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  1. "Look! Back there in the trees! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SuperBearrr!"
  2. I suppose you must be referring to console, since you can presently hotkey the revolver by using it and putting it away. It then becomes the weapon drawn when you hotkey your weapon (#2 key by default). I have noticed that the revolver becomes equipped so quickly, it's as if one was drawing it from a holster already... at least, that's the feeling I get when I draw mine... I get the sense that I just yanked it out of my waistband or from a holster since I have it usable in about 1 sec...
  3. I like the notion of getting greater durability and/or temp benefit from using a high-quality pelt/s. I agree rabbit is too small and available to have cloth equivalence. Perhaps 3-4 deer / wolf pelts (or combination thereof) or a single bear / moose pelt.. in combination with logs, saplings (cured or uncured) and sticks could result in something that lasts longer and possibly provides a few extra degrees of warmth (2 saplings, 4 logs & 12 sticks?)... I think there's something there worth considering for the devs... But the system they already have in place "works"... so I can't really see it happening, ..but I would be happy if it did... especially if we were allowed to make the new & improved shelters in interloper... that opens a whole 'nother can of worms... Honestly, it seems like it would be more trouble than it's worth to implement (from a developer / game-balance POV) as much as I'd like to see it happen. But I still vote "yay". Your suggestion has spawned some pretty interesting ideas @Martin Prchal!
  4. I was just typing some thoughts right along these lines as you posted. Got an upvote from me...
  5. Question from @huntergathers: I like the idea; we have it on one of our internal lists. I think a Thermos makes a ton of sense given the benefits of warm drinks in the game. -- @Raphael van Lierop (game designer) edit: copy/pasted from Milton Mailbag #4; item listed in index under Thermos.
  6. I personally like the camp office for it's central location to the other zones and for it proximity to the other exits in that region. You can get to FM, MT, PV and CH all from ML, and each exit is basically the same distance from the Camp Office. You can fish, lots of wildlife... If I'm going to cover the map eventually, I like to make the office my Main base. Then I have a base in each region, but that the one I call "Home". Plus, the pizza place delivers if you know the number...
  7. Yes, I've heard the rumors that eye shots crit.. and right between the eyes would be just as effective... but an inch higher and you've just got a haircut... An inch off to the side of an eye is just a shave... You'd need some huevos grande to keep your composure under that kind of pressure. The harsh reality of the situation is, after you find a rifle, you'll need to make sure it's nice and clean.. and if it's in pretty bad shape, you might only want to use it for defense while you look for one that isn't going to kill a whole cleaning kit on you. Then - if you're playing survival - you'll need to get your skill level up or your bullets won't be going where you're aiming. That means finding and reading skill books. You also get advances in skill for every hit you get from firing the weapon. THEN, once you have a clean (high condition) rifle, and a high skill level and you aren't tired or suffering from some affliction that makes aiming difficult, you'll need to be good at aiming accurately and quickly before your arms become fatigued from holding up the rifle AND hitting a moving target (cuz Mr. Bear doesn't just stand there striking poses while you line your sights up on his eyes). If there was a guaranteed crit - and I'm pretty sure no shot is guaranteed to crit - an eye shot would be it. The problem with headshots is that you need to hit pretty close to center hitbox or your bullet will only severely hurt the bear and he'll maul you, then wander off to bleed out. Generally speaking, if you can get two headshots in before he gets to you, that should do the trick (the damage doesn't stack, but one will generally crit if you're not just hitting the edge of his head... Hunting bear with the rifle isn't really advisable since bears will charge once shot by the rifle. The distress pistol and Bow both have their advantages when bear hunting, but you'll need to learn what those are. The new revolver can be good too, but aiming slightly off can glance off the thick bear skull and leave you with pissed-off bear to deal with...
  8. Just in case anyone's wondering, I didn't come up with those questions.. they're from here: which can be found on page 7 of the introduce yourself forum at the time I posted...
  9. I never had a problem with it the way it was before... it's not like rabbits are booking all over the place... upvoted..
  10. FrozenCorpse


    Even the biggest pencil... 15 grams... (and I actually couldn't find any heavier than 10grams) vs. 600 grams. just sayin'...
  11. Sure. The OP makes perfect sense. What doesn't make sense is that we're having to carry several pounds of burnt wood around in our packs to scrawl crudely drawn maps with in the first place. You mean to tell me that of the 27 Gazillion pencils on Earth (and other writing implements not susceptible to extreme cold), there's a complete absence of any of them on Great Bear? Did earlier survivors burn them all instead of breaking down that wooden crate sitting next to the desk? Once you find a pencil and have a knife to sharpen it, charcoal should no longer be required (merely used in early game until finding a pencil & knife). Sadly, that couldn't be an option because all the players that already have accomplished the Cartographer achievement did it by lugging 5lbs of charcoal around in their pants pockets... ...Unless The Achievement could only be accomplished using charcoal, and then players would simply have to ignore the presence of writing implements in-game if they were pursuing the achievement...
  12. LOL.. I lost track and thought I was still responding to PancakeLady's posts... hehheh.. all the same... I'm not going back until I'm warm & content from a meal of Flapjacks and hot coffee!.
  13. Well put. Then untrodden the summit of the OG forestry watch tower shall remain - in your game and mine - until pancakes are in the game! To this, I solemnly swear! (I mean, they GOTTA add pacakes at SOME POINT.. no? Who doesn't have pancakes in their survival game??).
  14. I would love the company! There's already some ghosts here to keep you company if you should fail!