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  1. I've recently thought a lot about a list of things that should be added/improved in the game before it's finished (abandoned) that would make the game "complete" for me. There's a lot of stuff I would like to be added, but this is not a list about them, it's just things I feel like really should be added. Here's the list (in no particular order): - Release of all 5 episodes of WINTERMUTE (obviously) - First person clothing (ability to see what you're currently wearing in first person rather than seeing the default jacket all the time, it really breaks the immersion imo) - Decreased animal bleed out times (I've seen it multiple times in @Hadrian's videos and I have a problem with it myself, chasing a deer 5 minutes around the whole map is a bit ridiculous) - Bear spear in survival mode (currently only available in WINTERMUTE) - Defueling storm lanterns (exactly the same way you put out ammunition from firearms) - Craftable animal-hide socks and underwear (the only two slots that don't have any clothing that can be crafted from animals) - Warning before eating raw meat (similar to throwing an unread book into a fire, it's really easy to accidentally select raw meat from the radial menu and get food poisoning) - More items changing appearance based on their condition (currently only clothing items have this feature, I feel like it would be pretty cool and useful, especially with food) - Better item placing (ability to rotate items and put them directly next to each other or on top of each other, it would be great placing books to bookshelves the correct way for example) - Ability to read books for 30 minutes only (useful while cooking meat or boiling water for example) I might've forgotten about some things, but I feel like I've mentioned everything important. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments and we can have a nice discussion about it. 🙂
  2. Azdrawee

    Loading Tips

    I know this is not a question and more of a request, but is there a way I could see all the loading tips at once? I probably know all of them fairly well, but it would be interesting to read through all the tips that could help me in my playthrough. Thanks a lot! 😊
  3. Thank you, I'm looking forward to it!
  4. This mailbag was really interesting, it felt like you gave really detailed answers this time and I've really enjoyed that. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
  5. When you thought about the name for The Long Dark, what other ideas did you have? If you could rename the game today, would you choose a different name? What would it be?
  6. Thanks for sharing this info with us, Raphael. While I'm starting to get a bit frustrated with waiting for episode 3, I understand if you want to take your time. The news you shared look really damn interesting and I'm getting excited, so I really hope the result is worth it. The only thing I'm worried about are the future episodes - I assume all 5 of them will be released in the next two years at least, but it still seems like a really big ammount of time, especially when The Long Dark isn't in alpha anymore. I'm afraid most of the original community won't be playing TLD at that point. Have a good weekend and stay warm! (even though that isn't particularly hard these days, especially in Europe )
  7. Okay. Thanks for your answer. 🙂
  8. Hello! Around January (I think) I've asked Raphael in Milton Mailbag about community translations. I really want to create Czech translation for the game, but the current Google Docs sheet doesn't contain new items and REDUX dialogues/stuff in WINTERMUTE. Raphael said that Hinterland will update the sheet, but it's been around half a year and I still see nothing happening. When do you guys plan to do this? Thanks a lot for your answer. Azdrawee
  9. Thanks for answering my question, Raphael. Have a good weekend. :-)
  10. Clothing items (and maybe some other items as well, I'm not sure) change their appearance based on their condition. Have you ever considered adding this feature to more items? I think that it would be nice to see the condition of food items for example, because as it currently is, you have to wait a few seconds before seeing if the food item is safe to eat.
  11. I've recently discovered a picture with different stats about the game (how often people play, how long is the average session, how many people have bought The Long Dark on Steam, etc) from 2015, and I'm really curious, would it be possible to make something similar about how the game is doing today? I think it would be quite interesting. (here's the picture I have in mind:)
  12. I'm sorry, I'm just really excited about WINTERMUTE! 😀 Thank you for your answer and enjoy the weekend. ☺️
  13. Since episode 3 and 4 are both going to be about Astrid's side of the story, have you ever considered releasing both of them at the same time, like you did with Will? It would seem only logical. (To be clear: I would much rather have ep. 3 ASAP if episode 4 is nowhere near done yet) 🙂
  14. In my 160 hours in the game, I've tried a few mods myself. I've experimented with cheats (I'm sorry, I was just curious) and explored some areas that aren't accessible in survival. I've even tried a few small mods (I remember using one for binoculars and more food items), but I've always returned to playing vanilla, because it was a much smoother and pleasant experience. Also, I was sure that it will (at least hopefully) work as correctly as possible and won't stop working in the future. I absolutely understand Raph's frustration about unofficial mods and therefore I won't play with them, not at least until their official support. The Long Dark is definitely my second favourite game of all time (because nothing really beats Portal 2 in my eyes, sorry), and I really respect Hinterland at what they're doing. No matter what people say, I will always look at Hinterland with huge respect, because I have never seen a game studio support their game so much for so long, engage with their community so much and generally care about their creation as much as Hinterland does. It's an amazing experience and the recently released REDUX update proves that - they really care about their game and it's quality so much that they will completely redo a huge part of it, even though it won't be as profitable as just moving on. I love that. I understand that people want to use mods to fix bugs and I understand the reason - even though Hinterland fixes most of them, there are some so obvious that haven't been fixed for so long it's a bit sad, great example is the headgear slots being swapped - I really thought this will be fixed in Vigilant Flame yet here we are. But I still believe that the game is in great condition, so I don't feel the need to fix bugs with a mod. But I would really like to see this one fixed, since it's been so long. I guess my point is - I understand Hinterland's and Raphael's approach to mods and I respect that, even though I understand modders as well. I'm looking forward for official mod support, because it will be a huge win for everyone and I'm super thankful for Raphael and Hinterland making TLD the incredibly amazing game it is today. Thank you so much for doing what you're doing. 🙂
  15. Have you ever tried rosehip, reishi, or birch bark tea yourself? Did you like how they they taste?