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  1. I recently returned to the best game ever made and my god so much new stuff! After so many years this game still gets even better.. now, i still play interloper only and when I check the world settings it says „revolver: yes“ I can‘t find a confirmation anywhere that they‘re in the game, maybe you guys can help me out?
  2. Wow, you did it again Hinterland! After all those years you keep updating this gem of a game. I must play it again, just because you folks are so dedicated. 10/10 you are my heroes. <3
  3. Could anyone tell me how to make an Interloper Sandbox with just the rifle added?
  4. He refers to the normal hatchets and knives that you can find. They are disabled in Interloper mode - you have to craft everything yourself.
  5. It seems you can add up to 5 feats now in Toolbox Mode
  6. *jaw drops to desk* yepp, no going outside tonight \o/
  7. I´m an Interloper only player and got killed by a wolf on day 117. During the sandbox I achieved the cold fusion badge, so I started a new game with the badge activated and it feels weird. Am I supposed to harvest wood outside in the early evening and not freezin like hell? Is it normal to carelessly standing at a cliff, enjoying the view with no body temperature drop at all? Is this a bug or normal? On day 26 it´s around -18°C in the "happy hours" (early evening). Can anyone confirm?
  8. I´m a simple man, I see a Hotzn Post, I upvote ^^ Sleep a bit, as long as the fire allows, collect all (or some) cat tails, wave to the wolves and make a run for PV bunker.
  9. Nobody would believe that! I´m doing the "10 days above 0 Calories" - thing at the moment. It works quite well, since I´m doing a daily routine of collecting wood, fishing, cooking, and sleeping. Plans are to go and live on the Broken railway map. With cooking 5 I might live off wolves and bears and stay in Jeremya´s lodge. Let´s see how that works out. ^^
  10. Boredom still happens I'm on day 100 now, got all tools, all clothes, even climbed the mountain, got 86 matches (still cooking with mag. glass) and more fish than i can eat. Guess it's time to spice things up by doing something stupid. Like trying to make maps...
  11. June

    Interloper fragen

    Rohrkolben sind die ersten Tage Hauptnahrungsmittel, außerdem kann man die Pilze und Hagebutten sehr wohl für Kalorien zweckentfremden. Will man interloper spielen, sollte man die Maps kennen. Um auch in stürmischen Nächten die möglichen Tools zu finden. Ich war am Anfang auch geschockt. Aber stalker ist einfach keine Herausforderung mehr, wenn man interloper einmal raus hat
  12. Tja. Interloper ist genau das. Hart und unfair. Genauso soll das sein. Lupe und Hammer und Säge finden - und der Rest hat sehr wohl mit skill zu tun. Allen voran Ortskenntnis Ich hatte so gut wie keinen loot in meiner letzten sandbox. Dann muss man eben weite Wege gehen und cat tails essen, bis man fündig wird. Git gud!