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  1. You absolute legend! It works I converted it to Webm (I think that is VP8 right?). It worked anyway so all's good with the world again ha
  2. They haven't worded it well for a start. I thought the same as you initially, to just delete the files (not folders). After speaking to support though, i can say that they mean all files and folders (for Wintermute). The problem being, if you don't delete the folders (when playing Wintermute at least) then you are just delaying the black screen until a cutscene tries to play. Just deleting the one file is fine for Survival as that is the only one that tries to play in Survival.
  3. I agree with you 100%! It's a temporary workaround, but they seem to be suggesting it is a permanent solution. I submitted a ticket hoping that they would say they were working on it or something, and got a response back saying basically....'well did it fix it for you then or not?'. Yes, but at the expense of all cutscenes lol. I'm honestly baffled as to how they could think it is a 'fix'.
  4. To be fair, they never state to delete everything in that directory. They specifically say delete all files not folders. However, as you've said, unless you delete everything then you are just delaying the black screen a little. Yeh, it's really not a fix, and i hope they are aware of that fact Win7 users are having to delete the cutscenes. I've submitted a ticket anyway. While it may be a unity bug, it's on Hinterland to fix for us surely? I get that Win7 isn't supported these days, but it's still there listed in TLD's minimum requirements.
  5. +1 to that! I also have to completely map all regions in every game i play, i's a chore...but i can't not do it!
  6. I've found both a ML cache and a PV cache in the same WE playthrough. The PV cache was a food one that had no maple syrup and the ML cache was the tools one and that did have a placed maple syrup (wasn't container rng). The fact that there was a placed maple syrup would suggest to me that they are supposed to spawn but who knows. Obviously, i've only got one save file to confirm it on so far, but plan on starting a new one at some point today.
  7. who thought they could do this in one save and is now feeling the dread of doing multiple 'kinda boring' runs for maple syrup *raises hand* Edit: that sounded just rude....I do appreciate the events, and i also appreciate the lower difficulty level of this one...it's just not for me is all.
  8. Oh yeh for sure! If i hadn't known you could get up there to get it, then i never would have found it, i even had to watch a video at the time to figure out how to actually get up there. Sorry, didn't mean to sound dismissive if i did. I had always thought that that got left up there by accident when they changed the terrain in that region maybe, before i started playing the game. But if it was put there purposely then yeh that's a bit of a bum move. I mean people paid money for those to be in the game...and presumably....accessible. Having said that, i'd still prefer the maple s
  9. A Custom game mode might suit you better. When you start the game, at the point were you would normally select Pilgrim/Voyager/Stalker/Interloper, there is also custom. When you get into the settings there, you can select Interloper at the top to get the settings for that, then tweak any settings you don't like underneath. There is a wolf spawn setting to make them spawn less for you, or you can even turn off their hostility to you completely
  10. Oh don't even get me started on the Cairns....that should be an achievement, or at the very least a badge! Didn't they fix the cairns though? I know i got them all minus one on a run way back but it was because one was duplicated and one was missing. They fixed that, so did they not fix the hard to get to ones. I don't remember an inaccessible one. Unless you mean the one near carter dam, hard to get to but not impossible. And as far as the syrup goes, i wouldn't have minded sadistic. It's more sadistic to me to make them not all accessible in one save ha. Now i'm gonna have
  11. I have to say, i'm kind of on the fence with this event. For starters, i will say that i now believe it was a good idea to do a less challenging event for people that may just play at the pilgrim/voyager difficulties. There was definitely a time that i for one would have appreciated that as i found all the other challenges too difficult then. So yeh, in retrospect, i think this was a great inclusive event. However...haha....for people that do play interloper or any custom harder difficulties, there is no challenge. I did a random start and started at DP (fave place btw), i alr
  12. 100% agree with this by the way! There was a convo a while ago about mods, not gonna get into that......but i had mentioned that my main reason for using mods was the accessibility options for the struggle mechanics for one. I'm getting on for 50, and after a lifetime of gaming, you realise what it has done to your body and try to minimize it. Props to Hinterland, they added options to get rid of the button bashing. Love them for that! Not saying they did it cause of me mentioning it, but clearly others had the same issues. Hinterland recognized that and fixed it. To me, this is
  13. Even stood next to a waterfall, i'd be able to hear my own voice, for sure! But i can't, even with the sound slider turned down to 5% And for the third time, i wouldn't want to mute them. Others here may, but not me. So please don't dismiss other peoples ideas because of your own misconceptions. When i said, 'taking away from anyone', i'd like to clarify that. This is a wishlist forum. Someone posted a wish, and anyone that would like to second that wish contributes. If you contribute in a negative manor, then there must be a reason for that....as in, it would negatively
  14. This is all going to be a bit vague, but i remember mapping that area a while ago, probably when the mapping was first added. And i didn't get a marker at that location, but when i hovered my mouse over the map in that location, there was a name that popped up. I can't even remember what it said, but it was a unique sounding name if i remember right. I spent a while looking around the area thinking there was a building there, but found nothing.