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  1. Just on a lark I had my survivor eat every sardine tin in the Workshop...amazingly she didn't get food poisoning.
  2. These canners seem to be hardcore. I can see them having a ammo crafting bench installed. It was almost certainly added the moment things started going south.
  3. Have put it in as a bug...but is not exactly like other crafting tables. However not having a regular crafting table in this room is highly illogical as I've already stated.
  4. It is a random spawned in my latest Voyageur attempt...when I found a rope in the Rail Car in the Ravine. Are both connected...must test more. Sometimes Bearskin bedroll spawns in the Pensive Lookout under the map board as well.
  5. The code seem to just be for the door...and nothing else once it's used it's done. I clicked all over everything that looked like a crafting joy.
  6. Well you see I don't have a problem with it because it's clear that the new pathway, the one we use was put together by the workers themselves. Getting themselves up high, and then laying the board bridges where they were. Ideally I would like there to be a couple of corpses below that show workers that lost there balance setting the whole thing up. Other than that though it makes perfect sense. The last remaining workers saw the Timberwolves invading...and made a much higher path to keep much needed equipment available and keep them protected from Timberwolves. Eventually any that survived long enough ran out of supplies...and the code was forgotten...its only copy up at the radio tower...I forget codes all the time. So...they send out one to break through the Timberwolves and get the code...then another....finally the last guy makes it only to the boat below. Months later you come along, and making your way through complain because it doesn't make sense.
  7. Here's where I found out about the ladder drop down to shorten the trip back into the Cannery. Make sure you open the last repsonse from Raph...just a hint that you can...I'm gonna look now with my Stalker survivor since they fixed the door.
  8. Since my only survivor is Locked in the Special Pier building with a bug...I can't look for the ladder...but yes apparently there's a ladder.
  9. Yes you do. Not it isn't...but you need to have the note in hand for it to operate the door.
  10. Apparently there is a shorter path...once the door is open (forever) there's a ladder somewhere according to Raph...need to check his twitter again.
  11. It is supposed to stay open forever. Even Hinterland said so. So they've gotten a slew of bug reports on this. Including myself 5 minutes ago. (This seems to have become a thing only since the Hotfix) go figure.
  12. Agreed, even if it is in the trailer in the Cannery...just somewhere in Bleak Inlet. There not actually being one period is...highly illogical.
  13. Look for a rope up...but if you didn't get the code from up won't be able to get in even with the Aurora active.
  14. I don't mind that decision on their part. Since the same can be said of HRV. However, HRV is a wilderness area where one wouldn't expect to find a Crafting Table. The "Room With Everything" minus a crafting table in Bleak Inlet makes no sense at all.