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  1. Well I guess the game got me good. This is what I love about this game I thought I knew everything there is to know and then this happens small update but very efficient. My only wish is that these updates come out much sooner, I think that hinterland should receive extra funds from the government for being such a creative team.
  2. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature so that's why I'm posting it here: When I smash cans I don't receive recycled can. Also the one can I had in the beginning disappeared, on the other hand I got into a wolf fight barehanded so I might have dropped it trying to save my skin. Has anyone tried smashing cans without tools to see if they return recycled can or not. If this thing turns up to be a bug I'm in Hibernia Processing on the second floor, and I have no way of making water I'll die of thirst because there is a blizzard outside, and I can't make water. Please someone tell me
  3. Yes but when you approach 500th day for example it will be harder and harder to find pots and cans. So unless you can melt snow and boil water without cans you are pretty much screwed. I like the idea of using pots I might have suggested it even once few years back but it needs to be complete. Also you can brake other stuff like toasters and lamps for scrap and use that to craft pots and can so ... All in all I hate to invest the time in a game then to be literary high and dry at the end struggling to find water.
  4. So basically now we depend on cooking pots and cans to cook our food and water? What happens if we spend them all ? cooking pot should be a craftable item in the forge otherwise this will be very very hard for long term survival. That's why this update gets thumbs down from me, it is good but unfinished. I was hoping for more items in the forge for a long time now and this seems like a missed opportunity for me please make the cooking pot craftable.
  5. Any news yet? I'm crossing my fingers for the spear. I hate the fact that once you run out of ammo bears are invincible .
  6. Something has gone terribly wrong with this project, based on the last 3-4 updates I can say that the development team has given up on TLD, maybe they expected more sales with Wintermute maybe they are tired who knows? However I am grateful that they made it this far, TLD is still great game but maaan it has so much potential to be much more ... Imagine if we had more tools more survival aspects like rubbing sticks to make fire, making spears or different traps like that show on VIASAT EXPLORER where people go in the wild to catch fur, they come up with all these crazy ideas how to get warm
  7. well not portable exactly but something similar like this: Since the anomaly turns it on and it doesn't need to be plugged in then it's portable
  8. Yes using the MICROWAVE is more than boiling it's actually bombarding with radiation which kills everything 100%. About the current the aurora generates, well who knows it is anomaly after all which is plausible to make everything work again so I say go for it. Bring back the power yea !!! maybe in the future they will add some portable stoves which you can use when the aurora is active to cook and boil water.
  9. Haha You killed yourself in TLD on purpose ? Like the game is not hard already you need to experiment with it. I understand your frustration but you can't blame anyone but yourself. TLD is harsh survivalism you can't experiment with it. It always has been and it always will be. Permadeath is the only way to play TLD if it wasn't there than it is just another survival they might as well put zombies in it and make it survival clone. I recommend that you start another game but this time be more serious with it like it is all happening to you. You wont jump from a cliff in real life would you?
  10. Well that is my point exactly why tamper with something that is already working 100%. They've just created unnecessary work for themselves. The time that they'll spent balancing this customization could be spent in creating new content like new tools, new needs to survive. That is at what TLD does best. You need different tools to collect different resources. Why not concentrate on that? what did we get from this update in terms of content: Moose and broken ribs, which is very little for a major update. Do you remember this update when are we going to get anoter update like that?
  11. I've tried different custom modes but they don't feel very different to me. For example the empty container chance was almost the same on every levels. Even though I set it to low chance 80% of the containers I looted ware empty. On the other hand the condition loss from wildlife was too much even on low setting. I played one game on medium and the wolf killed me in like 3 sec. if that is the case than why do we need high setting at all. I was against adding custom sliders from the very beginning and now I see that I was right. This is your step back Hinterland you've just made your work mo
  12. Yea I could live with that I really liked the story of gray mother and the quests.
  13. The NPC's are coming to Survival I can almost smell it
  14. Wow this topic has grown, a lot . Here is another idea: Why use cloth to forge weapons. Rabbit fur is far better option to use as a handle than cloth. Also we need some fish lines to hold it all together so instead of having 3 scrap metal and 1 cloth to forge improvised knife the recipe should be: 3 scrap metal 1 cured rabbit fur and 1 line. 5 scrap metal 1 cured rabbit fur and 2 line, for the improvised hatched.
  15. Yea see that doesn't work for me. I get really attached to my characters especially if I survived many wolf battles, sometimes a surprise bear. I've explored everything from TM to DP and now what I am suppose to just jump of a cliff. I am sure that Raphael did not intend that the game should be played this way. I understand that sandbox was only test branch for the story mode but I've played sandbox for years now that's why I would love to see some awesome new mechanics like barter system, quests and so on...