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  1. Congrats on your progress. Lots of good advice here from players who are way more experienced than me, but I did want to add a couple things. First, you don’t really need to know about the guaranteed spawn locations to be successful. I certainly don’t and I do fine. Second, general map knowledge is vey important. You don’t have time to wander around outside. So I would recommend exploring MT on Voyageur before going there on Interloper. Lastly, are you looting interiors without a light source? That’s a good way to miss lots of matches and other key gear, which tend to be outside containers on Interloper.
  2. I got a response to my report that said they are working on this. As a work around, you can switch crafting tabs and item, then go back to the original item. I did this (crafting a wolf coat now) and it worked.
  3. No. That’s the time remaining.
  4. I can't seem to set time limits for crafting; I don't see the option at all. This is the steam version on a Mac. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or missing something? Anyone else seeing this? I can craft, but not set a limit for how long. Screenshot below.
  5. Don't carry scented items if you don't want wolves to track you. Crouching is your friend if you're trying to avoid wolves.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that you can climb on the bed and then the table in Pensive Lookout? Too bad you can't jump, or else you could jump up and down on the bed. 😂 Nice view, if it's clear. (Yes, I reported this.)
  7. I don't want a sled to drag things, but a toboggan ... all those hills and valleys, perfect for sledding. Also a hockey stick. Not for use against wildlife, but there are all those stones lying around, and all those ice fishing huts with open doors in ML and CH ...
  8. Dr. S.


    I too find this very frustrating, especially early in a run, when you may not have a light source or want to burn a match to get yourself unstuck. Even if I can't see, I should know if I'm staring at the floor or ceiling! Less annoying but still sometimes surprising is when I find I've walked up a steep slope without realizing it because the camera was tilted up. One way to handle this would be to add an attitude indicator to the "Quick Stats" screen. It could be as simple as an arrow that gets longer when the camera is pointed straight up and smaller when the camera is near horizontal. (And points down when the camera is pointing down, obv.) That would allow the player to orient the camera even in the dark. Other things I'd like to see on the quick stats screen: how much weight I'm carrying and my current limit, and the "feels like" temperature. These are accessible via other screens, but it would be very nice to have a way to quickly glance at them.
  9. 1.71 notes also said But that doesn't seem to have completely succeeded either.
  10. My trophy very kindly mounted itself to the, er, tree.
  11. My longest run is 317 days on Voyageur. Died when I got careless and got stuck in terrain. I was exploring near the camp office in ML, looking for a way up to the shelf behind the office without using the rope by the lake cabins. I was going down a boulder too recklessly and when I jumped off I got stuck on a very steep slope between the boulder and a tree and couldn't get out. Doh!
  12. When you fall through the ice you take a condition hit + you're immediately freezing (if you weren't already!) + you have wet clothes. It's not fun but it's generally survivable if you're not in too bad of shape otherwise. I fell through on my last trip to FM and it was ok.
  13. Dr. S.

    In-world markers

    I use tinder plugs for this. You can drop one for a quick marker or arrange them to form a V or an arrow if you want something more sophisticated.
  14. One other thing. Do you actually have a sewing kit on you? The new interface defaults to a tool that you don't necessarily have in your inventory, with no indication, other than the missing craft button. For example, I'm crafting a bow in interloper, and it always defaults to a knife, even though I don't have one.
  15. If you play with headphones or earbuds the directionality of the sounds becomes much more apparent. I actually find it annoying in some cases, for example by waterfalls, where small changes in direction lead to large changes in the sounds. So there’s definitely room for improvement.