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  1. Coastal Highway. I'm fond of it just because it's the map I learned first. Now I'm nostalgic about those newbie days.
  2. Water. Anytime I pass time, even fishing or sleeping, I have to have water boiling. Then I bottle it and leave it there because I can't carry it 😐
  3. 500. As soon as I got the achievement I quit. I like the early scramble so once I'm established I usually bail and start over. This was easily the hardest achievement for me to get 😂
  4. bobsmyuncle

    4DON 2019

    Raph said on twitter he accidentally set the timer for 11pm pst not 10pm. Let's all practice our breathing and we'll make it another 25 minutes.
  5. I tracked him and shot him several times with a rifle. He kinda got stuck on a couple rocks and was running back and forth while I took shots. There was blood to confirm the shot but no blood trail. He's probably unkillable.
  6. In my experience fiddling with loot settings recently, the revolver keys off "baseline resource availability" along with hatchets and knives. It has to be set above "low." Only the rifle is affected by the "Rifle" custom setting.
  7. I got the achievement after I missed and startled the bunny away. I got mad and threw one last rock at the retreating cottontail and beaned him. Talk about a hail mary pass.