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  1. Why though? I understand if you can't get used to it, I just don't understand why would you think the old one was any better. The new one offers more features (you can sort by item type), which is really useful. I also feel like the list fits this game better. Idk. This is strange to me that people would dislike it.
  2. @nicko @Glflegolas In 1.0, the option to pass time while cooking was "mandatory", because there was no manual cooking and cooking was just a progress bar. Manual cooking was implemented in Vigilant Flame (June 2018) and already included the option to pass time until ready.
  3. When Errant Pilgrim launched, many people, including me, have been incredibly disappointed with the new addition of Timberwolves to survival. Not only that they didn't quite fit the style of animals we've been used to, but their implementation has been incredibly unfinished and buggy. They never gave up after sensing the player, they got stuck on terrain, they were incredibly difficult to fight, their AI was glitchy. With the release of Hesitant Prospect, I've decided to jump into my old save, and needed to make some ammunition to continue playing, so I decided to visit the region once m
  4. I've been recently looking at the TLD Steam page, and I though the screenshot showcase isn't quite ideal there. There's a lot of trailers, which is quite overwhelming, and most of the screenshots are from old (2017 or so) versions of the game, which don't look nearly as good as today. In addition to this, some screenshots have a different resolution than 16:9, which results in black bars on top and bottom, and there's also an episode 3 banner, which doesn't fit the showcase at all. My idea would be to make a thread where members of this community can post screenshots that represent the cu
  5. Bleak Inlet ammo crafting and the mapping improvements in Fearles Cartographer really extended what you can do late-game, imo.
  6. @ManicManiac I don't think there's anything else to be said - I already explained everything in my posts. I still feel like you're missing my point, but repeating the same things over and over won't change anything about that. You're right that this conversation is getting off topic and taking the focus from the contents of Neiv's post, so it's best that we stop. @Admin Thank you for reading through the forums, listening to feedback, and updating the game. All of your recent updates have added fantastic things and I really like that I already know I can expect more in the future.
  7. @ManicManiac Not sure if you read my post correctly. As I think is perfectly clear, I'm not trying to chew you out for expressing your opinions - that would be just ridiculous. If you think someone's idea should not be implemented, it's more than appropriate for you to voice your opinion. My post is about how you, in your responses, present feedback posts as "people complaining" instead of treating them as feedback. What Niev said in this post is nothing else than his subjective review of the game, and why, even though he really enjoyed it at the beginning, doesn't enjoy playing
  8. @ManicManiac Dude, I see you at almost every feedback post on these forums and I feel like you misunderstand the reason people post these. This post specifically is in no way complaining about the game, but rather giving feedback and suggesting how to improve it. TLD is a game with a great concept which many people enjoy, so I feel like suggesting "finding another game you like better" is rather out of place, especially because there's not many games like it. "If the player is bored, I'd say the player has no one to blame but themselves." - just because TLD is a sandbox, doesn't mean it s
  9. I don't agree with everything, but you definitely have some great points. I love TLD and imo, it either needs to raise the stakes and be much harder even late-game, or it needs to add more late-game content... ideally both. It sounds like you're not aware of this, but TLD is still receiving survival mode updates (not just story), last two of these updates extended late-game gameplay quite a bit, so I feel like Hinterland is actively trying to improve this.
  10. This has been discussed many times here already, but I would really love if this came to the game at some point. I understand that modelling all of the different clothing items would be difficult and time consuming, but it is such an immersion breaker for me. It is my biggest problem with the game and I simply think that it would improve the game so much, and from what I've seen here an in other TLD communities, many people feel the same. That's all. Thanks for reading and considering it.
  11. @Sherri exactly! I have watched all Hadrian's recent TLD content and even though he does silly mistakes sometimes (like most of us do), he's definitely not "trying to die by "accident" for the content" - that's just ridiculous. He's not an Interloper player and his AAO series isn't made to teach people things about the game, though he shares occasional tips, none of which I remember as being bad in any way.
  12. This is a great bug report! If you can, make separate reports on for all of them and provide a link to this thread, so Hinterland can see your videos.
  13. There's never too many accessibility options. Providing a feature that will help people who are disoriented/motion sick without a crosshair is not taking any challenge from the game, just helping people enjoy it. Dealing with disorientation or motion sickness is not a fun and fair challenge to overcome.