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  1. Tinder makes great bread crumbs, trail markers, carcass markers, etc. The fact that it’s easily craftable from common items and has no other use makes it perfect for this.
  2. While I mostly agree, the distinction isn’t always clear. Consider lighting a torch from a fire. That’s both. (I think that’s the only interaction like that right now, but that could change.)
  3. Since the update, it seems like carcasses are a lot more prone to disappear into the snow if the animal dies on a slope. I just had it happen to me twice in five minutes. I've attached a screenshot showing an antler sticking out and my footprints from my failed attempts to locate the carcass. This isn't the first time, more like the third or fourth since the latest updates. Anyone else feel like they're seeing this? UPDATE: I went back to my base, slept one hour to trigger a save, quit and reloaded, and now both carcasses are visible.
  4. I've noticed that saves are much slower since the recent updates. My mac beachballs for a couple seconds at every save, which it never did before.
  5. I agree it was too easy, I'm just surprised at how much it's changed. I've literally gone from over 90% hit rate to less than 10% hit rate.
  6. Is it just me, or has it gotten much harder to hit rabbits with stones since the latest update(s)? I just spent ten minutes trying to hit a rabbit with a stone in HRV, missing nine or ten times in a row. In fact I think I actually did hit it once (stone bounced close to rabbit and stopped, rabbit ran off). It seems to me like the hit radius is much smaller than before (when it was almost ridiculously easy to hit a rabbit), so small that I'm not sure it isn't bugged.
  7. I found a bunch of arrows in a box on the porch at the camp office in ML, and reached the same conclusion. There were also a bunch of stones in the box. I’m thinking these were stones I threw at rabbits and never picked up.
  8. I’m seeing the same thing in Steam/Mac, but I think it’s only been since 4DON started. BTW, it’s only a time-of-day bug; time isn’t really passing. I saved while cooking in late afternoon and when I resumed it was predawn but my fires were still burning and my fish were still cooking.