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  1. IIRC, the bags you get will weigh more than the amount of meat that you can harvest from it. For example, I quartered a bear recently and each quarter was around 10 kg or so but only had 4.7 kg of harvest-able meat. To be clear, I don't think you lose any meat doing this- it's just divided up to weigh more. Quartering will save you time if you want every part of the animal, including guts and skin.
  2. Wow I'm surprised anyone liked my bad poetry, thanks for the nice comments. So for anyone who didn't get what I was going for, it's a commentary on the anxiety of working with characters with high day counts. Obviously it depends a lot on personality here, but many would find trying something risky with a 1000 day character much more mentally taxing versus doing that with a relatively new file. Also, as the game progresses many players, certainly me included, fall victim in agonizing over the conservation of supplies. I was watching this stream of somebody around day 600 that got jum
  3. So I anticipated that there would be players that felt this way. I understand that there are many things in the long dark that will let you accidentally make a mistake that can kill you. However I think everyone would agree there has to be some level of reason here. To give a completely pedantic example, when we pick up a revolver, there's not a button that will have Will shoot himself in the face, right? When we have the character sleep, it is a more momentous occasion. We open a dedicated menu and repeatedly click the arrows for how long we want to sleep. There's plenty of time t
  4. With some practice, you can safely kill wolves with a bow without initiating a charge before reaching archery 5. There's 2 methods I often use. 1. Light a fire, get the wolf's attention, stand behind fire and wait for the wolf to start growling. You have a second to aim and take your shot as he runs. 2. No fire. Instead you stalk the wolf. Approach slowly while crouched. When the wolf is turned away from you, especially while howling, he is vulnerable. Line up your shot when close as best as you can, accounting that your bow will raise when you stand. When he's not facing you or
  5. This is as much as a cry for ideas from folks to prevent me from doing this again as it is a wish list item. Space bar has many uses when examining an item you've clicked: -Pass time while boiling water -Harvest a rabbit from ground to avoid getting scent vs in inventory -Eat food item If you pick up raw meat on accident when you meant to click a pot or a rabbit (or heck just mix up the wrong button since you're doing other actions) and press space bar that's instant food poisoning or parasites. I thought I had a solution in physically removing my space bar
  6. Howdy, the long dark fandom wiki has a couple pages stating that to avoid cabin fever you must spend more than 12 hours per day outdoors, averaged over the past 6 days. Example: https://thelongdark.fandom.com/wiki/Cabin_Fever It works like a sliding, first-in first-out queue of hours that's tallied to see how close you are to cabin fever, or if you should have it. I know there's been a lot of posts about this, but it's not actually 12 hours (I'm not even sure where that number came from?) Anyways, I'd really like to edit those pages, but wanted to get a source before I touch anything
  7. Wow yeah, you guys are right about the warmth bonus at the back of the cave. I guess I never paid attention. So I left Trapper's Homestead for the camp office in mystery lake. I murdered 4 wolves and 1 deer to get a bunch of food in the area. Then, I took turns going on a crafting marathon for the bearskin coat and repairing stuff in the cave at Lake Overlook. After I completed my bearskin coat and repaired the essentials, I had a warmth bonus of 27 Celsius (highest I've gotten on interloper)! After stopping at trapper's the next day to grab a couple more arrows I noticed the fog was liftin
  8. Answer: It starts immediately. I started my bearskin coat about 4 days ago, about 2/3rds done, and it just hit 99% EDIT I finished the coat and it went back to 100%...
  9. Thanks for the answers. Haven't gotten a chance to play yet, but definitely think my next two places to visit will be milton and CH. I need to forge a hatchet for HRV since I only did a knife. So the reason I asked about the bearskin bedroll is that I would eventually like to live in remote regions like HRV, timberwolf, etc for extended periods. To make that work sustainably long term, I'd need to sleep without a fire or find an online subscription to have a match mailed to me daily. I assumed there would be times where the temperature in these harsh regions could exceed a reasonabl
  10. Does stored clothing decay apply before a crafted item is complete? An example: let's say I have the supplies to make a bearskin coat. I start the process and almost finish the coat; but, something happens and I have to deal with a problem for a few days. Now when you are crafting something currently, the craft-in-progress item would appear as a "new bearskin coat" at condition 100% of course. According to the decay rate listed here: https://thelongdark.fandom.com/wiki/Decay a bearskin coat would decay at .133% per day, or .266% in interloper. So say I come back to finish the coat 5
  11. I've been obsessed with vanilla interloper and trying to get better. I had a successful 105 day run where I looted a few regions, got frostbite, forged at spence's, crafted all the animal clothes not involving bears or moose. I did kill a couple bears, but never made anything with them. Almost all that time was spent in northern mystery lake at the dam and ravine. I tried to venture into PV, but found it hard to stay there for an extended time. I got enough food to last 50 days or so, but really wanted to start over to utilize a feat, get clothing for a couple empty spots, and have no frostbit
  12. Ah that sucks, but a great story. The longest run I have is 105 days because I keep starting over. I get ideas about wanting to explore new regions, try new difficulties, or try to do something better from the start. I had a couple voyager runs that lasted about 30-50 days so then I quit those and got a couple stalker ones to around 50 and 100 days (still work on the 100 day dude to explore new areas). Then I tried interloper and after a bunch of deaths got my 105 day dude. He has frostbite, no feats, no second thermal underwear, sports socks (yuck), and no ear wraps. So I started a few o
  13. Well, now we know how all these random backpacks you can find out in the wilderness got there..
  14. I personally love HRV as a map! I think HRV is a step harsher than TWM and AC for several reasons: Great tips on getting started in the region.
  15. Hey, anyone know if it's possible to add spoiler tags when posting on this forum? Some websites allow you to specify text that isn't visually revealed until you mouse over it. I've looked around for the option and suspect I'm missing it. EDIT