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    Yes. Excellent point. As another poster has speculated, maybe this wasn't the plan a few weeks back.
  2. Calico Jack


    That countdown was either a seriously cynical piece of marketing or a equally serious miscalculation about the level of dedication within the TLD community.
  3. Calico Jack


    What a bunch of shit.
  4. +1 to this. It does make sense that your cardiovascular fitness should increase and eventually plateau out after two or three months of game time. Aligned with that, your risk of lower limb injury should gradually reduce as you become more adept at moving across uneven ground carrying weight. I think that would neatly represent an increase in fitness as well as skill level. I'm not so convinced about a significant increase in load capacity though; thirty kilos seems about right for an average adult to move with all day through that kind of environment. Having spent most of my professional career moving and fighting (neither wolves nor bears, thankfully) with weight on my back (and front), I don't think a big increase would be realistic. It's as much about increased risk of injury as it is about endurance - a loss of balance which might otherwise result in a twisted ankle easily becomes a compound fracture when you're carrying fifty per cent of your body weight. Ninety kilos is over a hundred per cent for a lot of guys, and you'd need to be seriously desperate to attempt moving more than a few hundred meters through deep snow carrying that sort of weight. A lot of people would struggle to stand unaided, never mind walk. A sled, on the other hand...
  5. Feel free to also scavenge my eight hundred and fifty kilos of gear from the adjacent house and plunder my still-warm corpse. You're welcome.
  6. Thanks for your replies. I think the point I wanted to make was that this was a sudden and pretty significant change in wolf behavior as far as my game experience was concerned. Aside from the odd one, the wolves stayed out on the ice prior to this event. It went from that to what looked like all of them suddenly appearing within the village one morning. @Hotzn - yeah, that was pretty much my SOP for leaving the Gas Station, which is where I did my crafting. Even in a blinding blizzard, I'd exit the back door, turn ninety degrees right, run like hell for ten seconds and smash face-first into my kitchen door!
  7. Yeah, I know. Sorry, bad title. I liked it because it rhymed!
  8. Thanks for your replies, guys. Yeah, I'd read this, but never seen them there before. I'd been living in that house for at least 50 days. They'd always be out on the ice, with the exception of one who'd sometimes hang around on the road and occasionally around the Gas Station. This was like the whole pack had suddenly relocated from the ice to the Townsite overnight.
  9. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but for anyone who's ever wondered, "What would a real bear attack be like?"... pretty much like this. His Facebook page has updates on his recovery.
  10. I just had my first genuinely traumatic death (i.e., one that really made me go "NOOOOO!" as opposed to "Huh") and wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar recently. I'd been living quite happily in the Coastal Townsite for over 70 days and had just returned from a forage south to Desolation Point to find birch. I had noticed a definite deterioration in the weather since the last update, but was coping with it pretty well. All my resources were good, clothing was in good shape, and I was starting to recover from the sudden drop in repairing skill post-update that others have mentioned. After getting back from Desolation Point, I'd spent a couple solid days in the Gas Station next door crafting arrows which had put me at risk of cabin fever. This wasn't too much of an issue as I'd planned to spend the next day or so fishing and going on a bit of a wolf hunt; my jacket was looking the worse for wear and I'd lost my two remaining wolf hides in failed attempts at repair. I left the house at dawn and immediately saw a pair of wolves right outside the back of the Gas Station. I'd only ever seen a single wolf in that area before once or twice, and he had always been close to or on the road; pretty much all the wolves nearby tended to stay out on the ice. I crept back inside, grabbed the rifle, and came back out in a low crouch onto a slightly raised berm about 15 meters from the door. I killed the first wolf outright, and his buddy bolted out onto the road then doubled back at a walk. I stayed in the aim waiting for him to reappear from behind the Gas Station, and right after I shot him, I got rushed by a third wolf from behind. I heard the bark, it was close, went for a flare and didn't make the transition before he was on top of me. The second that I recovered from his attack, a fourth wolf hit me and did me some serious damage. Once I'd fought him off, I ran back inside, quickly dealt with my injuries, and saw that my wolfskin coat, boots and gloves were all destroyed. I'd also dropped my rifle. Catastrophically, I made the decision to go straight back outside to grab it, thinking that both wolves would be some distance away having both taken injuries themselves. I was inside for less than a minute. Whether it was one of the same pair or a fifth wolf that killed me, I'll never know, but it was on the doorstep, and I didn't even hear him coming. Has anyone else seen significant changes in wolf territories or behavior recently? Anyone shed any light? For what it's worth, I've never stored food outside and have never killed deer or left meat anywhere near the Townsite. Seventy one days, man. Seventy one days.
  11. Apart from anything else, frozen bodies in a house that suddenly has a blazing fire in its hearth would become un-frozen bodies pretty quickly, and you'd certainly be bothered by their presence once their buttons start popping off.
  12. Okay... 1. My second toe is longer than my big toe. It's a condition called Morten's Toe. Yes, both feet are the same! Jeez. I'm not a freak. 2. I once broke my shoulder, clavicle, ankle and three of my toes, one after the other, in quick succession. 3. I enjoy the occasional single malt whisky. 4. I've used an antique iron cooking pot to my advantage in a physical confrontation. 5. During the above, I inadvertently showered my buddy with shredded goat porridge. He briefly thought the porridge was my brains and feared for my well-being. 6. I was a freelance illustrator for a while, then had a drastic career change. 7. I went out with the chick from Garbage before she was famous. Well, before she was in Garbage. 8. I can moonwalk like a boss. 9. My jaw is slightly offset to one side from being broken, but for some reason you can only see it in a mirror. 10. A dude shot at me once with a no-sh*t, genuine, three hundred-year old flintlock rifle. Missed! Clown.
  13. Yes, it does. That's never occurred to me before.