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  1. So while gambling on a 4% chance of getting intestinal parasites for the sake of some more delicious wolf calories, I wound up stuck on my travels in a comfy farmhouse, loaded with food and fuel, with a surplus of 5KG of books! I thought it would be a blessing in disguise, as I would have a reason to read through them all while hibernating out the parasites, only to be dismayed to discover that having parasites blocks the ability to read! I understand it would be uncomfortable and unpleasant, but it just kinda feels unfair that mid-to-long term afflictions block researching as severely as an
  2. Hey all, firstly major thanks for all your interesting and thoughtful responses, and I am so glad I could kindle such great conversation, I love this community ❤️ So I couldn't stay away any longer and began a new save, still on my preferred difficulty of Stalker (I would go interloper but guns add a huge amount of depth to the game for me)! New goals and ambitions, new plans and a better structure of what I plan to prioritize and where I want to go! The Long Dark really is one of those games that is endlessly replayable, just because of that combination of sheer tension, and the thrill o
  3. Just lost my 250+ day save. SO disappointed, one simple mistake of hitting sleep when I didn't realise I was bleeding out, as I was haemorrhaging condition after a wolf struggle. I always respected the whole permadeath aspect, but honestly losing so much progress is absolutely heartbreaking, and I feel makes the game worse for it, the save being simply deleted instantly. Sure, it emulates real life and death is a constant risk and caution should be taken in all regards, sure it makes the whole game tense, but does anyone actually enjoy the feeling of having everything they spent literall
  4. yeah, dropping my axe to break down a bunch of branches sucks. also can we do away with the click to confirm pickup of sticks? collecting fuel as I travel is such a chore having to click twice per each stick.
  5. I tried interloper and I have so much respect for those that can handle it, but the major off putting part for me was that the firearms don't even spawn among other things, I love the super tough survival but I want access to all the tools and skills available, so I play stalker. going for 250 days right now (160/250 so far), then on to 500 next.
  6. Being totally unable to be affected by the condition of food items or being able to eat raw meat with zero consequences just removes all challenge from food management entirely, This, coupled with ruined meat being able to be left out of containers to last forever is just ridiculously effortless when you reach Master level cooking. Easy fix would be to make it so you can never be poisoned or get parasites *FROM FOOD THAT YOU COOK YOURSELF*, and making it so raw meat (especially month old rotten meat) still has some kind of chance to make you sick. Doesn't make sense to be able to live o
  7. I've been falling back in love with TLD all over again recently for the Aussie winter (almost reaching single digit temps at night!) there are so many lovely fine details and one thing I was thinking that would make minor but noticable differences (while also being relatively easy to implement) would be having more ways for the needs to work together or against each other! Only in very minor ways to not disturb the feeling of the game as it is, but it would add a neat little extra bit of immersion and make some needs feel a bit less like just keeping a timer filled up imho The examples I
  8. bahahah that's fair, where else can you get away with doing that but in TLD lol I must confess I stopped doing it after recently getting way back into the game after a break, no punishment so I won't bother being pedantic about safety XD
  9. a few interesting ideas, but you can already sleep in cars even without a bedroll.
  10. It took me way longer than I am willing to admit to realise that you could take water from the cistern on a toilet instead of the bowl, but either way it should absolutely be nonpotable. if balance is needed to make sure houses always have potable water, a couple bottles around will solve that and not make it seem like everyone in Canada flushes their toilets with spring water XD
  11. 1. yeah for sure, but then there really is very little difference betwen scarves and the single other warmth accessory 2. really necessary change, sleeping on the floor needs to be implemented even if its inefficient, uncomfortable, cold and unpleasant, but needs to happen. Perhaps giving a 12-24 hour debuff or being extremely inefficient, making bedrolls still valuable. dying of exhaustion while warm, full of food and fully hydrated and in shelter like a cave should NOT ever be allowed to happen. standard response though is you should always have foreplanning and bring a bedroll, and you
  12. +1 reskins are a super easy way to add much more flavour to the world without much more effort, just like the sodas.
  13. even just 1 minute longer of a fire, which is accurate for what youre burning, would make tinder valuable beyond level 3.
  14. 4 cups of coffee from one 'serve' of dry coffee would make some DAMN weak coffee. Also can i just rant about how cooked coffee doesnt degrade BUT DRIED COFFEE DOES?
  15. Yeah Ive been using storage as a shelter marker too. I use searched for shelters with minimal supplies, storage for a normal safe shelter with emergency food, water, fire and bed, and materials to denote a major storage cache, like the camp office or Quonset.