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  1. Hey all, I for one have a bit of a problem with having a crosshair dot not on screen in first person games, as I sometimes find it disorientating when interacting with items closeup that aren't directly in the centre of the screen! For the most part the reticle fading in and out is lovely, but sometimes I would greatly appreciate having a permanently on reticle dot to help me not be disorientated, which should be a super simple accessibility addition. Many thanks!
  2. yeah very fair point, renewability was the main thing that I thought about and with birch bark its now a non-finite resource. Also yeah probably would make it too easy to stay warm lol
  3. I havent been having any of your problems funnily enough, even when pack-muling across maps I still very rarely get sprains, and I'm genuinely up to my sixth revolver, I'm running out of well stocked safehouses that DON'T have a revolver and a handful of bullets to it. I've just had to trek across the muskeg with three revolvers, I feel like god damn Revolver Ocelot xD
  4. Yeah, I just mean instead of having to use reishi, rose hip or birch bark teas, you could easily still get the warmth with no calories just from plain water.
  5. Having just suffered a cold, drinking piping hot water really does warm the body up a treat, and having freshly boiled hot water giving the player the warming up benefit would be a nice simple intuitive way to keep the warmth of a fire with you when heading into very cold conditions without needing a specific food resource for it.
  6. True about the crackers, but there is a fundamentally finite number of crackers, don't cattails regrow? Even if they don't there'd still be easily dozens of stalks to crackers in the game, possibly hundreds, with at least like 70-odd in the muskeg at least lol
  7. I have to say that the long dark really nailed the sizing and feeling of the revolver, a LOT of games either make the guns feel totally 2D and tiny or way too huge and screen filling, kudos to the designers of the revolver model, it's chunky and feels solid, heavy and dependable, but takes up the exact right amount of space on the screen, something SO MANY designers struggle with. on another note, I usually play with my speakers quite high, so the game feels more immersive, and HOLY HELL the sound design for the shots really are perfect, I frightened myself a lot from accidentally firing while trying to open a trunk, not only is the sound design amazing, but that also really cements the "its not a shooter game, dont hold a gun all the time" feeling. really spectacular job.
  8. I feel like one major and easy way to streamline the daily experience of surviving would be to not have the pickup confirmation screen each time you pick up something that has no chance to have less than 100% condition, like picking up sticks, wood, saplings, and maybe harvesting cat tails. I understand that they come up for the option to not pick it up, and to see the model up close, but I'd say it's safe to assume that the player wants to pickup a stick or sapling they specifically walked over to and clicked on. Maybe have the confirmation for the first time a player encounters that item? For most items sure, since the condition can be a factor in determining whether you want to keep it or not, and maybe players would want to keep the cat tail stalks but not heads, but even just on sticks would save I think most players a huge number of irritating and flow breaking double clicks. just my two cents , cheers hinterland! PS. anyone else think cattail stalks are OP being so abundant, efficient and long-lasting? let me know your thoughts!
  9. not to be offensive, but how hard could it be? surely just desaturating and lightening the mesh for a wolf, and making a unique single wolf with that mesh? given the right tools I cant see that taking more than maybe an hour's work?
  10. oh I never once thought one would be getting it from the cistern I guess I wouldn't survive very well lmao But genuinely I would never drink toilet water without boiling it, even a fairly clean toilet is still a toilet...
  11. Fluffy has a very special place in our hearts, and since she escaped the damn to the Winding River, I think it's time for the devs to honour her with even a very slight colour change, maybe make her a shade lighter, not hard to do and would give a lot of players who grew to love her snarly ass closure. Cheers Hinterland!
  12. Loving the new Steadfast Ranger update, but I have to say with firearms being as thoroughly significant as they are in the game, (enough to even have two distinct skill stats for them), the fact that ammunition is fundamentally finite is a bit of a sticking point. Those hours you spent perfecting your rifle or revolver skill would be effectively worthless in the long run, as the guns would be turned into little more than elaborate paperweights. I do know that the bow is the more sustainable option for hunting, but craftable ammunition, even if it were extremely inefficient or laborious to produce, would at least make the guns have a much more longterm and relevant stake in any game. Currently (with how I play the game a least) guns seem to be more of an inconvenience than anything else, why waste ammo when you could be improving your skill with a renewable weapon? cheers!