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  1. When I got the update I disconnected the PC so I can continue to play the special event.
  2. It doesn't feel like your tracking a bear in part 2, it just feels like going A to B. The only thing that was good in part 2 was the cutscenes.
  3. Rifleman

    Map design

    1/10 is if you hate this idea. 10/10 is if you love this idea.
  4. I wonder how the devs will make part 3 as long as the other parts.
  5. Rifleman

    Map design

    I would make a map with 3 regions connected 1. A industrial area with plenty of reclaimed wood, scrap metal and a forge 2. A map similar to the ravine, but longer and more dangerous. 3. Timber wolf mountain, but double the size of the mountain and the plane at the top will have a cockpit that is insulated from the cold.
  6. After you tracked the old bear, you are mauled and dragged into his cave. What happens next?
  7. @Jessica Kasumi I have a topic that is similar too your idea.
  8. It's up to @Raphael van Lierop if we even get multiplayer.
  9. I'm playing on stalker, I got a survival plan to help me with this difficulty.
  10. What difficulty are you playing on? Also I click the button as fast as possible.
  11. Could you link the locked topic?
  12. Is multiplayer considered too frustrating to complete. Or is it because 2/3 of the devs are working on story mode.
  13. It should have the same spawn rate as every other research book.
  14. Also mending should effect storm lanterns, hacksaws and tool boxes.