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  1. are you going to have callenges with Astrid in them?
  2. have you thought about having some one tracking animal like a cat ?
  3. when Will meets up with Astrid , stuff that we have in inventory at the ending of episode 2 be carried over when Will and Astrid meet up?
  4. Will Astrid have blueprints that are not in episode 1 and 2 when it is done ?
  5. Do you plan to add more feats to survival mode ?
  6. bacon jerky ,pepsi, mt. dew; red cream ; cinnamon popcorn,gummie bears ,and chex mix. hot chocolate
  7. Have you thought about adding a knife in the merchandise store with a handle carved like a fox. and i would think it cool if you got backpacks that has pictures of the charaters filled with snacks that you guys like to eat while playing the game or you might pack in your survival kit of your own?