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  1. It took years to get the moose....
  2. Would changing it from a steady 8 to a random 5-10 sound appropriate?
  3. If you go to the update section and read the comments for the hotfix that fixed the seems that THAT hotfix may also need a hotfix....and there has been no word on WTH that's coming to us... Apparently I double posted because I wanted to ask WHEN that might be occurring and I got crapped on for complaining about the situation.... War never changes....
  4. I don't like the arbitrary added numbers of designated cooking areas... So you can now cook ONE thing on a forge or the fire barrel in Forlorn Muskeg, or TWO things with a campfire? You should be able to place things closer together on the cooking surfaces to make better use of the hot surface, instead of sticking ONE thing in it's designated circle... Or maybe as your cooking/fire skill goes up you can apply up to six hot stones around your fire instead of just two? As your cooking skill goes up do things take less time to cook? I don't know....I'm a Taurus, I'm stubb
  5. Kerbal Space Program is another example of a buggy(ier?) game released by a small(er?) Indy development team. Their one saving grace though, is the ability to roll back their game version to multiple different stable releases via the Steam beta tab, and they don't force manadatory updating in order to launch their game via their .exe file. Is it possible for this game to adopt a similar functionality? This will give the devs time to hotfix and patch thier game until they get it right, while the rest of us have the option to play something "hopefully" stable and functional.....
  6. You should probably send them your output log from an unmodded and validated run of the game, since support took the easy out due to your screen shot....
  7. Thrasador

    Is This New?

    I thought the sign was a picture of the sign for the "new" tower.... So the old missing tower has it's own sign too? I don't remember the "new" tower's sign being very colorful. I remember it being some gray sad looking thing.... I never saw the old tower's sign, because I believe I went up that mountain not from the beginning of the path. I went from one mountain to the other rather directly and The intended paths in this game are windy and long....they waste calories and time. I risk my ankles doing things improperly....
  8. I don't even play Interloper, but I have enough sense to this idea really sucks on an Interloper start with only forged tools.... So you if start here you basically should just find a way out as soon as possible, because you won't be able to properly explore some of the map anyway..... Once you do get all the way to a map where you CAN forge an axe, would you even bother going back to HRV to explore? Probably not, the map is a death trap really.... Interloper is hard enough without trying to live on a map that only has caves and snow shelters....for shelters
  9. Thrasador

    Is This New?

    I couldn't remember's been a while. I didn't even know there was anything up there at all for the longest time... I started playing just after they tore down the old tower and built the new one. I always assumed the new tower must have been where the old one was.... I assumed they revised it or something... I didn't realize the "new" tower.....the only tower I ever visited, was on a completely different mountain top, and that there was anything else to see. I didn't know there was a second mountain to get to the top of.... I mean I guess they aern't re
  10. Thrasador

    Is This New?

    At least you probably found a dead guy, a bit of wood, a bit of food, and a really big box with potentially cool stuff in it as a consolation prize!
  11. I'm here to vote as pro-modding! I like the game, but I want to play it the way I want to play it.... The way I want to play it is I hoard everything not nailed down and take it with I do in every other game I play.... I can't do that in this game, so it makes me upset. It drives me crazy. I quit playing because of it. I don't care that it's not realistic, I don't care that it defeats the purpose of it being a survival game, I don't care if it makes it "too easy," or breaks immersion....or whatever the 80 other reasons are that I am not supposed to hoard everythi
  12. Thrasador

    Is This New?

    I want to say it's "new-ish." I believe there was some type of sign there, but I don't remember it being that bright and colorful...
  13. The title pretty much says it all. I think the new scrub brush blocking your path idea is a pretty cool/interesting addition, and yes I am aware in some instances you can try to climb the walls to get up and over it.... But for Interloper starts in Hushed River Valley, with no axe, and no way to forge an least not anywhere even remotely near by (maybe you could put a forge in the Farm House in Milton), it would be nice if the scrub brushes could be set ablaze. Not with just matches or a magnifying glass or anything silly, but with a flare or a torch from a fire.....somethi
  14. That they nerfed it? I started playing the game pretty late, read about beach combing and was like....oh that sounds cool.... But all I ever seem to find is dead fish, and new stuff does not seem to show up very regularly....or at all...