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  1. said not to loot the building because you'll have to loot it later and spend the night there anyway. (sure number of way you can do it but this is the fastest way to loot those 2 buildings and get to the dam). My guide was meant for speed to getting to the farmhouse. Also all my tips were for newer players. Most of my 'not tips lol i'm a vet' are simple things I learned either the hard way or thru pain and suffering. Didn't figure out repairing clothes until my seventh game. And in my experience shooting bears with the rifle only pisses them off. My advice for hunting them was incase they're charging your ass in the middle of a field and you can't 'lol use car scrub'. My advice and tips aren't bad or wrong. They're useful. They help me survive so I thought I would share. :\
  2. I more meant the time and stuff. 1 fish an hour or less isn't as good as going and hunting a deer.
  3. It's alright, want to hear about the farm one more time?
  4. Again. the cattails were an average thing. I took the mean and range of the days some days 4400 others 2400 some 3300 I found 3000 is a good amount and just divided 3000 by 150 and got 20. Again all this stuff is just raw information I've gotten from playing. I haven't looked at any guides or anything. (I did when I first got the game but none of the tips were helpful all we're just controls and basic things like making tinder). And I wasn't trying to have a hairy ass off with you about hides. I've had more than I do now (minus rabbits). I was just stating that my hunting tips work and I rarely get in trouble from them. I've recently started using the bow so don't have much experience or tips to give on it. Once I get good with it I might, but as is all I got is don't aim in long and chase the blood trails. The BEST hunting tactic in the game i've been able to come up with (I don't really use it because it's boring) is scaring deer off in the direction of wolves then making a fire, aggroing the wolves, running back to the fire, let them scare off. Then free deer. No ammo used. Or you can shoot the wolf and get two birds one stone. I can't think of a better way to hunt besides 500 snares in a huge circle around rabbit holes. Even then 72ish rabbits is 1 bear. So rabbits are a bit redundant. Fishing is really only good if you're starving or blizzard hits and you have nothing else to do. Waste of time for one fish. Heres my day-to-day life in the farmhouse: Go hunt, bring the meat back, repeat. Once out of water get 40 bottles (around 6 gallons or 22 liters) and sort the water on a shelf. Then after I get bored of hunting I pick a map to explore and or something to do. Right now I'm getting all the flares then I'll be cleaning out timberwolf again then I think I'll head over to the forge and make a bunch of arrowheads and the improvised tools. Then go around kill all the bears maybe. I like to leave the minimum amount of stuff in the meat bags so they don't despawn then horde them in the basement. Got like 30 right now that have .2lb or 0.09kg in them. Then I think i'll go around collecting all the rifles and continue hoarding all the stuff in neat piles in my house. Then the bows. After that think I'll go around turning on all the radios in the game or scavenge everything scavengable. I suppose I could look for all the prepper caches. Not much else to do. Guess I could try hoarding a bunch of coal. The only thing stopping me at that point would be fuel, other than that you could live indefinitely off of hunting with a bow or using the other tactic I said.
  5. I'm not quoting everything you said. But most of what you say is just bs. And the other half is opinions. I'm an American so I play with F not C. I'm used to it. The pry bar is only WORTH carrying for the dam and up to signal radio tower. You can find other in the barn or elsewhere. There's pry bars in the caves to coastal highway so no need to carry one that distance. This tip was for new players. Your very first playthrough i'm sure you knew everything. How the heck do you NEED a crow bar for 1 or 3 lockers. It's not worth the weight. And I said you can find a hacksaw there, not there is a hacksaw. It's just good to check there. If there's not one there's always one in the hut. This isn't something new to for me. And my hunting advice is sound. Wait for the bear to charge you and shoot it with a flare, he will run away and bleed to death. A gun only gets you hurt. How can you say it only takes one bullet? You shoot him in the face 3 times and they still live. You also miss the point where you get hurt using a rifle Also you need to hunt wolves for their hide. I have a room with 8 wolf hide, 4 deer, 2 bear, and over 20 rabbit hide. And I've only gotten attacked by an animal twice, once because I forgot to load a flare for the bear and the second because I didn't aim fast enough for the wolf. Using my method if you're good enough you can get unlimited meat. Also bow is kind of later game unless you go looking for all its spawns and get lucky. Not to mention you have to be kind of good with it. Sure you can shoot a deer and chase it a mile. But one bullet out of the 30 or so I have won't matter. Using decoy is only good in life or death for me, might as well get some food out of it. Also I said it depends on how you play you need 10-12 cat tails a day. But I mistyped I meant per 'day' as in 12 hours and 'night' you need around 20-24 per day. One an hour. This is on medium difficulty, and this is going off of a scatter plot I made using journals and calories used that day. Again you miss the point of my tips, they're for newer players. playing for the first time. Of course a grand master champion elite sniper warrior like you doesn't need to be told that weight is bad. When you first start out playing tho you carry around LOT of food and water, days worth. And stay over 70+ pounds for no reason, carrying around every tool and 500 matches. A few of the things you siad I missed and just don't feel like re-reading everything we wrote. You have a different playstyle. It seems you like to avoid wolves and bears and just use lighter things.
