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  1. Thanks! Actually for my first attempt I used a Solidworks model that I made because I couldn't figure out how to make a solid body from the extracted meshes (too many intersecting faces). I eventually figured out how to do it using NetFabb and that's what you see here. Fun fact: The Long Dark may have helped me get a job. I mentioned this personal project in the interview for my engineering internship. They said it demonstrated a "hacker" mentality and I was later accepted.
  2. This is my second attempt at 3D printing the Camp Office. Full album
  3. This was my favorite mailbag to read so far. I really enjoyed the longer explanations, in particular the reply to ThePancakeLady was really great. I feel this. After playing Ep. 1 and 2, I went to the store page to see the reviews, and that was the first time that I actually paid attention to the fact that all 5 episodes were supposedly included with the price of the game. When I purchased the game, I didn't even know full episodes were going to eventually be released, so for me, the episodes were just a bonus. So when I saw that five episodes were included, I thought to myself "wait a second, it took them this long to make 1 and 2... this company is going to go out of business before they finish the rest." I was kind of hoping that Hinterland would make 3, 4, and 5 significantly shorter—like as long as one of the chapters in the previous two—so that they could just fulfill their obligation and move on to projects that would generate revenue. Dang them and their commitment to quality. I would actually prefer to pay for DLC or a new game, rather than have a company go bankrupt trying to complete an obligation I don't care about and therefore not create more things I can enjoy. No I do not. Yes they are silly.
  4. These really aren't questions about the game or developer, these are requests. They might be better suited for the Wishlist.
  5. An article in 2015 said the Hinterland team was split half and half between the Cumberland studio and the distributed model. What does the distribution look like in 2018, now that Hinterland has a downtown Vancouver studio, more employees, and is better established?
  6. I think this all sounds great, and is definitely another step in the right direction! You raise a good question. I think most of us can relate to the feeling where you are forced to submit something because of a deadline before you really felt "finished" with it. Hinterland has the opportunity here to go back and fix things they weren't satisfied with. All I can say is that if they actually implement these changes in the redux, I will be much more likely to recommend the story mode to friends. It seems that for every person who wants Hinterland to focus on developing the story, there is another person who prefers them to spend their time adding to survival mode. Some people want the episodes that were promised many years ago to be the team's priority, while others want survival mode which has been the main draw and lifeblood of the game to be the principle recipient of the developers' time. We all love this game for different reasons, and Hinterland is in the tough position of trying to make everyone happy. Me? I say forget Story vs. Survival. Give us more Challenges!
  7. The problem I see with being able to change settings mid-game is that players will inevitably - given the chance - change the settings when they are in a tight spot. Similar to in minecraft where you could change the difficulty to peaceful right when you were about to die... It detracts from the game, particularly in a permadeath game like TLD. "If I get attacked by a wolf one more time, I'll loose my 500 day run, so I'll just change to pilgrim settings for a while."
  8. Where in the region is this located? Is it the waterfall area adjacent to the landslide? *Edit: Found it! It's along the ravine.
  9. I tweeted Raphael about the bridge a while ago but didn't get too helpful of a response. The gate does not open even with the bolt cutters.