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  1. I'm just doing quick test runs for a TLD Tournmanent I'm taking part in starting Nov. 1. And It started min in BR...and I slept the night in the Maint. Shed...and for the first time ever ran into the Moose down below...first time since BR was introduced I've ever had the Moose spawn there.
  2. The Moose in Broken Railroad can also spawn in the woods between the Maint. Shed and the gate to the Lodge Section in Broken Railroad as well. Also another way to tell if a Moose is around is that if other wildlife crosses it's will react causing all other wildlife...including Bears to scatter.
  3. My best guess is early December- that will give them plenty of time for a hotfix (or 2) as needed before Winter Break.
  4. My pleasure. I've found often times at the Hunting Lodge in BR that if you get up there and there is no moose (even if there are no markings on the trees) that if you clear out all the wolves...the Moose more often then not will just spawn there for no good reason.
  5. I think one thing us survivors fail to remember is that the markings on trees just show where a Moose has potential to spawn there during that doesn't meant it will spawn there...right now. It could be at any one of the marked trees in any of the other regions. Very rarely will you get back to back Moose spawns in the same region but it's happened to me in Mystery Lake.
  6. My preferred route: HRV (Page)---> Milton (Page)--->FM--->BR (Page) -----> FM (Page) ---->BI (Page) ----> FM -----> ML (Page) ----> Ravine Transition---> CH (Page) ---->DP (Page) ----> CH----->PV (Page)----> TWM (Page) ---> AC (Banish) If I have to I'll use my Dispel glyph in CH.
  7. The only bear I saw was from much safety high on a log bridge. Maybe in my current run I'll have a more up close and personal encounter. Also in the frisk they only ever take your outer clothing layer so just go there wearing or carrinyg one. Go to your dump zone and unload. May favorite episode so far.
  8. Nope that's a bug. This teleportation thing is only for the player.
  9. Falling through the ground is not normal. But that system of teleporting you back to a secure place is.
  10. I did not use the term trial and error. I listened and moved the handles with purpose. Made a mistake here and there...and fixed those with purpose. And move onto the next it down to 2 mistakes. After which I didn't make any further mistakes. I'm sorry to break your narrative but I certainly didn't use trial and error as I made clear in my first post. Perhaps you need to borrow my glasses.
  11. I knew that I had to move something from one location to another by closing and opening pipes. So I simply started from the left and worked my way right...too quickly so I made some mistakes. But eventually I got everything lined up and thawed my pipe and moved on. I simply used my eyes and ears to get me through the puzzle, that's all. I call doing that logical.
  12. Funny how when I did this puzzle...especially the first did take a lot of time. But after a lot of careful looking, and careful switching I was able to logically deduct where I had gone wrong and fix the first part of the puzzle. The rest was much simpler once I'd logically figured things out in the first section. (And I would've been done much faster if I had slowed myself down and carefully looked at the puzzle rather than rushing at the start and making hasty moves without taking the time to think things through first).
  13. There's no footage but it does describe how things work in the Special Event.
  14. Oh man this has got me super excited. And I always play random start so I'll have to think on my feet right away- LOVE IT! I think my main goal will be to try and end every run in TWM except for the ones that start there- maybe try and make my endpoint DP for those.
  15. One of my early longest lived survivors got frostbite early and would've lasted lots longer than 118 days...if she hadn't got double wolf attacked in DP. I always push my survivor through to the end. I only suicide in the rare case that I get stuck somewhere random I can't get out of.