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  1. [Survival] Players can now place a Rifle on the gun rack found in the Hunting Lodge. At last
  2. maybe we can mark thin ice with this symbol?
  3. Hinterland just tweeted this image. No info. What is it? Throw your best guesses at me. A crack?
  4. In return of my precious and much valued questions, I want a proper response written by you, preferably on whitetail deer leather paper; handed personally to me on behalf of your company; accompanied by (at least) four armored cavaliers. Please note that all the cavaliers MUST have beards. Long story short, Video format sounds awesome. You could also try doing some live AMA too!
  5. Increase your cartography skill. This is not an in-game skill but you'll develop it on your own. If you're planning on playing on higher difficulty, first try out and wander around in pilgrim or voyager; note some landmarks that would guide you to safety. If you are going to the Bleak Inlet to craft ammunition, dress for combat, not for cold. Do not use sprint if not necessary, you can't be sure if there is a wolf waiting for you around the corner and you're exhausted. If you can find a six-slot stove, you can cook 6 meals or boil 6 pots of water at the same time, saving a lot of energy and fuel. Pleasant Valley is not so pleasant. You can not pet or tame wolves.
  6. Note that if you're planning for a long run (5000+ days), using storm lantern is better because crafting a torch requires cloth and cloth is not a renewable resource. You can extract lamp oil from cooked fish but you can't extract cloth from anything renewable.
  7. This is the simple map I updated a couple hours ago.
  8. Already did it! I came here to post a topic about it but you're faster than me! Already posted in Facebook group, Twitter and Reddit.
  9. Wow 70 years? You have survived the real world, that means this game is nothing to you! Well done and welcome!
  10. I like the idea. Here, have my support
  11. All medical supplies like antibiotics, antiseptics, painkillers, purifiers and such.
  12. I'm from Kırklareli - Turkey (Eastern Thrace), mostly we have wild boars here. Like the nature of here; mostly flat and silent.
  13. Welcome Andrey! I like russian people. I was studying in Kyrgyzstan and I had an old Russian neighbour and I helped her a lot. She was very nice to me but very poor. I hope she's still living as she was nearly 80 years old in 2010.
  14. I like this idea. Better than a screensaver. But you should be able to do certain actions like adding firewood, boiling tea etc. just for pleasure. Maybe a little room customization with various objects to make the interior warm and cozy.