  6. You can't climb down ropes with while encumbered unless you cheese down the mountain. Think I did it on day 12, started in mystery lake.
  7. There's usually always a better way. Your guide is the best for taking advantage of the cheesing, which I will be doing next time I visit timberwolf. Mine would probably be the best if they managed to patch the cheesing down mountains. Your route is faster, safer, and allows for more carrying. I'm going to leave mine up for if they ever patch cheesing.
  8. Wasn't sure if guides belonged in here or there so i'm going to link to the guide I made. Mods please let me know if I should move it or what not.
  9. Here's a picture of my stuff neatly on the ground. Did the same for books and newspaper and a row of matches in the other corner.
  10. Green lines are the ones to follow and red are danger for bears (only did them on timberwolf)
  11. Here's a quick 'quide' I've made over my 120 hours of playing and the 5 trips to timberwolf i've made. Spawn in mystery lake and no matter where you are make your way to the Trapper's homestead, If you spawn in the camp office or near any buildings don't loot, just go. Then go to the deadfall area for the axe (if it spawned in the broken hut). Then make your way to the camp office. Then you can backtrack to the rails and follow the rails until you get to the hydro dam. From there you exit the dam (at the base of the dam, in the river a wolf always spawns so either make a fire and agro the wolf then run to the fire so he whimpers off, then run down the river or shoot him) and follow the river to the cave. Then you exit the cave into Pleasant valley. From the cave you turn immediately to your right and walk past the body. (There's a bear cave and possible bear in your way here so tread lightly and don't stop running if you see the bear). Make your way to the road and travel left to Signal hill radio tower. From there you're going to 'cheese' down the side of the mountain to the Farmstead. The farmstead is where I live and horde all my stuff. From there you can go to timberwolf mountain. Once in timberwolf you can travel to the Ice fishing hut and from there you go up the river directly across from the hut until you see an opening on the right or the river, from there you go right then left up the hill and go straight towards the engine. Then you go thru cave C to D and walk up the hill to the cave then turn right and then turn left and go straight to the rope. Once up go forward until the fork then turn left and keep going until you have to turn left. Then turn left again and keep going forward until you reach another rope from the you can go thru cave B to A then turn right and curve around towards the rope that will take you to the summit. Once at the summit you can turn left and there will be a cave you can sleep in or shelter (be warned that even with the best clothing if a storm hits and you don't have a fire sleeping will kill you) then loot the plane taking the flare and whatever else you need (small tip the storage boxes need a hacksaw to open and each container has two boxes on them, I missed this my first few times and only looted half the items) from there you will leave the summit and go forward to a cave that has a mountaineer's rope (((you can get a rope in the cave at the summit, in the hut at the base of the mountain and a few other places) It's best to get one later since they're so heavy) Might also note to make sure you're not crouching, the first time I went to the summit I didn't realize I was and almost died in a blizzard traveling like a turtle). then you will travel past cave A and go down the rope, then turn left and (there could be a bear there so be careful not to go to your right) go to the rope and deploy the rope you picked up earlier and then go down and turn left past cave C, and from there you can go past the engine and to the hut and back to Pleasant valley. Note: I found you can 'cheese' down mountains by going a little bit forward tapping W then S a split second later. This way you go an inch at a time. It's kind of an exploit devs should patch. You can go down literally any mountain as long as it's not a 90° angle. Tips: You can sort your hoarded items in your house by right clicking them while they're on the ground, it will highlight the object green so you can then rotate it or arrange them in order in lines. Repair clothing. This will increase your chances significantly. Such a small thing can add 10-15 degrees of warmth allowing you to walk outside and gain heat. You need it to feel like it's 32 degrees to stay warm. Once your warmth runs out and you start to freeze check your status to make sure your 'risk for hypothermia' doesn't turn to 'hypothermia'. Carrying a crowbar (earliest one found in the dam in the room next to the one with the safe) is only worth it in pleasant valley and while in the damn. Everywhere else it's too heavy. You don't need one for timberwolf mountain. Before the climb to timberwolf mountain