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  1. Eh? At harvesting 5 it's 6 min/kg with the improvised knife, so you can harvest the meat from a 40 kg bear in 4 hours. 28 more minutes for the hide (and more for the guts, of course, if you need them). Hardly impossible. For me, quartering is situational. I'm more likely to do it early in the game or when the carcass is near a cave or other location where I can take advantage of the indoor temps while harvesting the sacks you get from quartering.
  2. He's a tad obsessed with the idea that people who discuss long interloper runs here are actually manipulating the game behind the scenes by modding it or editing save files, or whatever. (See, for example, this thread.) It doesn't read as sarcasm to me, but YMMV.
  3. In my experience, once you have a clothing bonus of +22ºC or so, a regular bedroll is sufficient to sleep through the night in the back of any cave under any conditions in interloper.
  4. The bearskin coat is much more useful than the bedroll, in my opinion, so I would craft that. My suggestion would be to go to Milton and spend 30 days there. I like to use the Paradise Meadows farmhouse as a base. The nice thing about Milton is that it has a good mix of terrain, with the park/gas station being different than the town which is totally different than the basin. From the basin you can venture down to Marsh Ridge and from there to the rest of FM, which is nice as well. After Milton, head on over to HRV and spend another 30 days there. Just leave some crafting supplies in
  5. I think it depends a lot on the settings. In my current interloper run, I'm actually ahead in mending compared to fishing, and it's not because I've neglected fishing. Even at level 4 fishing, the catch rate is well under one fish per hour.
  6. Like @Serenity I find the arrows to be useful in fog/bad weather. I like to use them at fishing huts to point the way straight to my destination, so I always start in the right direction when the weather is bad. I also use them to mark places that I need to make a turn, like the turn toward draft dodger's cabin on the route down from burned ridge cave. Not needed in good weather, but can be life-saving in a blizzard. I also use the 'X' to mark dead ends that I've already searched in caves/mines. Sometimes I'll mark a large cache of meat from a bear or a moose if it's off the beaten t
  7. If your condition is good pre-stomp, you won't die. I had an interloper run with an evening start in TWM where I got lost trying to evade wolves and find the climber's hut and ended up getting stomped by the moose that spawns near there. It didn't kill me, so I decided to see how many stomping I could take. Died on the fourth stomping.
  8. I like the regions that have sub-regions that seem to feel distinct to me and give me a sense that I can get different experiences by moving around the region. So my least favorite regions are probably Desolation Point and Coastal Highway. Both of these regions seem pretty monochromatic to me; I never have the feeling that I'm going anywhere. Of course, DP is small, and what little area there is is dominated by the ice (unless you like walking along the road 😂). Coastal Highway has the same problem from my point of view, even though it's considerably larger. Too much ice, and if you head
  9. This is exactly why I've never attempted to do this. With regards to the original suggestion, I think that having some indication that we've visited a cairn would be nice too. What I would like to see is the ability to add a stone to the top of the cairn. Alternatively, being able to use a piece of charcoal to mark the cairn would work. But I like the idea of having our survivor be able to interact with the cairn in some way to create the marking/indicator.
  10. I wish the list of cairns were sorted by region in the journal, so I would know when I’ve found all the cairns in a given region.
  11. Maybe it's setting dependent. I see that message a lot when trying to keep a fire going in the wind.