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  1. I'm with you on this one. I like how the game is designed in such way that forces you to take your time and think about what you are going to do, everywhere, every time. The game is clearly not tailored on the same canvas of mass market big FPS production. If you keep a careless play style, counting on the game mechanism to protect you from your own carelessness, you'll have trouble. I mean, I understand that you can eat raw meat once, twice by accident. I did it myself. But how could you keep eating raw meat again and again? It's pure carelessness to me. The Long Dark is all ab
  2. I think the new sprains system could be more or less difficult to apprehend, depending of the player. Personally, before the update, I already have an obsession to keep my gear's weight to the minimum as possible. Each day, I go through my inventory to keep the bare minimum, while being reasonably prepared for everything and storing the rest at my base. This make my character almost never being overweight and most of time, having a 5-7 kg to spare in case. Additionally, I was already avoiding steep hill and crest. I naturally tried to get the most easiest route, either to preserve my ener
  3. I don't have the feeling that the OP was asking for an exploit in game.
  4. No more than picking up each and every sticks you find in your way. 😁 But I must admit that it serves nothing, except role playing purpose.
  5. When my character go to bed for the night, I make him undress, keeping only a pair of underwear thermal pant and a shirt. Also, when I'm done for the day, that I don't plan to go elsewhere but still make a fire outside to do some cooking, I remove some cloth to be in a more casual mood, keeping my boots, a pair of jean and a toque.
  6. Hi! I would like to know if it is possible to have some sort of guide or thorough explanation of each parameters in custom difficulty and how it affect the game specifically when going from a low to high setting for a given parameters. I actually really, really love the custom difficulty, but some parameters how somewhat still vague and how to figure how they interact with the game. Thanks!
  7. For those who were experiencing some issue with blizzard sound when going outside and getting back inside, I can tell that on my side, the issue seems to have been fixed. The wind sound now carry on, although it still take like 3-4 seconds to trigger instead of being instantaneous like it used to be. But it is all good now! 😃
  8. Hi everyone! I was playing yesterday and I notice something new to me. In my current survival game, I'm based in the 2 stories house, past the Quonset Garage in Costal Highway. As I was messing round my base, a wolf track me and followed me up to my settle. At this point, I decide to shoot it with my revolver. It seem that I missed it, since the wolf charged me! I shoot another shot, but missed again I think and then a struggle ensue. I quickly won the struggle with my hunting knife, the wolf fleeing in pain and bleeding. Now, I usually not bother to follow the blood trail, has
  9. Hi! I know that mental health gestion was something in sight for the team at some point and the subject has make some back in forth in various discussion. Is that something you are still considering? If yes, is there have been any concrete progress (a yes or no is what I expected to get, not a detailed listing of what is accomplished) in that direction or it is still a wish? Thanks!
  10. I have the same issue and I reported it on the support portal a couple of days ago. But the more people report the same issue, the higher it will get on the priorities list, I guess. I expected it to be fixed with the new update, but nothing so far. At least, it is not listed in the change log, so I have to assume that it is not fixed. And now this delay in pick up click. Personally, I don't care so much, but it is unfortunate that since a couple of update, each of them introduce undesired negative effect which take the attention away from the good stuff. That must be frustrating for the
  11. Agreed. But I don't think that bulk cat tail eating has anything else to offer than speeding the game. I don't think it could fit in the quality-of-life category.
  12. Not going back and settle in the Trapper's Cabin. This place is so cozy and convenient. I never get tired to see these lit windows at dusk when I come back of a long hunting day. Each time a start a new game, I tell myself that I'll try something else, have a more nomadic playstyle or settle elsewhere. But each and every single time, I wander for 10, 20, 30 days here and there, trying to settle in various place but each time, I just don't feel like home. Inevitably, I find myself being slowly moving toward the Trapper Cabin, until the point that I am suddenly walking in that little field
  13. If we consider the spirit of Hinterland Team and the obvious slow and contemplative mindset of the game, any suggestion which sole purpose is to speed up the game is probably at the bottom of priorities for them, if not totally dismissed. Also, we can feel through the game that the designer intent is that you need to put a bit of yourself and effort if you expect to survive. I can almost hear Raphael thinking "How can you pretend to survive in my game if doing the same action 5-6 times in a row bother you?!" 😉
  14. Any start where I can put a hand rapidly on a hunting knife and a hatchet make me feel that it will be an awesome game and nothing will stop me. 😀
  15. I got a feeling that these batteries will have a role in the future episode of Wintermute. I can see us collecting them and gathering them into giant battery, that will be use to powering something during an aurora. We'll see.