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  1. Is there something you would really want to add to the game but you won't because you know the community wouldn't like it?
  2. The hands in this screenshot look different, I think first person clothing is finally coming to the game!
  3. Thanks for sharing all of this with us Raphael. Episode 3 next and a new survival update in December are a great news and the whole TLD community has a lot to look forward to. The time capsule also seems really great!
  4. What's your opinion on "skyriming" down hills (when players carefully go down really steep hills)? Is that something you're going to fight against in future updates or are you okay with it?
  5. @UpUpAway95 @Raphael van Lierop Thanks a lot guys, I understand it now!
  6. I've recently shown TLD to my brother and he really loved it, it's probably the only game he ever played on his own. We've been playing WINTERMUTE (slight spoiler ahead, be warned), and when we reached the Hunting Lodge, the phone rang. How is it possible that the phone was ringing when there wasn't aurora active in the sky? Is this somehow connected to the note in the Lonely Lighthouse that talks about ringing phones too? Thanks a lot for your answer (if you can and it's not something that would spoil future episodes, of course :-))
  7. When I've first heard about The Long Dark, I thought that surviving for a long ammount of days is impossible - that on higher difficulties, even experienced players die after a few days. However, recently I've been noticing that people are able to survive years in Interloper and that got me thinking: Have you ever considered adding even a higher difficulty than Interloper? For instance a difficulty where wolves would instantly kill you no matter what, or other things that would make the game impossible to survive even for seriously experienced players. I feel like even though I can't imagine myself surviving in Interloper for this ammount of days, some people are capable of it, so there's probably a room for even higher difficulty.
  8. Yes, I understand, and I also can't find a good word for it. But one day the game will get abandoned and this is just a list of things I would like to see before that happens. 🙂
  9. Well it would have to be done in a clever way, obviously. But shooting a deer in the side and then it proceeds to run around for 6 in-game hours is just ridiculous, unrealistic, and annoying.
  10. Thanks for your contribution, I certainly agree with everything. Good ideas. 🙂
  11. I've recently thought a lot about a list of things that should be added/improved in the game before it's finished (abandoned) that would make the game "complete" for me. There's a lot of stuff I would like to be added, but this is not a list about them, it's just things I feel like really should be added. Here's the list (in no particular order): - Release of all 5 episodes of WINTERMUTE (obviously) - First person clothing (ability to see what you're currently wearing in first person rather than seeing the default jacket all the time, it really breaks the immersion imo) - Decreased animal bleed out times (I've seen it multiple times in @Hadrian's videos and I have a problem with it myself, chasing a deer 5 minutes around the whole map is a bit ridiculous) - Bear spear in survival mode (currently only available in WINTERMUTE) - Defueling storm lanterns (exactly the same way you put out ammunition from firearms) - Craftable animal-hide socks and underwear (the only two slots that don't have any clothing that can be crafted from animals) - Warning before eating raw meat (similar to throwing an unread book into a fire, it's really easy to accidentally select raw meat from the radial menu and get food poisoning) - More items changing appearance based on their condition (currently only clothing items have this feature, I feel like it would be pretty cool and useful, especially with food) - Better item placing (ability to rotate items and put them directly next to each other or on top of each other, it would be great placing books to bookshelves the correct way for example) - Ability to read books for 30 minutes only (useful while cooking meat or boiling water for example) I might've forgotten about some things, but I feel like I've mentioned everything important. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments and we can have a nice discussion about it. 🙂
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    Loading Tips

    I know this is not a question and more of a request, but is there a way I could see all the loading tips at once? I probably know all of them fairly well, but it would be interesting to read through all the tips that could help me in my playthrough. Thanks a lot! 😊