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  1. You know what I think you're right...I found mine behind the toaster I believe...won't know for sure till I edit my footage. Just found my 3rd in my only WE sandbox in the pantry at Paradise Meadows Farm.
  2. It took me until Day 10 for my character to not have temperature drop outside. Unsually it's much shorter than that.
  3. I can't imagine they wouldn't that would just be cruel.
  4. There isn't a garunteed Syrup spawn in the least there wasn't for me.
  5. Same for's a bit of a pain to turn it on each time.
  6. I'm not sure. I do know that the added food items will stay in the game after the event is over...but since I'm exclusively playing the event I'm not sure if they're in regular sandbox games right now or not. I love the filters un the options menu...I'm sure you can try those out in regular sandbox...they're staying around after the event as well.
  7. In the reality of The Long Dark...even escaping Great Bear Island would only introduce you to the reality that the flare hit everywhere...and there was really nothing to escape to. There is no happy ending...only a bittersweet one. "Ha ha goodbye Great Bear!" Arrives on mainland to find everything the same: "You've got to be kidding me!"
  8. And I haven't had an indoor lighting issue since 2, I think, updates ago.
  9. Nope Scruffy is in the Cave in Desolation Point. Hinterland have said a number of times that this wolf is Fluffy returned.
  10. Magnifying glass. ALso use a match to light a torch then licht a chance of failure and using another match.
  11. You're going to click on the survivors...and give them closure.
  12. It's only available on the PC. Because you use special codes to access different versions of The Long Dark. So for instance you put in the name of the version you want to try....followed by the code for it....and it downloads the older version.
  13. On PC you have to enable it through one of the menus. Not sure which one as I don't intend to use it.