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  1. @Rusty_Old_F250 what would be the difference, in terms of gameplay, between the rifle we have in game and the rifle that you are proposing? In my opinion, unless we replace the look of the current rifle with the one you are proposing, another rifle serves no purpose. People on these forums have been asking for a spear for ages now because the bow&arrows are slow to use and there is limited ammunition for the rifle. If you just add another rifle with no benefits, you can easily say "that's cool" and then forget about it
  2. In my opinion, Raph has stated in the first Milton Mailbag, and in the February Dev Diary, that Episode 3 has no release date as of yet- we don’t even have any details on it, besides that it will be through Astrid’s perspective, and the playable area will be similar to Episode 2.
  3. Interesting- keep in mind that gun cleaning doesn't require a "mini-game", as it's not a hard task to accomplish. Tool making at the forge would be interesting, but what you do is just hit hot metal with a hammer; tool making and gun cleaning both don't need any time of quick time event. Maybe fishing? Also, first-person firemaking is a very interesting idea: you have to manually drop wood from your radial and then surround it with stones that you have collected in various areas. You then see an animation of your character trying to light the fire
  4. Nonononono... Give players the ability to build huts and they’ll ask for castles
  5. Too bad- I enjoy having big debates here on these forums, and it's even better when I do not argue with people to the point of insanity I will see you.... somehwhere in the Long Dark
  6. Episode 3 is definitely not cancelled: we can look forward to having the Episode released within the next year or so. It's not a good thing to be proud of however: a year has passed since the original Wintermute released, and yet we have had no significant update on Story Mode. Yes, the wait will be worth it once we can play a brand new Episode 1, 2 & 3, but a year with only 2 survival mode updates feels too long for Story Mode progress. It does not make sense that re-doing two Episodes, when the core structure is already there, has taken a year to accomplish. They are taking t
  7. If you use Custom settings with specific limits, next time you start a game and choose custom settings they should be exactly as they were when you last changed them- this is how the system currently works. Also, you can always copy the code that is provided to you
  8. Reddit AMAs on the Long Dark, both done by Raph
  9. I don’t think that having cooking recipes will address the issue that you’re talking about: the late game, eating meat and drinking water all the time. You will still have ingredients spread across the world, but by the time all these ingredients are consumed by the late game you have no choice but to eat only meat
  10. Movies of course take a lot longer than video games And let's be honest, has there been any successful Kickstarter movie that made it to the box office? I do understand that there are a few items that have to wait, but there are many items that don't need to wait another 3-4 years before they are given out to Kickstarter backers. Backers shouldn't have to wait 8 years before they receive basic items from when they first gave money to the project.
  11. Why was the choice of tools for can opening removed? Will this ever be added back into the gameplay of the Long Dark?
  12. I think the problem here is that bags really serve no purpose, other than to carry an item of food or two before the player discovers it. Unfortunately however, it seems that with the recent Milton Mailbags that backpacks will never be useful further into the game's development It's been put in the game that you can break wheel barrow's, but I don't see a purpose in having to move that kind of item.
  13. There are plenty of bugs that have been fixed, yet more appear after every update. Invisible walls are a good way for the developers to make sure that players are unable to see untextured nothingness, but it's a mess because there are simple rocks in the game that you cannot walk on; they haven't even done basic first-person presence besides for the same arms, no matter what clothing you wear. Good luck with implementing ski textures into a game that has shown no promise on that front. You wouldn't be able to follow the road in Desolation Point because you cannot use skis on roads
  14. Snowshoes are worn so that we can walk on deep snow. There is no deep snow in the Long Dark. Guten Tag ! Understandable, but a player could easily walk onto a rock or building while wearing skis, and cause a glitchy mess. It certainly won't look nice if it you walk into a big rock and your skis go right through. We do not have deep snow in the Long Dark. Therefore, skis would not increase your speed if you used it on flat terrain. You were mentioning weight- even though the game doesn't care about the difference of 29.99 kg and 30 kg. If they were to put skis in th