Is fishing broken ?


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I'm not sure about IL, but on my Stalker I've also noticed that it became a lot more difficult to catch fish without the shinies.
In my first attempt i fished for 3 hours without catching a thing, so gave up and made some lures/tipups.
Later, i was more lucky, but still takes longer to catch something, than it was before the update, especially with an empty hook.
Also, the tipups do not raise the fishing skill, so I still try to fish manually for that reason, to level it up and have better catch.
Also, I found, that it is more likely to catch something, if I set it for more hours (, even if I cancel it earlier), than 1 hour sessions.
So maybe it is just a combination of unlucky RND + the higher difficulty of IL.
If it persists though, it is more certainly a bug...

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As a test in the custom menu and by pushing the fishing probability to "very high," I can verify that the rate of catch seems to have been slowed a little bit when fishing with a hook (based on rates noted from previous tests of the same settings in runs before the update).  This is to be expected that they would have balanced the increase in opportunities to fish (that is, we can fish in more places in the world) with an overall decrease in the probability of catching fish.  They would also want to encourage the use of the new lures and tip ups by having those devices be more likely to catch fish overall.

I doubt it's a bug, but they may want to look at tweaking the rates back up a bit (at least on the lower settings).

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By IL you mean interloper? I never fish on interloper until level 2 (by reading) since the time several years ago I fished for 24 hours straight on level 1 and didn’t catch anything. So things may have changed, but the numbers you cited don’t seem out of line to me. 

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Interesting. About a week or so ago, I did my first fishing ever since the introduction of the new mechanics. With a bare hook I caught so incredibly many fish within the first two hours, I was sure that was a bug. Spawn rate set to "High" I believe and Level 2 skill at most.


So I guess I found where all of you guys' fish went.

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Rate of catching fish from an ice hole out on the ice as opposed to the ice hole in an ice fishing hut definitely feels slower but not radically so (I am in vanilla Pilgrim).  Using a lure seems to slow the rate a bit more but the possibility of one of the new fish types seems higher.  I have found that one hour sessions might get me one fish and no fish is not that surprising.  Since I can I tend to settle on six hour sessions (on the ice or in an ice fishing hut) and got careless recently and barely escaped with my life when I got hypothermia and 90% condition loss in bad weather.  Haven't had to use a Stim in a long time.  

With the exception of whitefish the use of bait does not seem to help with weight of fish caught.  

As a side note I was a bit disappointed to find that the amount of lamp oil was fixed for each fish type regardless of the fish weight.  Means if I want lamp oil I hope for smaller versions of the fish as the greater weight means longer cooking time but no more lamp oil.  

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I am not sure about the odds for catching fish after the update. I had barren runs before, too. The one thing important for me is, that it seems to make no difference if I am using bait or just the hook. This is a major design flaw, from my point of view. Taking the extra effort to create bait should reward the player with something.

Oh, and it took me ages to find the crafting menu for the plain hook after the update. That was not nice.

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