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  1. There are a lot of spray cans! It's probably high to start with so existing games can utilize/catch up with them. I've been using them in caves where I've previously used sticks. Though I'm not sure how I feel about the graffiti - I would have preferred tying ribbon markers or scratching/etches (aka tree scribbles: I 💓 LD 4Ever). They'll probably lower the rate in future updates.
  2. Good summary! I'm a EA player that just reloaded the game to see what's changed, different and new. I have to say that the flare changes on the wolves is the most problematic. They lowered the chance for torches to scare wolves way back in the day, and flares were really the only reliable way to scare them off. Maybe bad rng, but I've only had the flare scare one wolf out of many in my newest game. It ran off, but the fear effect wore off pretty quickly and I had to fight it anyway. This is just the standard black wolf and regular flare btw, not the timberwolf. I have only experienced timberwolves in Ep 3. They were pretty terrifying at first, but the marine flares and the revolver to the face work pretty well. The problem is it seems like the normal wolves are fearless now. I'd rather scare them off in my survival games because otherwise I end up with hundreds of dead wolves, and I don't need any more pelts. I would rather play a custom game where I could tweak this behavior, but they removed ability to earn Feats in Custom.
  3. I bought the game in pre-release, and put in over 350 hours. I eagerly waited for story mode. From the trailers and the survival experience in Sandbox, I had high expectations. I loved meeting Mackenzie and Astrid. I didn't mind the tutorial mode (as an experienced 350+ hour veteran). The wolf behavior surprised me, especially at the church. They latched on to my presence without any discernable reason why, and made going in and out of the church hazardous (I did not agree with Mackenzie that it was a good shelter!). I loved learning a new map that I was not familiar with. Felt like the first day I played, exploring a map for the first time. That said, story mode did leave me a bit disappointed. I grimaced at the fetch quest for the Grey Mother. The storyline itself was fine...but ugh...fetch quest. Survival mode is still as awesome as I remember it.
  4. A New Beginning Dreary...muddled...fuzzy... My eyes flutter open, and stung with sharp pain from the daylight. Where...am...I? Who...am...I? I shielded my eyes from the brightness of the sun shining through the windows. I thumped back against the floor, firm and solid. I fell unconscious again. ------ I awake again. It is daylight. Is it the same day? Next day? I raise myself to my knees and look around. Cabin. Yes, a cabin. Memories flood me like a flashback film reel. Uncle teaching me to ice fish. Mother showing me to clean and prepare fish for cooking in the fry pan. Younger brother stealing my share of the chips with the fish fry. Father...where is he? My father is gone. Uncle is my father. I could see their faces, but couldn't remember their names. I remember where I am. Mystery Lake Cabin. Ahh it has been a long, long time. Or has it? I have no sense of time. I search around the cabin. I find a can of peaches and a can opener. I devour it. I swear I will pay the Ranger for it later. For now, I am too hungry. I make my way up the stairs, and stop cold when I see him. Frozen. What the hell has happened? The body and the face...I know him. The first name that I remember. Ranger Dale Rogers. I spent many summers at camp with him, learning to make fires and fletch arrowheads. He stares straight forward, with a sad forlorn face, with unseeing eyes. "It wasn't supposed to end this way," he seems to say. I cover my mouth, tears threatening to stream down my face as I approach him at the top of the stairs. Upon closer inspection, I see a large gash wound in his side. An animal bite? Very strange. My head still throbs. I find the beds at the top of the cabin, and I collapse.
  5. LOL! You have a knack escaping bugged bears.
  6. Eeek! You can get mauled inside of huts now?
  7. Parasites was never a big deal to me, though I still think the birch tea alternative would have been nice instead of removing parasites from Voyager. Cabin Fever was also not a big deal to my normal playstyle, except in a few cases where living in Pleasant Valley with the multi-day blizzards. I don't have too much to comment on that further. Glad to hear that rest/fatigued has been tuned for Pilgrim/Voyager. It appears nothing has changed with the decay rates, though? That's the main reason why I haven't loaded my games because of the passive decay on my sleeping rolls and bearskin rolls.
