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  1. Finders keepers! Came upon this only once, I think it was somewhere in CH...
  2. She were a sweet girl, weren't she? (Screenshot timestamped 24 July 2017)
  3. And there's another dead convict found along the Lake River... Maybe he managed to get out along with Mathis.
  4. Huge pressure cookers/autoclaves? These bolted lids hint at some kind of pressure vessel equipment...
  5. Why bother with new account... I suppose simply deleting your save/config data should do the trick. For Windows, do the following: Important - disable Steam Cloud sync for TLD. Navigate to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Hinterland\TheLongDark\ and nuke everything in there. Your saved games should be gone now. Launch the game at least once; you can re-enable Sync after that if you want. Do pirated versions register achievements? If so, and you'd like to reset those, probably you'd go for a new account like@MueckEsaid.... Good luck!
  6. It must be someplace high above the Ravine trestle... you can make out the fallen engine right in the center of the pic. ...well done sir!
  7. Heh... these tiny gyros found in mobile phones of today are solid-state devices, integrated circuits... in fact, there's no spinning parts inside them any more, but tiny quartz resonators oscillating in a certain fashion... thus, fried by the aurora... along with the magnetometers, GPS, etc. What you did quite correctly describe, a mechanical gyro, well... McKenzie's Beaver is in pieces, it's cockpit ended up who knows where, all flight instruments likely shattered. If he did somehow manage to recover the nav unit from his plane, and it survived the crash intact, after 5 days (days it took him to get through his injuries) I guess it will have winded down by then.
  8. There used to be a rabbit patch in a kind of a nook along the tracks towards the Muskeg tunnel... it's right next to the Dave's Corner, but from the other side of rocks.
  9. Yep... just drop down from these planks onto the generator. Then you can just make it across the live wires near the barrels... just take your shoes off.
  10. From my memory, he doesn't give a ... if it's blizzard or not, he's just set to spawn once you set foot outside... Pop a flare shell to drive him away, and run like crazy. Running in the snowstorm may seem not that efficient, it's the abscence of wolves which makes a lot of difference.
  11. You have been checking behind tolet bowls, haven't you?
  12. That Secluded Shelf shortcut... goes like this: It's not that long, but yeah the wolf down there would certainly go for you... Probably it can do in a pinch when, say, a bear blocks the usual route, though... It's kinda funny to hear that Snowballs never knew about it.
  13. Now that is odd. Can you confirm this? You weren't freezing at the time were you? BTW I found that the stim comes very handy for that last tall climb right before the Summit... it's possible even to reach the plane wreck sprinting before it wears off.
  14. Yeah, talk about hauling ass... What I saw, when the crank wears off, it just sets your stamina to zero, no other debuffs incurred. Tecnically, if you parch and starve yourself consistently, then you can subside on coffee entirely to keep yourself going... until both your food/drink gauges will have filled up. I also think, even after that, taking a sip to fill that last empty wee bit of either gauge should keep the "Fatigue reduced" buff perpetually... TLD wikia probably has some data and actual numbers pertaining coffee/stamina, to crunch upon if one wished, if it's not too outdated by now.