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  1. My good friend. I think it's best we don't share the new Goat path to the Summit. I often wonder what would've happened if we hadn't shared the first path. But that is in the past- and we're LDRMG and not LD (Time Travel) Specialists.
  2. Here's my most recent "Aww Crap" moment: On my way to my cabin which is the Tail Section
  3. There are a great many ways to simply avoid the Timberwolves entirely even, once I figured it out I had no Timberwolf attacks on the last 2 survivors at all. For the survivor out near the Farmstead for instance...go via barn...with broken sides near the farmstead. Break moral if you have to and then save. Instead of heading to the outbuildings...head to the right to the main road...and then walk up that all the way to the community center. I wasn't touched at all. On the one down by the river I just took the direct route in and back and never saw a single Timberwolf. It's also about keeping an eye out for the nearest Timberwolf and avoiding it/altering path before it sees you. That way they never get close enough to trigger.
  4. It works once Hinterland realize and change the note or artwork of the keypad. But it really works because the coding is locked to the need of having the note with the code in your inventory and not actually typing it into the keypad.
  5. Let's not forget that The Ravine now connects to Bleak Inlet and from Bleak Inlet to Forlorn Muskeg. Blake there's an end boss.
  6. Timberwolf Mountain on the way up to where the engine is...on the first shelf with the wolves...and the cargo containers just above Crystal Lake. You can see the rope mounting/climb anchor rock in one of the pictures.
  7. Here's the full context of the Cannery Shortcut twitter conversation so there is no more misunderstanding: Clearly both DakotaLDE and Myself (when I Join) are talking about the Cannery...not the obvious joining of upper and lower Bleak Inlet. It is clear when Raph responds to DakotaLDE that he understands that...he then drops a hint to both of us that there is a hint to the shortcut in the trailer itself. I'm now going to ask for further Clarification from Raph...(either by continuing this Conversation or starting another) that we're really, truly on the same page to make it absolutely 100 percent certain.
  8. Sorry I can't give up because of the added Tweet context in my post above. Context is key.
  9. Me too. But since Raph made it clear to me that it's a shortcut beside the one to connect upper and lower Bleak Inlet- and we were both on the same page of it being a shortcut back to the Workshop...then I'm going to keep looking myself until the cows come home. And since he specifically stated in context that it was about a shortcut in the Cannery to make getting back to the Workshop easier...the only hint is the one I shared the screen grab of- since the rest of the shots in the Cannery are beauty shots...and not ones showing movement of the character towards a specific area of the Cannery that is not related to the regular route to get to the first placed rope leading to the first long route to the Workshop. Also when I responded that i had had a rope spawn in the Workshop itself so that points to there being another use for a rope OTHER than joining Upper and Lower Bleak Inlet...he hearted that response.
  10. That's my whole point. That is not the Workshop the survivor is walking towards...but it is a building located after the vast majority of the platforming to get back to the Workshop. Therefore it would be a shortcut to the Workshop because it cuts out a lot of dangerous platforming and probably around 30 or so in game minutes passing...(since it's approximately 1 minute every 3 seconds or so). Heading in after dinner...we'll see what we can do.
  11. Yes we're talking about the Cannery...I made sure to clarify that with him. Also: The last shot from the the Reveal video the Survivor is walking directly towards this building. That makes a shortcut in this building will bypass all of the climbing the first rope...and everything between that and this building.
  12. Here is the Tweet where he specifically states there is a clue in the update video (I'm DamianMcAnders on Twitter).
  13. I disagree you see I'm part of that Twitter conversation too...and Raph clarified that he meant that there was a shortcut.
  14. Yeah I hope they rewrite the note...but it doesn't really matter. Since come an aurora you just click the keypad...then click the door and it opens.