there's a hut, behind the hut and the big branch there's an abandoned prepper cache with a hacksaw and a locked locker. Don't shoot bears with the rifle, it only pisses them off, it takes around 4-8 bullets to kill a bear and even from the other side of the map they will run and get to you before you get 3 shots off. Only way to kill a bear is to either use a building to go in and out of or shoot them with a flare gun. Once shot they will run away and bleed to death so chase after them. Dealing with wolves wait until they're 5ft in front of you and charging at a straight line, don't try and shoot them 50ft away and waste a bullet scaring them off for them to only come back and using another bullet. While harvesting meat build a fire to thaw it out and keep it thawed. The fire will scare away wolves as well. In a struggle use the knife above all else to defend against the wolf, it works the fastest. Before entering the hydro dam take all your clothes off, once inside put just enough clothes on (only the high health stuff) so you don't freeze. A wolf, fluffy, CAN spawns in the dam. She's tougher than other wolves. Cracking safes you tap A turning it counterclockwise until it clicks and the first number unlocks, then tap D turning it clockwise to the next number then A again until you get the third number. You can either do it slowly or hold the button down and remember where the number was then go back to zero and repeat. A rifle can spawn next to the stairs in the dam. 10-12 cattails a day is all you really need, more or less if you're traveling or sprinting. You walk faster and use less food with a lighter backpack. If you're leaving your home and going exploring or traveling to another region don't take much food or water or fuel. Make sure you're under 50 pounds. 44 if prefered. Don't hold the aim on the rifle for too long or it will begin to sway, it's best to aim in, aim in front of the dear a bit, aim out, wait a second, aim in, line up your shot and fire. Don't try and quickscope or hardscope, take your time with the shot. NEVER carry more than 0.40 gallons of water. A gallon weighs 8 pounds and in a game where a single pound or degree and can mean life or death, over carrying water really matters. NEVER sleep in the fishing hut the base of timberwolf mountain without a fire going that lasts longer than you sleep. If a storm hits while you're sleeping you will die. Don't take the risk. Get some wood and build a 13 hour fire. You can even bring wood with you to timberwolf and drop it off there. It's not worth it to carry around peroxide (the black medicine bottle) unless it's early game. Hope these helped if people have any suggestions for tips or I think of more I'll add them in.
  12. when I first got stone age sniper (like 2 or maybe 3 days ago) it showed 0% same for don't starve when I first got them. I thought maybe someone would either call me out on it or someone might steal the picture or something. Just did it to avoid questions Worst part is going down, you can't climb the ropes while encumbered. So can only take like 10 pounds of stuff with me when I leave. Here's a quick 'quide' I've made over my 120 hours of playing and the 5 trips to timberwolf i've made. I'm going to copy and paste this with a bit more tips and information in another post. Hope no one else made a similar guide and I get called out for stealing ideas.
  13. I did it in the transition area from mystery lake to pleasant valley, between the dam and cave. Just killed the wolf down there then collected 50 stones and went on a rabbit neck snapping spree. The trick is right above the knuckle on the thumb is the crosshair then it's just a matter of scaring a bunny off in a straight line down the river then chucking the rocks up and having them slide into the rabbit as it runs. Wasn't even trying for the achievements. Just got them and wondered who else had them. Anyway good luck.
  14. Was the first to get multiple achievements including Reaching the top of Timberwolf mountain, Don't starve, and Stone-Age sniper. When I unlocked these achievements I looked and saw 0.00% of people had them. So I figure i'm one of the first to get them. But I could be wrong and it takes a long time to update the stats so I could not be first. Has anyone else gotten these three achievements? There's a lot of people playing so for the stats to be 0/10000 for 1,000,000 players (amount of people that own TLD) or maybe it goes off of active players 100,000. Either way i'm either the first or 1 of less than 1000 to 100 players that own these achievements. Can anyone explain how the stats go about being calculated and if I am truly one of the first 1000ish players to unlock these 3.
  15. Also opening the mountaineers note found in the cabin in timberwolf after dying on the journal page still causes a bug were you can't exit the note screen or save journal. Made posts on all these topics months and months and months ago. Still no fixes. I hope at some point they do. They seem big enough.