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  1. I only play Survival. Waiting for all episodes before I jump into Wintermute
  2. Lame 😞 I never seemed to really notice until the recent Survival patch. I doubt it's something they can fix, but it'd be neat if they could. Thanks for verifying
  3. There's a working elevator in Coastal Highway during auroras in Survival Mode? Really? I've put hundreds of hours into Survival and never knew that 0.0 I'll havta brave that one of these days. Thanks for letting me know! I usually avoid the Wiki, as I don't wanna be tempted to peek at any maps or spoilers lol.
  4. *UPDATE* I was forced to start a new game (damned wolves run that prison now lol) and now the save times seem fine again was on a 43 day run, so maybe it's a memory thing?
  5. Heyo, anyone notice the Saving time in game taking what feels like twice as long since the Blackrock Survival update? I play mainly on Switch btw, and exclusively (so far) in Survival
  6. Hey man, thanks for pointing this out!!! I couldn't find the Switch patch notes, so would have never even known! Much appreciated
  7. Same! On a new run and I couldn't grab a Stay On Target, which suuuucked. But with the team working on bringing Blackrock to Survival, I know they'll have their hands full for a bit, so I dont mind being patient as they squash those bugs. I'm a Survival player, and am soo hyped for that! And wondering what this *New* Item they're going to add is fun
  8. Aw man, sorry to hear I know how annoying that can be, and I'm a veteran player. Must be super confusing to any newcomers. Hopefully will be patched soon. Thanks for confirming
  9. Anyone else getting a bug where, upon loading your game, when you enter a building you've already discovered, it still pops up New Location Discovered?
  10. After having stated my absolute love and adoration of this amazing game, there is one thing I'm hoping to see more of, and that is "aurora interactions". Other than the collectable notes on computer screens, the only real gameplay mechanic of it ,aside from the agitated wildlife and making the flashlight usable, is the new electronic gate to the Cannery (an AWESOME idea ) and am hoping to see more of this implemented. Especially at the Prison, that would be wicked! Or even going back to some older maps and maybe adding some? Like being able to use the elevator at the Hydro Dam? Just some thoug
  11. I see some people bringing up Raph mentioning the "completeness" of Survival Mode, and begging to differ (politely, might I add. Amazing community all around) but I honestly see it this way as well. Yes, the AI might not be razor sharp, but the mechanics and gameplay as a whole sure are I love the game as it stands, and believe adding things like NPCs would kinda ruin the amazing sense of oneness the game provides. It's a beautifully haunting loneliness I've never seen evoked from a game before, and would hate to see that tarnished. I would of course love more Regions (who wouldn't, right?) b
  12. OMG Darkwalker sounds amazing!!!! I hope that if its popular enough theyll just make it a new Challenge. But seeing as they havnt done so with 4DON I dont see that happening. Still excited tho!!! Gunna have to play on my X1 and Switch to unlock Endless Night in Custom (Awesome add-on btw). All in all, shaping up to be a damn fine update!
  13. This is the only major reason I recently got a Switch. Love it so far! Was afraid of load times on such a small console, but was pleasantly surprised! I play exclusively in handheld btw. They really do have to fix the gyroscopic sensitivity tho
  14. yeah, upon further reflection I see how I was worried about nothing, and seeming kinda douchy whilst doing so. Its just hard not to worry about changes to an already awesome game, but Hinterland are no dummies. They know what theyre doing, and I just gotta trust em. I didnt outright delete said post, as other people seemed to agree at the time, and I still see where they are coming from, but they just gotta do as I do and trust the professionals
  15. very true. and people were already using sticks and rocks and such as trail markers, so upon reflection i do agree that it is kinda nice. I think my post came more from just worrying about nothing (and it kinda seems like, after re-reading it, that I come off as an asshat. so apologies to any newer survivors) Its just easy to get nervous with new additions to an already great game