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  1. @DarkTreader I like your mention of leather strop, although it's not used as you suggest, it's a finishing touche. It could be used as a nice supplement to whetstone by giving a 10% bonus harvesting time
  2. There are no illness in TLD, just wounds and infections and that's all. I see no purpose in that item except giving us more time before disinfection and there are plenty of old's man beard in the world plus disentry and intoxication isn't that hard to fight once it's the end of the day.
  3. Hold my beer, you can still make a pull tang handle of wood with just a knife and make it fit better by pushing the handle while the tang is hot, if you want to cut time, split and shape it with a knife and cut the sanding out, it's just finishing touche. By normalizing (letting it cool down by air) you just make it soft, not handy for blades. There is water everywhere so it's not that hard to bury it in the snow. Most of the steel laying around is mild steel (not great, not terrible) it's good enough for knives and axes, scrap metal is just a convenient term left to be interpreted. Cold
  4. No need to apologize my friend, that topic is old, I'm glad someone still care about the forge. Maybe should I have gone for "and" instead of "but", on my bad
  5. I see you are refreshing my old post but thank you anyway to bring it back Stag handles don't seems to be realistic for hatchets and efficient for knives. Antlers aren't big enough for hatchet handles dunno how tough is keratin and what make a knife efficient is foremost it's blade and antler is too much busy work. What's more realistic is to make axe handles out of hickory but we don't have that and the toughest trees in Great Bear Island are maple trees. Steel indeed change structure when striked but self forged tools are better because you fit them to you and your environment
  6. Oi mate, still new to TLD ? ML, PV, CH are good regions to settle down, why not FM if you feel brave enough ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I though aussies where some adaptive folks, whelp... the one in the bush. Feel lucky it's not r/anime where fellow weebster point at each other X)
  7. Sorry to have misinterpreted you. I intended it to be a general use cooking pot but increasing the weight by 0.25 Kg should be enough. Your idea of making it a cooking focused pot is an idea I didn't thought of, those two options can be split into two objects. Why don't I tweak it to turn it into a water focused pot ? The only time I use the forge it's because it's a necessity not a choice, at least let me have some
  8. We all know the crap they gave us with weight but an explanation is always good. A no thicker than 2 mm plate can be shaped with a shear and a hammer, it should be good enough and the one we have is one hell of a thick boy made with a hydraulic press. Spheres are the most efficient way to turn a surface into a volume but I didn't do physics and math so can't tell with exactitude how much with the final result.
  9. Why not, it give more reason to use to the forge. A bowl shaped pot should be good enough for a beginner, take a round plate, hammer it, add some handles and done, can even be done cold. For the stats, I don't really know how to make it right in the middle without making it useless or OP (Improvised knife and hatchet) cough. Why not that ? Weight : 0.5 Kg Can cook meat : Yes Time reduction : 10% more than cans Volume : 1.5 l max
  10. Those things are tough to eat IRL unless you want that
  11. Nani, what are the components fonctions ? 0_o
  12. I imagine there is only ice on the surface so the character can easily remove it to get access to the precious H2O. Personally the best alternative use in a survival situation (or in war) is to add Hydrochloric acid in a glass bottle and throw it hoping it brakes on landing to burn the respiratory system plus it stink
  13. Too long didn't watched, but could you tell us directly the results. Sorry to sound rude but I'm not interested to sit 56 minutes to find it out
  14. Most of interior place are at negative °C so having this mechanic will be limited unless physics doesn't apply or they rebalance the interiors all over again which likely never happen. I'm not against your idea since it make better use of those tablets and cans even thou it make water cheaper, but to me they are just 2 Hours saved when traveling
  15. Like in the bush, I see. Would be just a nice add on since aurora aren't super common, I approve your post because it make me feel like an australian, mate