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  1. At least sometimes the game silently recovers those arrows for you when you harvest a carcass. I've verified this by checking the number of arrows I have in my inventory before and after I harvest. It seems like a strange feature to me (there should be some notice that you've recovered the arrow). I would guess that when it doesn't happen it's a bug. I haven't tracked it carefully enough to quantify the percentage of time the arrow gets recovered without any message.
  2. I had played for many hours and had a 300+ day survivor before I realized you could cook at fireplaces. Sure made staying at the mountaineer’s hut a different experience.
  3. I haven't been to BI on interloper, but I spent some time there with just a bow recently on Voyager in preparation for visiting on interloper (once my current interloper run gets to archery 5). In my experience it's pretty easy to keep the T-wolves suppressed with a bow if you have archery 5. I can think of a few reasons to go there: 1) The cannery workers' residence is actually a very nice place to hang out. It has an indoor fireplace, is wolf-free (in my experience), close to beach combing, has a very accessible fishing spot, and has a very easy-to-kill bear. It's also close to the six-burner stove at the ruined lighthouse. 2) You can repair tools using the milling machine during auroras. So if you run out of whetstones, you can still repair your improvised knife or hatchet indefinitely. 3) There is a convenient moose spawn location near the washed-out trailers.
  4. Reporting bugs and things that are broken are obviously important, but I think constructive suggestions about improving things are just as important, especially if they are, as you say, making a player's experiences miserable. (Even if they work as intended.) Submitting a ticket helps the devs track user requests. (I hope so, anyway! 😂) I have a long list of things I think need to be improved in the interface (many mentioned here in various threads, some not) that I plan to submit at some point, and maybe as a thread here. For example, when crafting, the interface should never default to a tool that is not in the player's inventory. (It should show those tools, because that teaches the player about what is possible, but an unavailable tool should never be the default.) It drives me crazy when I play on interloper and the crafting interface defaults to a tool (like the hunting knife) that I can't possibly have.
  5. And of course even better than complaining about it here is putting in a support ticket.
  6. I think people in this situation usually pull torches from the fire until the remaining time is under 10 minutes. Obv. this is a workaround and not a substitute for the ability to extinguish fires.
  7. I think that’s still too punitive. Here’s what I would suggest. Once the survivor has CF the player can still sleep and pass time indoors, but The survivor does not regain condition while sleeping inside. Over time, sleeping inside becomes less effective at restoring fatigue, requiring more and more sleep to fill the fatigue bar, until eventually it doesn’t restore fatigue at all.
  8. That's the whole point. There are zero game-play consequences for the survivor from disallowing pass time indoors while subject to cabin fever; the only consequences are to the human player. That's what makes it purely punitive. Passing time is strictly a convenience mechanism for the player; it has no effect on the survivor. Why doesn't the game disallow speeding up time while cooking indoors while the survivor has cabin fever? That makes just as much sense as disallowing passing time.
  9. I guess I don’t understand. The “specific instances” you mentioned were multiple kills and going inside before harvesting leading to no or reduced feathers. I certainly don’t experience “no feathers come from normal play” in interloper. Like I said, I‘ve found 60+ feathers in my current interloper run.
  10. This. I have a run where I'm going for skilled survivor, and of course mending is the slowest to advance by far. In fact, since the recent update I decided to add Faithful Cartographer to the goal, and despite already being skill level 4 in mending when I made that decision, it's clear I'll finish FC long before I reach skill 5 in mending. It's ridiculous.
  11. Yes, I dunno. On my current interloper run (started in April) I've crafted about 18 arrows, so I've found plenty of feathers. Certainly not all from pre-existing carcasses. Like I said, I haven't noticed anything about the specific instances you mentioned. I'll keep an eye out.
  12. That is interesting. I also haven't noticed anything funny about feathers, but I haven't investigated under the specific circumstances described. I'll keep an eye out. But also, random numbers are weird, people have faulty memories, and confirmation bias is real. Since we can't see into the black box, it's hard to know what's happening. Having a specific repeatable case like "go inside" -> "always no feathers" is a good thing. For example, in my current interloper run, I've fished for about 20 hours (in several sessions over the course of three days) and have caught literally zero fish, and have broken zero fishing tackles. Based on my understanding of the fishing mechanism, that shouldn't happen. So is there some circumstance under which fishing is bugged? Or was I just unlucky? It's hard to know.
  13. Yes, I run into this too, especially if I've done a lot of crafting/harvesting/cooking. Mostly I don't let it bother me; It's part of the game. But ... 1) Sharpening tools and cleaning guns can be done in the dark. So I usually only do those activities after dark. Harvesting curtains or breaking down crates without tools are also good after-dark activities. 2) Fishing can be a good dusk-to-after-dark activity, especially at ML or at the Bleak Inlet worker's quarters, where it's easy to get back home after dark. 3) Get more comfortable being outside at night. It's often surprisingly well-lit, and not that cold. I watched a couple of @jeffpeng videos and I was very impressed by how much he was able to get done outside at night. This is of course easier to do at locations without predators like the ravine or Marsh Ridge, but at the camp office or trappers or the dam you can go out at night and collect wood quite safely.
  14. I think you have to deploy it. Also, there’s no rope climb in the cave to FM.
  15. You don't say exactly where you are, but I gather you're in the workshop and the wolves are on the ice below? Do you know that you can get from the workshop back to the main level without going down to the ice first? (There may be other ways, but I usually go into the building next to the workshop, cross on the green piece of machinery that spans the gap, then jump down to the main level.) That's what I'd do, then head out to the front gate, turn right and go through the fence out onto the ice (if no wolves), then over the ice to the workers quarters. The route from there up the right side of the river to the little cabin is generally wolf-free. From the cabin you can climb the rope and then head up the valley to the ravine. If you don't want to go that route, you can cross the road and veer a little left, over toward the washed-out trailers. From there you can continue mostly straight across the delta to the cave to FM. This way is probably wolfier than the other way, though. Will probably require some crouch-walking, but should be okay.