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  1. Apart from the technical limitations, forest fires in the depth of winters aren't really a thing in Canada though, are they? That would surprise me, quite honestly. And that is with millions of people traversing these forests by various means including combustion engines, smoking cigarettes there, lighting open fires etc. In TLD, with the absence of thunderstorms, the only source of a forest fire could be you, and what do you do in the game that could cause one in several feet of snow? Burn down a building, sure, faulty wires charged by an aurora could do that, but that growing into a massive blaze... it just seems like a very long shot anyway.
  2. Poorly indeed, as I highly doubt that two layers of wool would make a significant difference when we're talking about a noise as loud as a gunshot. This could easily be ignored because a gunshot is hella loud, man. A good ring in the ears should always accompany them in TLD, I think. Just think about how hard they went on the sound effects with the headaches. Come to think of it, firing a gun indoors maybe should have a chance of giving you a headache.
  3. I think the OPs idea is that the scent would stick to your clothing as the bits of flesh and blood stains would, meaning the clothing items themselves would smell and thus so would you even when not carrying stinky items. I totally agree it's a blunt, "make things a little more annoying" kind of idea but I love it. It's frustratingly realistic which is exactly the experience I hope to have a little more of in TLD. I've stated before that I think the smell-o-meter function is woefully underutilized in the game.
  4. Maybe the ingame smelliness meter for the character could be expanded to give an indication on the state of goods that are in questionable condition. Certainly a can of peaches that has had something happen to it would smell pretty suspicious upon opening.
  5. I experienced the "audio form" with the stuttering wind sounds as well, especially after performing time-accelerated activities, but some recent update seems to have fixed it for me. But yeah, wind can be somewhat performance-heavy.
  6. To me it looked like it might have bled to death right there until the game engine reconsidered for some reason. Either way, that's funky stuff.
  7. I have found very much the opposite to be true. I've gotten lucky once or twice with wolves that were previously unaware of me running off after firing the revolver but wolves that are already aware of me will never run unless I hit them. And I'm playing a custom game with wolf fear set high. So I'm not sure, maybe the whole wolf fear behaviour does have a few little issues.
  8. It doesn't do as good a job scaring wolves off as I had hoped, they rarely run from just the gunshot itself if you don't hit them, so beware. Rabbit hunting is easy as all hell with it. Just set up so one is running right at you, aim in front of it, let it run into your shot and explode it. I've also found some surprising success on deer, bringing one down in two hits to the neck area. Because of their size and the fact you can shoot the handgun while crouching, they're fairly easy to hit and will bleed out eventually. Since revolver ammo is much more plentiful than rifle cartridges, if you have the patience this is a really effective way to hunt deer. Unless you'd rather save your ammo for defensive purposes.
  9. I made a somewhat similar point a couple days ago in a topic about the sprains. I also think the pain affliction should be utilized much more, accompany not only other injuries but also some afflictions - do any of you guys know what a food poisoning feels like? It's painful. And I also agree that pain should be able to stack, e.g. intensify and that the whole painkiller situation needs to be addressed to allow for varying degrees of pain and pain suppression.
  10. I've also had a bear doing some weird stuff when I entered and exited an interior a couple of times with the bear fairly nearby. It looked stuck a few times, at least once its position abrubtly jumped by a few meters. I chalked this up to the game having to decide whether to keep the spawn radius as I exit an interiour or actually simulate the bear outside while I'm in for a few seconds but maybe it's related. I haven't noticed this ever before.
  11. Not exactly a jump "scare" but a very unexpected "DEAR SWEET JESUS"-moment was when I set out to get rid of the bear that was pestering me at the Coastal Townsite, so I set up behind one of the houses there while it was roaming around and smacked a .303 right in its face. I had what I thought to be a great escape plan, since I'm convinced the bear will surely try to take the shortest route immediately available to where it's seen me last when it comes to retaliate: And then I got bamboozled: Just as I turn the corner, sure to have the bear chasing me around the house right now it pops up around the other corner and I run into it at full sprint and get wiped the hell out. After a mauling a few days earlier with only low condition regain during rest this guy mashed me within an inch of my life right there and I almost threw my mouse across the room when it jumped around the corner. At least he bled out eventually but I still decided it was time to move on to another region...
  12. So, wait, what? I'm confused. Was it glitching or sleeping? Don't recall ever fucking with a sleeping bear so I can't remember what those look like.
  13. Never thought about it, but I like this idea. A 10% chance might be a little high but I think making firearms a little dangerous to the player themselves if not handled properly would be a nice touch about them. Same goes for squib loads.
  14. They do seem clearer and more persistent to me also, I've had some real good fun tracking deer recently that had run off staggering distances. I couldn't precisely put my finger on it, but something seems to have been done to make the trails and prints easier to follow. And after experiencing some real bummers in that regard I welcome this very much.
  15. So while we're on the topic, is there any reason as to why they don't bleed out? This seems rather "nintendo hard" to me and fairly unrealistic.