players to this day (The Mount Chilliad Mystery). Do you plan to implement such a thing in your game in the future that makes people search for years while they try to survive in the world? A small hint there, a little mysterious code there maybe? That kind of "game within the game" makes some obsessive players (like me) play the game more obsessively. And we like it. Thanks again and again. If you come to Istanbul anytime or have a transit via Istanbul Airport please let me know. I'll buy you a drink. That'll be on the house (I work at the airport) Bye!
  9. Hi Ralph, again! I have several questions this time: -How about adding a moveable metal barrel in the game to store water in it? There are already barrels in the game and storing water in 1lt bottles are space-consuming and not "enviromentally green" -Do you plan to add more tracks to your in-game soundtrack? The world is getting big and for different type of region you could add different music -Can we use clothes and wearable items as fuel for fire in the future? -A suggestion for a special day challenge as 4DON: Let us gather loot for 4-5 days for an apocalypse. Spending 20-50 days in an underground shelter afterwards would be a fantastic experience. Thanks!
  10. I think after the geomagnetic storm all devices gone silent. Thus the world became mute. In winter. The answer is simple as that.
  11. Hi! again! I'm wondering if we can have an option to take our own lives with the revolver. As an example you're bleeding and nearly freezing, you suffer too much pain. You have nothing to eat, your shelter is far far away and you got the only thing with you. The revolver. A simple bullet to take all pain away. Let us die in peace, without suffering.
  12. Hey everyone! Quickly to the questions: 1- Do you have any plans to use Steam Market features for your next challenge prizes or just giveaway items? It would be nice to have some not game affecting in-game decorative items such as a snowglobe etc. to be acquired through annual challenges (just like you did in the halloween). Euro Truck Simulator 2 is doing the similar thing with the Steam Market and I think it's awesome 2- İf there will be any second game or dlc, do you have plans to kickstart it just like you did with the first one? I missed the chance to get those d*mn cairns and whenever I stumble upon them I get jealous. Keep up the good work! You rock!