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  1. Hearing that moose groan. I have strategies for bears and wolves but killing a moose is just a matter of luck for me. It comes down to whether I can crit it in the face before it steps on me.
  2. The moose. Those things don't fear god, I want them on my side.
  3. It doesn't happen often but if I get frostbite I'll hang up that run. I don't need a red reminder of my failures every time I look at the condition bar 😆 If I get attacked early on, I'll try to push through but it's usually a death sentence while I hurriedly scrap my socks for bandages.
  4. I'm a woman and prefer playing as Astrid. Just because in other games I spend so much time controlling a dude, it's a nice change of pace.
  5. Okay I'm not a gun person so if my terminology is silly... sorry! What you want to do with the rifle is aim so the little post at the end underlines where you want to hit. For deer, sneak up on them and aim the post at their head or neck. For wolves, I make them charge me, back up until they straighten out, then plug them in the face (it's high risk high reward 🤷‍♀️). I don't hit rabbits with the rifle, so I can't offer advice. With a rock I lead them slightly, that's probably not necessary with the rifle. The revolver has a similar sighting mechanic (you want the little fin at the e
  6. me, learning something new after 1600 hours played: 😲 edit: be careful, I got stuck on some snow up there and had to quit and reload
  7. I've been watching the show "Alone" and this season a guy had to go home on day 4 because he wasn't careful and fell and broke his leg. Just sayin' the sprain system could be meaner. I do agree that painkillers are not terribly useful anymore, AFAIK they are only needed in case of broken ribs and burns which are both pretty avoidable. A video game character's "pain" means nothing to me if it doesn't apply gameplay pressure to solve it. Right now it only blurs the vision a little at the edges, maybe if it dropped my carry weight or something I'd pay attention.
  8. Camp office, it's so ugly and there's a dead guy in there sometimes. Unfortunately it's in a central location which makes it so darn convenient.
  9. Right now, wolves fear torches/fire so anyone who fears wolves just needs to remember to carry a torch or a flare and light up as soon as the puppy politely announces itself. Usually they growl and bark, sometimes they try to be stealthy but if you hear footsteps that aren't yours... fire time.
  10. Check out this thread, I recommend taking the rope from near Signal Hill but there were several other suggestions. It's possible to take an already deployed rope by clicking on the rock rather than the rope on the ground.
  11. Signal hill in Pleasant Valley is a good loot spot that often has revolver or rifle rounds. You'll randomly find boxes lying around elsewhere, you don't have to summit Timberwolf Mountain or hit up Bleak Inlet right away. They are both spots that might be a little difficult for a newbie, especially Bleak Inlet with the timberwolves. You may want to already have some rounds ready to shoot before you go there.
  12. 🤭 Carrying a torch or flare is required though. And you can always duck into a fishing hut if it's too windy for that.
  13. There is a rope on a climbing rock near Signal Hill in Pleasant Valley that is imo not really necessary, and is close (-ish) via Coastal Highway.
  14. Quonset. Wolves don't bother me, there is a forge nearby in DP and coal along the way, nearby fishing huts to pass the cabin fever time, and I can get to BI through the ravine if I want to. Only drawback is the lack of a six burner stove. I just have a lot of affection for CH as it was my first map as a newbie.