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  1. Nice job making it 115 days. I bet you could make it another 115 days if you were super careful, but that might not be as fun
  2. LOCATION SPOILERS Hey I just want to acknowledge that's my experience too (been playing stalker though). I've read a lot of past posts implying Coastal Highway fishing village is relatively safe, but I've noticed 1-2 wolves spawn near the workbench. Trapper's cabin is also mentioned as a safe haven but I find one wolf spawns close enough that you have to be sure not to have a 3 scent next to the cabin or you might have a visitor pop in (killing him gives you peace for a week though). One area I've experienced as a safe haven (as of the Fearless Navigator Update 1.76) is the Riken in DP. Most of the ice on that map is safe, except for a bear that patrols sometimes so watch out for that (you can kill him on top of the riken though). Rarely, I've seen him temporarily displace wolves on the ice. Little Island behind the RIken has rabbits and deer (never any wolves), and you can go all the way to Katie's Secluded Corner via the ice for more rabbits and lots of firewood. The only workbench in the area I know of is in Hibernia Processing, which you have to be a little careful going into and out of, but with some practice you can minimize the risk. Definitely crouch approaching the door or you'll draw attention...and listen for that bear.
  3. So your post brought up something I don't like about games with the endless update models..which is constant balancing. I enjoy new content as much as the next person, but don't like it when the meta changes again and again like the decoy behavior you mentioned. For early access titles, its just something that you have to deal with, but I still see it in "released" games. Luckily I'm a new player, but I have a feeling one day I'll log into my game and all stored 0% food on the ground will disappear for example. I wouldn't really care so much if it was always like that as long as it doesn't keep changing. Learning new ways to play or adapting to these changes can be interesting, but it is be just as likely to be a time consuming distraction or tedium that delays experiencing true new content.
  4. 😆I find this hilarious but have you ever thought, Maybe you aren't alone on Great Bear Island. Maybe that was a warning.
  5. That's interesting, do you have any examples that lined up well? (e.g. a passage about surviving the elements or something profound about life while you were traveling somewhere?) SPOILERS For me my favorite memory was trying to get into the Cannery at Bleak Inlet. I didn't know anything about the map, and luckily went to the radio tower and found the note first. On the way to the cannery, I had 2 encounters with timber wolves..the second being fatal. Apparently a marine flare doesn't make you invincible if you go right up to the wolf, but they were blocking my way at the entrance so I got desperate. On another save, I went back, but foolishly skipped visiting the control tower. I reasoned that I remembered the code and would enter it manually. This time I made it to the door, but since I didn't get the note, found my character doesn't know the code so I couldn't get in!
  6. longdark_bikiewars.mp4 (original video from Aunty Donna)
  7. Thanks for your responses, you've given me a lot to think about. So I asked myself what was more important, reaching a high number of days in safety or adventure? I decided both. I'll keep my day 47 Riken hermit to grow into old age. I realized I had a second stalker save on day 4 that also started in coastal highway and decided to play him riskier traveling everywhere. I booked it to DP like last time but only stayed long enough to craft 40 arrow heads and grab a bow from Katie's secluded corner. I knew the map so well from the first save I didn't even have a wolf close encounter! Traveling back through CH took a long time and I got lost (went too far up the road before turning), but no major problems. Went over the broken tracks in Ravine (probably hate that part more than anything). In ML, I lingered around the dam for a couple days and ran into problems coming out of the trailer nearby. I swear there's a ninja wolf that waits 24/7 for me to emerge. He got the drop on me once (RIP if I was in interloper I guess) and another time followed me in the courtyard of the dam (how I don't know since I closed the gate behind me). I arrived at Trappers and it is nice here. There's one wolf that seems to be outside sometimes, but killing it like you said has given me some solitude. It's also great because I can actually see the wolves from a distance unlike the road in DP. I'm going to craft some gear and head to Bleak Inlet to try to get into that blasted Cannery...I got really close on a different save but died.. Wow so even one wolf struggle is doom in interloper? Or is it just like that until you can secure a weapon and have protective clothing? Your anecdote about no safe paths reminds me of a creepy experience on the Riken in DP. I was on top of the boat just looking out on a clear night. Way in the distance on the road I saw a wolf scurrying along in a hurry, followed by another, then another, then another. 4 wolves came down onto the ice and made a B line for the boat. When they got close enough they got aggressive. I was like just like WTF this has to be a bug because they were way across the map and there aint no way they could have known I was here normally. Sure enough a few seconds later I saw a bear coming down where they ran from. They must have been displaced and I happened to be in their alternate path. For a minute though I was spooked AF, like the game was saying "I know you're in there, you can't hide in that boat forever."
  8. How to disappoint a hungry scavenger lesson 1
  9. This post is full of SPOILERS in terms of map locations just fyi. I thought I'd share my experience with the game and bounce a few questions off you guys. I'm a little over 100 hours playtime. I have a nasty habit of being too risk adverse. I switched to stalker 30 hours ago after I summit timberwolf mountain in voyager at day 50. After a few attempts in this stalker run, I started in coastal highway, raided Quonset and outlying buildings brazenly, rushing through crumbling highway to get to desolation point as I had never been there. I set up camp inside Hibernia processing until I finally figured out it was too dangerous coming and going everyday and moved to the Riken at day 15. Since then I've slowly learned routes to get everything I need to survive what is starting to look like indefinitely. Apart from a few surprises (scruffy in his cave probably tops the list), I've learned that in DP on the ice and around the Riken, I can survive without worry of wolf encounters (no need to trick them or sneak past). Probably the most dangerous thing in my routine is going to Hibernia for the crafting table, but I've started to really limit these trips now that I've got a set of the wolf jacket, bear coat, deer pants/shoes, and rabbit mitts/hat. I feel like most people don't play this way on stalker. I read all the time about folks going everywhere, murdering packs of wolves and looting everything. I'm curious how they manage to do it. I have the revolver and around 30 bullets. I feel like I could go on a rampage once or twice, but couldn't sustainably blow through packs on a day to day basis. Alot of post I read were pre-errant pilgrim when killing wolves were easier. 1. Would you say that I shouldn't be afraid to have more wolf exposure or is it better to continue to learn paths where no wolves are? Are there even wolf free paths in other regions? I safe felt nowhere in coastal highway for instance. From jack rabbit island, the garage, hell- even the fishing village that I often find recommended seemed to have a guaranteed wolf right outside every morning that I had to lose. Doing that every so often is ok, but everyday makes me feel like its only a matter of time. Normally when I get bored or want to try a new region, I just start over thinking I'll learn more in a new run without having to worry about losing all that time- which is another thing.. 2. How many days do you find yourself doing in a session? I can play all day and find only 15 days have past. I read about so many 100+ runs..either folks just play over a long period of time or maybe I'm just doing it too slowly somehow. It just feels like so much time that could go down the drain if you play too risky, but maybe I'm overthinking it here. 3. What do you think, should I leave the safety of my Riken and go somewhere new or should I stay and power to level 5 on all my skills..break 100 or maybe even 500 days? Thanks for your feedback. I love reading about peoples experiences here and learning from them.