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  1. As noted above, there are many different dimensions along which a given location might count as indoors or outdoors. Cabin fever and curing hides are just two such dimensions. One that hasn't been mentioned is whether you can start a campfire or not. For example, transition caves are indoors for most things, but count as outdoors for campfires (you can start a campfire there), while mines count as indoors for campfires (can't start a campfire in a mine). And you can start a campfire in some locations that seem like they should be indoors, like the break room in BI, though that may be a bu
  2. You can read and repair and stay warm in the lookout towers, so long as the weather isn’t too bad, without any additional light source.
  3. Got an email from Hinterland support that this would be fixed in a future patch.
  4. It's not really clear what you're asking. Most players tend to be pretty mobile early on in interloper runs, due to the dearth of resources and the desirability of forging sooner rather than later. I tend to gravitate toward PV or ML early, because those regions generally have plenty of indoor shelter and good loot. If I find a hacksaw and bedroll I'll head up to the summit of TWM. OTOH if I find a heavy hammer, I'll head over to Spence's in FM to forge.
  5. One thing I’ve noticed is that while the stats page of the journal seems to show the correct number of days survived, the first page of the journal makes it look like everything is happening on day 1. So it seems that the game tracks time in at least two different ways, one based on elapsed time and one as a counter that increments at a certain time each day, like dawn. (This is my guess.) In endless night it’s always midnight, so maybe this second counter isn’t getting incremented, and if that’s what’s used by the CF calculation….
  6. Just to follow up one more time, something is definitely bugged with CF in my endless night run. After spending a few minutes in the hut, I progressed to CF. The cure listed in the status page was don't sleep indoors for 24 hours. So I didn't, and after 24 hours of not being indoors, I immediately caught CF a second time. Then, after another 24 hours outdoors, I immediately caught CF a third time. So somehow, the CF risk is not declining at all, and I seem to be in a perpetual state of CF. Each time I'm "cured" of CF, I immediately catch it again. Fortunately, it's not too bad. Becau
  7. I don't know exactly how CF is calculated, but it's not just a sliding window. I've had instances where I slept indoors and my CF risk went down overnight. That wouldn't be possible with just a sliding window. Anyway, this is different. I've now spent another day entirely outdoors. Enough time to shoot and harvest a moose, and sleep outside for about six hours. In that time I only went indoors long enough to drop off the hide and some guts. And now my CF risk has gone up to 97%. Usually, the CF risk slowly declines as you spend time outdoors, but here it's not dropping at all. Maybe it wi
  8. On day 66 of my Voyageur + Endless Night run, and I think I've run across a bug. After a three-hour crafting session at the mountaineer's hut in TWM, I developed about 20% cabin fever risk. Soon after, I carelessly ate some raw fish and got food poisoning, so I ended up sleeping 10 hours in the hut right after the crafting session, which gave me 96% cabin fever risk. The problem is that it doesn't seem to be going away. Since then, I spent more than 24 hours outdoors (estimated), mostly in the fishing hut (enough time to burn 3 cedar logs and 6 fir logs in the stove, in addition to about
  9. Yep, it’s very different from the base game, strategically and psychologically. It took me a few in-game weeks before I stopped looking at the sundial or thinking “Maybe I should come back and finish this in the morning when there’s more light”. Nope! l’m very curious to see Jeff’s plan for transitioning to a self-sustaining existence. Very impressive so far!
  10. I'm on about day 55 of my Voyager + Endless Night run, and I still find it very interesting. It feels much more precarious to me than straight interloper at day 55. It's very easy to get lost if you're out and it just starts snowing. Also, hunting is very hard, and there are no crows (except during auroras), so good luck finding carcasses. You can read and craft outside at night if the weather is good enough. If it's snowing hard enough you'll still get that "It's too dark to read" message.
  11. Rifle shots scare wildlife so they scatter whether you hit or miss. Missed bow shots that fly over the target don’t startle the animal, giving you a second shot. Critical hits also don’t alarm the animals, making it possible to kill multiple deer in the same location in rapid succession, especially after you’ve reached archery 5 and can fire while crouching.
  12. I dunno, I play on a laptop.
  13. The wiki says that harvesting already works by time spent harvesting (one hour = 1 point) so it doesn't matter what size pieces you harvest for this purpose. (What does matter, if you care, is type of tool, or no tool, because those affect the time to harvest.) For cooking, I suspect the system is the way it is because cooking applies to teas as well as meat, so they went with a simple "1 cooked item" = 1 point system. I don't really see any reason to change it (or to limit the number of points gained in a day). If players want to exploit it, they can; that mostly seems tedious to me.
  14. Along the bottom of the crafting menu are a series of icons that allow you to filter that menu. If the ammo bench icon is selected, then you'll only see those recipes.