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  1. Same here about the Flashlight, but I still always carry the damn thing just in case lol (And i do get that a SUPER bright light, like when you "fire [for lack of a better word]" it it would at least somewhat scare or disorient an animal, so at least theres a lil realism in that. Maybe the Blue Flares are just like, super blinding? If so, I hope that if you stare directly at them they kinda *Flash* you as well
  2. Dunno how I feel about Blue light from a flare being any different from a regular one, yknow? I get the whole Flashlight Gameplay element (which I didnt like at first, but I get it, you need a special tool for those "special nights" *soo breathtaking still* But this new flare with "different powers" so to speak, seems odd to be honest :/ Ive said it before, any changes I thought I wouldnt like in the past, I have, so as a fan and not a designer, I do trust in them. But anyone else feel this way? Also, if youre adding Timberwolves to Story Mode, pleeeeaase put them in the Sandbox as well!!!!!! As always, love yall in the community, and Raph and the rest of the team ^_^
  3. Ah, I'm dumb. I was looking at the bottom names, and not the top. You're still cool tho
  4. Edit: I'm dumb, I was looking at the bottom name and not the top. So thanks, @Skelegutplays. @Sceh Is still cool tho ^^
  5. Gotta say, @Sceh had an amazing thought/idea on being able to use the Revolver during animal struggles! Since it's a one handed weapon it is feasible, but... can you spare the bullet? *DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUN* (Dramatic sound que) Anyhow, for those of you that missed the Mailbag #25, here's her post in it's entirety: 1. Will the revolver have separate shooting skill from the rifle? 2. Will it always spawn in a hunting bunker? 3. How rare will it be compared to the rifle? 4. Will it be possible toi use it in a bear/wolf/moose strugle? *See mailbag for Ralph's answers (And thank you @Sceh for your awesome line of questioning. I'm really hoping for the struggle implementation )
  6. Gotta say, 1.) Thank you all at Hinterland for making my favorite game EVER! 2.) I dont really know if I like the Revolver idea... I dunno why, but it just makes the game more FPS-y than I like? I dunno. I think the Rifle, Bow, and (hopefully in Survival soon) Spear make the game just fine the way it is. We should be given less to make us work harder to stay alive. That being said, I'm not developing the game, and I've been proven wrong on things I thought I wouldnt like to be implemented before, so I'll leave it to the professionals Much love to Hinterland and all y'all in the community!
  7. Anyone else miss the old HUD Symbol set up? I know theres an option to make it not always on, which is a definite must, but i really liked how it was
  8. Thank you Hotzn for more survival journals!!!!! I literally check the Survival Stories tab on here every day hoping for some new ones You kick ass good sir, and your journalizing is much appreciated *tips hat*
  9. You guys and gals at Hinterland kick soo much ass i'm nearly crying right now....
  10. That is true. And i guess its better to have it more rare to make it feel more special.
  11. Does anyone else think its kinda lame they made it more rare to see the aurora in Survival Mode? Ive been playing forever, and it seemed pretty rare from the start. Not like, super upset, but still. Would be nice to see it more, seeing as how its such a major thing in the game's world. Anyone else agree?
  12. Almost missed that as well, thanks! Here's hoping it wins Hope the Hinterlanders are enjoying their much deserved month of R&R
  13. The Long Dark is a finalist in the Unity awards!!! Make sure to vote for your favorite game (and mine ) You can sign in to vote via Google account or Facebook. I tried logging in under FB but it didnt work, so i just made a quick Unity account. Thanks guys!!
  14. I havent even finished Episode 2 yet (Im trying to spread it out, while trying to avoid spoilers) but im pretty happy with it thus far. I originally bought the game because of the stories of personal survival it generates in the Survival Sandbox. Even if im somehow disappointed by the end of 2, the game itself is still easily worth far more than charged. It saddens me to think that anyone would be turned off by the rough start. You guys are amazing. You created something so awesome I actually joined a forum and engaged in an online community (something ive never done for a videogame, as much as i love playing them). Honestly, I dont believe you even need to add much more to the Sandbox other than more regions as you see fit. And perhaps the moose Its honestly that awesome of a game in my (and hopefully other's) opinion. With that said im nervous for it to change too much, yet excited to see what comes of it. I was nervous and unsure when i heard of the UI changes and the addition of the "radial menu" but i love both. Sorry to rant so much, but i just love this game So. Damn. Much.
  15. Also, no joke, Babe used to have balls, but the local churches in the area made the city take em off. They castrated a fictional ox to apease their god, lol. (Not knocking religion in any way, just thought it was funny)