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  1. Did you see AdamvR's post above? This might have been just a wishfull thinking based on too small patch of fish... @Stinky socks; @AdamvR
  2. Intersting.... Did my testing back July, 2020. And I got more oil from smaller one with pot. Although my sample was realy small. Could have been rounding distortion as you said But huge thanks publishing your results. My original post is copy+pasted below Posted July 5, 2020 Cought 2 White fish. Fried 1,67kg one on stove top and got 0,02L of oil. 2nd fish, 1,49kg, was fried in a pot and I got 0,03L fishoil. Using pot gives definately a better yield!
  3. That might be it, I did pass time - played cards - inside after fixing my gear
  4. Ash Canyon or Hushed River... Ended up voting Ash Canyon, cause all the time I was there, I wondered, if there are such a places in Canada.
  5. Day 293 on Stalker and I finally got my badge from snaring rabbits... I've been playing this game since November 2016, and still I do not have my 500 days on Stalker trophy, Quess, I'm a slow learner - Or really stubborn to my old habbits.. Ages ago I desited that stoning rabbits is more efficient compared to snaring. On this playthrough I made a conscious effort to snare as much as possible. I think I open a bottle of Chianti to my bear liver dinner tonight. If there only were fava beans in this game...
  6. There is a stick sized branch in cave between Mystery Lake and Milton. If you break it, you'll get 3 sticks
  7. @Sherlock Holmes 18, I know, I posted it there... 😄çok teşekkür ederim But to be serious about the issue here, I think making lantern fuel is not that hard in game. You need a pot and a nice fat Coho salmon or Small mouth bass... It's the wolves and THAT bear you need to get rid of first near Fishing village...
  8. I think, I might have figured it out! It's been my mistake all the time. Entering into a building after a shot to recuperate, seems to reset the bear. Had an other encounter with a bear on Misanthrope's Island - shot twice, both hit, entered the house, waited 2 hrs and found both arrows in front of the door. Retried from a fishing hut near there, waited an hour and found him ready to be harvested... Conglusion: Am I my worst enemy in this game?
  9. I'm thinking of tallow candels... One might get tallow from Moose and Bear. Something not so easy to hunt. After that it must be melted and maybe cast into used cans with a peice of cloth as a snuff. And you couldn't move them once they are lit. Could be used on craftin tables or for reading indoors...
  10. I call mine The Old Ironside; Named after Oliver Cromwell. It is the bear near Fishing Village in CH. No matter how many arrows I shoot towards its' head, they end up to his hind legs or something like that, I'll be mauled, wrap myself to bandages and fix my clothing. Then there is like two to three blizzards and after them I start lookign for carcass. All I hear is crows singing to corpses around there. And I can't find that damned bear... I hate him. But love the challenge! In loving memory of those lost arrows. PS: While I was mauled, I saw 2 arrows sticking from The Old Ironside
  11. Same kind feelings here, they eat ear wraps for breakfast and bunny hats for dinner... Until you get a Moose hide satchel and plase it out most.
  12. I think so; At least that is the way I been playing ever since I got that idea. So sorry, I can't find the conversation from where I learned it, maybe 2-3 yeas ago. That player made some serious testing and statistics with every 5% intervals of sharpness; Did the wolf die or got injured, clothing contition, how many wounds you got in a fight and so on. The conclusion was that sharp weapons cause more bleesings than wolf, if your clothings armor rate is good enough.
  13. Sticks... I'm totally OCD with stick. And I drop them next to any fire place or cave I over night. Next morning I'll go on and start picking them up again. Stones I try to keep under 6 so I can distrackt wolves.
  14. Yeah, One moment you are over joyed of a perfect head shot with your last arrow and prepare your self to harvest the 1st bear skin. And next thing you realise that you fight agains hypothermia...