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  1. In the early editions of TDL there was Fluffy. Fluffy was the hydro dam wolf who once in a while spawned and had the sole purpose of jump scaring and killing Wil Mack. I'm proposing an idea for a tribute where in story mode Mack sees a wolf in a high up cave suckling pups near the dam. You can't attack her and she can't get you. You can, if you want, leave her a piece of raw meat. Just a fun tribute to the beginnings of the game.
  2. I'm an American so you can blame that. LOL. How about Roughriders jersey? They are everywhere.
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    trailmix, cereal, liquid caffeine LOL
  4. My knowledge comes from being an American redneck. The Long Dark was my childhood. LOL
  5. I'm an American who studies Canadian history, sports, ETC and I would love two things: a 1970's era hockey jersey. Heavy, hot, durable, and tearproof. Long sleeved and a wolf will tear off your arm before tearing this. A Terry Fox 'Marathon for Life' T-shirt. Terry Fox is a badass. This is one point of Canadian History that should be memorialized. Also manufacturing special clothing from the Canadian flags all over the map?
  6. Cleaning a gun loaded is very dangerous and I wish there was a game mechanic that automatically unloads before cleaning.
  7. I wish you could turn a large bunch of tinder into a firelog.
  8. I would say no to the lighter, yes, you can a makeshift flamethrower with the spray can but that is HIGHLY UNSAFE. Also, would be a use for excess lighterfluid.
  9. They can come in .5 L size or a 1 L size. .5 would be travel mug size.