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  1. I think you can't use Benzin or Kerosin in your *Petrolium* lantern.
  2. Good Idea. +1 Remove most of the Fishing Hut's and let us build this new Shelter Hut on ice. With the option of ice fishing there (remove bedrol option on ice) PS:I mark paths with coal trails.
  3. Did everyone anyone catch a Jackrabbit in the Ravine Region? I lived one week in the cave near the train and there are MANNY Jackrabbits around. I place 7 snares and all are untouched after this week. In the lake and coastal region I get a 50% chace per day and snare for a success (if Jackrabbits visible around). But here... nothing.
  4. Spacebar is the right key here. But a emergency "stop bleeding key" if bandages in the inventory are also useful.
  5. Axtos


    No i don't want a scope on my rifle. I would use the scope as a small mono ocular.
  6. Duration for sticks is nonsense. In reality older sticks are better than fresh. And to much sticks? In a wood? After a blizzard? Near of my home are also wood and after a storm like here you can find much more than only sticks to pick up. Don't nerf the sticks please!
  7. Axtos


    How is a light 8x rifle scope with a crack? Found on a broken rifle and it can't fit because the bracket is broken? I fear Hinterland give us binocular with 2kg weight. :-)
  8. One static map in every location was nice. Maybee a stationary "tourist information" with a (summer) map of the region, points of interest and a big "you are here" arrow. The "office" in the lake region or the fishing camp are good spots for.
  9. I want Beaver! For a Beaver Skin hat. Hehe.. Nice idea was also to use all cured fur for all pattern. Like rabbitskin boots or a wolfskin bedroll. With different stats of course.
  10. I'm use a autoclick program for my mouse to handle my tons of sticks. (100 sticks per second hehe) So i like the bundle idea. The basket was also a good idea, but i can't see the reason to make a storage basket. There are MANNY (normaly) move able containers in the world! I want boxes and small chests move and drop able! +1
  11. I'm sitting in my house.. i have got 20l water, tons of firewood and food for day's. It's daytime, the room is bright and i do... nothing. Because there is a blizzard outside. The third in the last two day's. Of course i can wait in my bed, but the cabin fever is dooming and it's unrealistic too. All stuff to repair are fine. I wish i could pass time whitout the risk of cabine fever by reading of a good book. Most of the books should be novel's and if you read it you can pass (in steps) up to 20 hours in bright rooms. If you read a book again you can only pass a shorter time because
  12. Axtos


    Don't forget verry huge shaddows under the ice.. :-)
  13. Axtos


    Tallow Light! I want it! I want, I want, I want! :-)