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  1. Polaroid in Ash Canyon.mp4 This must be a bug,so I got it with another bug. Can they be fixed in next update? @ hinterland
  2. In this save polaroids must spawn as pattern 1,you can find another in the backpack as the video. 林狼雪岭-机翼山坡.mp4 Other locations of this pattern ML- Cave on Lake Overlook / Corpse northwest of Clearcut CH- A backpack behind the Cabin which northwest of Tooth PV- The cockpit of the aircraft wreckage FM- Low Blind / A briefcase in the Bunkhouses MT- Rock Refuge HRV- A metal container near landslide BI- A Hunter's Blind west of Washed Out Trailers
  3. In 1.78,I think I found all the Polaroids spawn locations.Except the bug photo in Riken(has been fixed in 1.79),Is only 4 spawn patterns 11 locations each, for a total of 44 locations. But in 1.79, the cave on Summit was blocked by snow so you can't get the Polaroid in the plastic container. And the metal container in the wrecked house near the Prepper's Abandoned Cache also never has Polaroid inside anymore. Is this a bug? Or Hinterland put them somewhere else?
  4. The new save I created in 1.79, mode Winter's Embrace. When locations discovered was 276, the world explored already 100%.
  5. Is a software named 'NohBoard'. Recording software is OBS.
  6. Thanks, already sent an email again,with the link of this thread.
  7. Thanks, I missed that I could have just posted the link.
  8. Yes,I agree. These bugs weren't serious enough to crash the game,So they'll have a lower priority to fix. But with these bugs fixed, this game will be better😄
  9. Thanks for the mention. @Admin I don't know if they can see it. The Chinese version of this game has some translation problems. Such as Log Sort in CH,It's been translated into 湖边小镇,which means town of lakeside😂
  10. 2020-06-22 15-26-53.mp4 Test for level 2 Rifle firearm,It worked this time. I don't know if it will work stable in all situations, after all it is a bug.
  11. 7.Never Freeze The Ravaged Wolf Carcass spawned by the system won't freeze until you investigate it. Never Freeze.mp4 I'm not a good English speeking, So I recorded some videos to description bugs. But on the report website's attachments must be less than 20 MB.So I had to put them here. Does anyone have access to the Hinterland?
  12. 1.Time Magic Wildlife no longer accelerating during accelerated time. Time magic.mp4 2.Understeer Predators don't have the flexibility to steer even at a low speeds. Understeer Wolf.mp4 UndersteerMoose.mp4 Understeer Bear.mp4 3.Cancel Button This mysterious button gives you fast upgrades, unlimited energy, and unlimited recovery. Level 5.mp4 Cancel Button Brich Bark Tea.mp4 Cancel Button Coffee.mp4 Cancel Button Coffee.mp4 4.Recycled Cat Tail Stalk Throw cat tail stalk on the ground and pick them up ag
  13. ML FM TWM, two vistas each. CH PV MT HRV BI, one vista each. Total 11 vistas Corresponding to 11/11. None for BR and DP or just not found.
  14. So far, I've only found 11 types of Polaroid. Maybe the 11/11 in the journal means find all of them? Forestry Lookout Lake Overlook Abandoned Lookout Signal Hill Summit Andre's Peak Shortwave Tower Muskeg Overlook Radio Tower Pensive Vista Echo One Radio Tower The photos found in Quonset and Riken(both indoor) were exactly duplicated. ML/TWM/FM each have two kinds of photos,but in DP/BR I found nothing but confuse.
  15. Just to prove the game version. I hope Hinterland can make bear smarter in the next release.