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  1. Story or survival mode? If survival mode I'd agree however it may be more work than the devs can currently cope with, given story mode has these kinds of things already, and is probably their main focus right now.
  2. Yes. Completely agree on siphoning fuel. Not sure about this. I think it opens it up to 'why not have more than 2 layers to everywhere else' which wouldn't work as a game mechanic. We also already have the wool ear wrap Bino's yes, scope not so sure. I think a scope would make hunting too easy, or easier to snipe from a distance, unless it has a mechanic that causes accuracy loss. Yes. I don't think it should be as strong or as long lasting as coffee though. Hoot hoots are already in, come out at night of course. Generally players don't normally hunt at
  3. +1 from me. More variety with items found in the world would add more immersion.
  4. For me, I think co-op / multiplayer would ruin Long Dark's immersion. The atmosphere revolves entirely around the loneliness of surviving the apocalypse, outside of story mode of course which obviously couldn't be multiplayer. With two people as well, finding and gathering resources would make survival too easy I reckon.
  5. I would disagree with lighters, however a natural way to fire starting may be a better idea to stick with Long Dark's style. Currently no such thing exists in-game, apart from magnifying glasses, however they do not work indoors so. After running out of matches etc, starting a fire via flint & steel or bushcraft methods such as a Bow Drill might be good?
  6. Personally, I think crafting/repairing structures would ruin some of the elements of survival. It would certainly make the areas of minimal human presence, such as Timberwolf Mountain, have less impact. 🥶 Recovery of materials in destroyed house I agree with, to a point. It shouldn't change how the building looks, or removes it entirely, otherwise it diminishes its post-apocalypse feel. Some buildings have accessible basements already. Not common, but are there.
  7. For me so far I've certainly found the same, with the syrup being a lot rarer to come across
  8. So far it seems I must be.. or, for whatever reason, it simply didn't spawn for me... ☹️
  9. Curious.. 🤔 So potentially they've moved location, or don't spawn the same as the regular survival mode - in the sense that perhaps there's a chance it won't spawn at all instead of the 1 out of 9 locations. Anyone else confirm they've found a bunker or not? Any comments from a dev perhaps? If I know one hasn't spawned I can move onto the next area in the world 😊
  10. Quite simply, have they been removed for Winter's Embrace? I'm well versed in all possible cache locations after playing for so long and, unless I'm going crazy, they've either been removed or have been moved to new locations/slightly altered locations from where you usually find them. Has anyone else come across this, or have they spawned for you? 🥶
  11. Hi guys! Bug description The sleep/pass time menu, via the method below, can cause the mouse to be frozen and your character is unable to move. Repro steps 1. Click bed/bed roll to open sleep/pass time menu 2. Click Pass Time and set 5 hours (any amount probably works) 3. Whilst it's passing the time, click the sleep icon. You can click it, it's not greyed out! 4. Whilst you are passing time, you can set a no. of hours to sleep. Set it and click sleep. 5. For me, the menu disappears instantly and saves the game. At this point, you won't be able to move the mouse or your chara
  12. Hi Guys! Since the last update I've noticed frame rate drops during game play. Bug description Frame rate drops every few minutes by ~20. Game is running at max graphics settings. Min: 40-50fps (When drops happen) Avg: 70-90fps Max: 120fps Repro steps As far I've tested drops only happen when outside, however that may just be that you get higher FPS indoors. It's most notable when there is fog or stormy/windy weather, but occurs generally speaking. Specs Windows 10 Pro x64 Intel i5-2500K (OCd) 16GB DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 2560 x 1440 resolution (144Hz) N