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  1. Note that if you're planning for a long run (5000+ days), using storm lantern is better because crafting a torch requires cloth and cloth is not a renewable resource. You can extract lamp oil from cooked fish but you can't extract cloth from anything renewable.
  2. This is the simple map I updated a couple hours ago.
  3. Already did it! I came here to post a topic about it but you're faster than me! Already posted in Facebook group, Twitter and Reddit.
  4. Wow 70 years? You have survived the real world, that means this game is nothing to you! Well done and welcome!
  5. I like the idea. Here, have my support
  6. All medical supplies like antibiotics, antiseptics, painkillers, purifiers and such.
  7. I'm from Kırklareli - Turkey (Eastern Thrace), mostly we have wild boars here. Like the nature of here; mostly flat and silent.
  8. Welcome Andrey! I like russian people. I was studying in Kyrgyzstan and I had an old Russian neighbour and I helped her a lot. She was very nice to me but very poor. I hope she's still living as she was nearly 80 years old in 2010.
  9. I like this idea. Better than a screensaver. But you should be able to do certain actions like adding firewood, boiling tea etc. just for pleasure. Maybe a little room customization with various objects to make the interior warm and cozy.
  10. -Putting on a Tin Foil Hat- What if I tell you Astrid and Will are not in the same timeline anymore? -Putting off the tin foil hat-
  11. this is actually not a gravity anomaly. Before the update, there was an elevated terrain and those sticks were sitting right on top of that terrain; but after the ep3 release, there was a path built on this elevated terrain and the spawned objects like sticks still sat where they were before. This is a known bug but I don't expect a quick solution for there are a lot of major problems occuring in-game. Try to collect those; I don't think you'll see those things respawning above terrain.
  12. Do you think about putting a "1000 days survived" achievement as TLD world became more sustainable over time?
  13. I have lost the items that were stored in the upper cupboards in Farmstead PV. They are completely gone as I couldn't find them in the red box. I reported this issue and I got no answer so far.
  14. Tonight's 4DON event will start in about 35 minutes from now! Apologies for the mistake in launch timing. We hope you enjoy the event regardless. #thelongdark twitter, one minute ago.