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  1. I had a hell of a time figuring out how to make water. I didn't want to look anything up until I had put some decent time in the game. I kept thinking I needed to collect the snow outside in a can. After dying of thirst about twice, I realized you can click the arrow next to the 0.0 L up when a can is on a fireplace. Also, I stored a crapload of fish inside had no clue about slower decaying outside. Just figured my food would get stolen.
  2. There's nothing like following up a well placed rabbit stun from a distance with a point blank second rock throw also featured: *Walk up to thrown stone* *Throw stone at stone*
  3. Yeah I don't like the screaming either. I usually play with the character voice off and the absence of that is a nice plus (includes silencing screaming from death by wolf too).
  4. I've said it before, we're not alone on great bear. Something has been watching. I'd leave that region while you still can..
  5. It's not silent, there are plenty of howls all around me to comfort me... halp
  6. I play both. Like odizzido, I prefer to mute character audio, unless it's a wintermute playthrough. I find the lines about hunger and cold really annoying because they happen over and over if I'm doing starvation, but can appreciate little quips about surviving another day etc. I think the 4 bars on the lower left are easy to stay aware of and more accurate than the contents in the voice lines for my purposes, but I understand some folks want the least gui visible for immersion. You'd probably want it on in that case 😅
  7. Those are some good examples. I probably haven't been playing this long enough to see the dots between some requests and updates 😅
  8. I think the wishlist is a nice thought, but showcases that there will always be folks that want more or something to be different. I've posted there a couple times but don't seriously think the company will change anything. Also, hinterland has their vision for the game and I think they have a right to disregard popular opinions from the players.
  9. That's correct. Even if you have a bedroll you might be somewhere far from a cave. Or maybe its too cold even in the cave to sleep without condition loss. Or maybe you got cabin fever when you were exhausted and now you have to trot by wolf infested zones at a slow pace.
  10. The stated penalty is that you are unable to sleep indoors for 24 hours. This does not completely convey the threat however, because this penalty is independent of the cabin fever risk calculation...ergo, waiting around for 24 hours to elapse indoors would just give you cabin fever again once expired. So this forces you outside since you lose 1 condition per hour after your energy meter is depleted. You can of course go sleep in a cave if you have a bedroll and proper warmth bonus to survive it.
  11. Perhaps one of the easiest places to get acclimated with the difficulty after collecting essential loot is the ravine cave + dam trailers + dam workbench. The ravine spawns a couple deer, has no wolves, lots of birch bark, several rabbit groves. Be mindful of the wolf that occasionally spawns near the trailers. Trapper's cabin is also great with addition of nearby bear spawns, but you have to be more watchful of cabin fever. It is hard to stay in one location for super long due to dwindling resources, perhaps most notably sticks for firewood, but you can generally stretch supplies in
  12. Just some info about the deer: Before archery 5 you can't shoot while crouched, but you can still get into a great position, uncrouch, and then fire quickly before the deer can react. You can get quite close to deer while crouched. If you can afford to be patient, wait until it is walking towards you or at least a direction that exposes its chest. Have your bow equipped and move with the deer maintaining as close a distance as you can. Wait until the deer stops facing you and either puts its head down to the ground or scuffs its hoof on the snow. Position your bow for the deer's ches
  13. Ah that sucks. Hope you can find a workaround to get it to reset. Maybe a week straight of being outside? I wonder what exactly triggered the bug
  14. Congratulations, I think you "won" this thread.