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  1. But it is on high. So I would get more harvestable plants..
  2. Winnsford


    Seeing the text but not the image is a bug. I've seen it before.
  3. I've seen that too. I never leave saplings. I know deer will eat new growth to the ground irl. Might be something added recently.
  4. Yep! All tinder goes into a container of some sort. And wood has to be sorted around the fireplace.
  5. Of the two trailers outside the Carter Dam the one closest to the Raven transition resets every time the cell loads. If I leave the area and return or enter/exit the dam it's reset. I don't have this issue with the trailer closest to the railroad bridge outside the dam.
  6. Please do at your earliest convenience. I understand more updates may be coming soon.
  7. Yep, 50 sticks placed in front of the fireplace. Gone
  8. Thanks. Couldn't find much info on it. Day 215 and I have black dots all over the lake on CH. Wolf? fire? wolf? fire?
  9. During the next aurora try the radios. I think you get a pleasant surprise.
  10. Yep, felt odd to me as well. Your numbers are similar to mine. As soon as I got to CH I harvested all the outdoor pallets at fishing camp before the permanent cold set in.
  11. Apologies if this has been discussed. I searched and only found comments without discussion. I would like to see old fires disappear over a period of time. For example 5 game days, or a week. If the fire is used again before this time it resets the clock. I have placed fires in strategic locations I use regularly. Day 185 on an interloper run I have about 10-12 fire “carcasses” on the lake at CH and many others scattered around the region. On the lake I usually walk to 3-4 of these before I locate a downed wolf.
  12. After losing a 65 day sandbox file to a crash causing corrupted game files I decide to keep a backup of my TLD game files. Yesterday it paid off. Deep into Episode 2 of Wintermute story mode the game crashed during a transition load screen and corrupted my game file. Restarted Wintermute and my only option was 'New' meaning my game file was corrupted and I would have to start over after many hours of gameplay. Fortunately I was keeping a copy of the game files. Reloaded the files and only lost a few hours of gameplay. Very frustrating but at least I didn't have to start over. I would highly recommend PS4 users making a backup of game files. Even after update 1.08 I'm still getting occasional crashes. The interval between backups is up to you. You can do this as often as you like but you have to close the game in order to create a backup. The question becomes how much playtime are you willing to lose. Everything after your last backup will be lost. To create a backup: Go to Settings then Application Saved Data Management. Select Saved Data in System Storage. Select Copy to USB Storage Device or Upload to Online Storage. Select The Long Dark from the list. Click Select All then Copy. Check the Apply to All box and click Yes You now have a copy of your TLD game files. If you lose your game files after a crash you will only have the 'New' option after selecting 'Wintermute' or 'Survival Mode'. Basically your game file corrupted on the last crash and couldn't be loaded. To reload your game files: Go to Settings then Application Saved Data Management. Select Saved Data on USB Storage or Saved Data on Online Storage. Select Copy to System Storage. Select The Long Dark. Choose Select All then then Copy. Check the Apply to All box. Click Yes. Restart the game and you should have your 'Resume' option.
  13. The bear was stuck on the ice. I was shooting one after another and it took five arrows. Guess I could have waited for it to bleed out after two or three.
  14. I know bears can be taken down with one arrow. I've done it from the porch on PV. It was a lucky shot that stunned me to say the least. I aimed for the head and let it go. I also know it takes about five arrows if you shoot it in the side. There was one that would get stuck on the ice on DP that was an easy takedown. There was a bug once that cancelled any damage you did to bears if you shot it and immediately jumped into a cabin. Haven't kept up with changes to know if this has been corrected.
  15. The fire she is sitting beside will go from 10 min to 4 hours. It's a perpetual fire that allows you to cook or boil water indefinitely .