  8. Yep. That sounds exactly like v.302 behavior, so not much has changed.
  9. I have definitely been locked indoors in the PV farmhouse for 3 days, sometimes 4 on Voyager. The blizzards themselves usually last 4-6 hours, but I did have a couple go for 10 hours. At least, I believe it was 10 hours, but I was indoors and it was hard to tell since I only had the audio cues. The more common scenario for multi day was 4-6 hours, a short break in between (usually during inopportune times like the middle of the night), then it would start up again. I have not been locked indoors multi-day like that on other maps. I lived on the PV map for 100 days, and that was what I observed. This was on the v.302 build, though. I have not been playing on the new builds, but I did notice that the weather on PV was slightly different when I was playing briefly, so it may have changed. My observation about crows is that they can signal weather change, but you can't predict from them the severity. Crows don't fly in very heavy wind (they disappear around corpses), but crows flying doesn't mean always a blizzard. Just means it's going to change from the current. I have found this consistent enough to rely on it, especially in regions with wide open areas like PV.
  10. I'm sure for storytelling purposes, one of the prepper's caches could be outfitted with an electronics bunker ala Lost style.
  11. Oh and one other important detail: the black boxes (Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder) are located in the tail section. This is because it is most likely to survive a crash in this location. Here's an illustration: Here's what the inside of a CVR looks like: It is a magnetic tape, but you can't exactly drop it into a consumer tape player and listen to it. The most modern versions use a form of solid state drives. They are fireproof, shockproof, and waterproof. I don't know about EMP proof. The modern ones have a battery inside that makes them independent from the plane's electrical system, but I don't know if an EMP would effect the battery. Technical details aside, I do think it would be cool to hear what was going on in the cockpit. Barring the CVR, there could be recordings at a radio tower where they broadcast their mayday on emergency channels.
  12. The wolf still stalked and killed deer on Timberwolf, but it's not very frequent. In Pleasant Valley, they made wolf and deer groups very far apart, which is a good change in my opinion. It is still possible to chase deer into wolves, but it happening on its own is much less frequent in my observation. Deer appeared to have a roaming behavior in DP. They would appear as a group one day at Little Island, and disappeared for a few days before coming back. Probably not really roaming behavior - just spawn/respawn. But it gave the appearance of herd wandering.
  13. "Black boxes" are actually bright orange - lol. Yes, you need special equipment to access the data. The Flight Data Recorder contains data for airspeed, horizontal/vertical pitch, etc that wouldn't have any meaningful data except to crash investigators. The Cockpit Voice Recorder also needs to be accessed with special equipment - it's not a mobile boom box. Though movies and tv shows take a lot of creative licenses with the 'black boxes' so they could make it playable for storytelling purposes, but it wouldn't be accurate.
  14. Hopeless Rescue Challenge: Complete! Not a record time, but I did it with no stims. Not exactly by choice - I didn't find any in my game. The rest will be in the spoiler tag, in case you haven't done it yet and don't want any hints. I'm sure I could shave a day or two off, especially if I had found some stims, but overall I'm pretty happy with it as I finished with a comfortable margin. By the time I got through CH, I knew I was going to make it and metaphorically skipped the rest of the way. It was quite fun running through and making snap decisions on what to keep and what to drop. And that's all from me for a while. I'm turning in my winter coat for swimwear! Enjoy your summer!
  15. How I Met Your Mother, err, Fluffy There's one near-death story I just realized I never told. It's about the first time I went to the Hydro Dam. I learned the importance of a bedroll because I didn't take one to the Dam with me. I figured there would be a bed inside. First, I had to meet Fluffy. I happened to walk in with a lit torch, which as we know, in v.302 stopped wolves in their tracks. However, I wasn't expecting her. I opened the door, I was inside the Dam, and I didn't even have a second to look around when Fluffy came around the corner and barked/growled at me. I yelped IRL, and nearly knocked my mouse off my desk when I jumped and flailed. Fortunately, because I walked inside with the torch, I was able to dispatch her without issue. At that time, I didn't know she was a 'special', and Fluffy gave me a deep fear of entering unknown buildings for a very long time. I imagined my character busting open doors inside of buildings like a 70s TVs cop show, torch in hand, for weeks after that. Anyway, I proceed with looting the Dam, got to the bottom and noted with horror there wasn't a bed. It was now nighttime, and I had the little sleepy eyeball icon. Ut oh. Now what? I searched my inventory and found I had 5 coffee. I had never used coffee at that point, but now seemed like a good time. I went outside, lit a fire, and brewed a cup of coffee. I could only brew one because I didn't have any other firewood. I drank it, and walked towards the nearest trailer, which was not very near. And wouldn't you know it, a snow with wind started. It wasn't a blizzard, at least, but the blowing wind happened to be against me. I got to the trailer, exhausted, and freezing cold. I avoided hypothermia, but probably just barely.