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  1. Hi, I have the same feelings. Interloper mode is matching my actual game understanding and skill level (as far as I can tell). But the lack of matches in the beginning is driving me crazy. I do not want to check offline maps with guaranteed spawning points. For now the only way is to stick to civilized areas with toilets to get water from. But maybe this is the sensible way in a survival situation too. My current run at 120 days is getting a bit boring, as I am quite set up and getting food and water is no longer a problem. I think, I will have to start over. By the way, I do lo
  2. Yes, I was surprised by that change too. Did like the former functionality... There even is a strange behaviour now. If You drop a prepared beverage next to a fire, it needs around 6 min to get warm. If You touch and move the cup, the time increases to 15 min or so.
  3. It looks more like an intended feature: GENERAL FIXES [Gameplay] Fixed an issue where liquids would not become “Burnt Dry”, when being cooked for too long.
  4. Just make sure, You seek the last fire in TWM. I finished my run in HRV - and was almost devastated ... It worked out in the end but it was close. I do think, it is a good idea to take a rope with You, when possible. The missing rope in the Ravine ended my first run.
  5. Hi, just checked it out. The way up is climbable. You have to aim a bit low to get the "climb" sign for the first rock face (Image1). The second climbing spot is easier to access. If that fails, You can go around the first climb a bit to the left of it (image2). And check out the cave a bit more along the mountain side (image3). There is some loot but not the stim, You can find there in survival mode.
  6. To the saving topic: As the game does not save "on exit", I am quite glad about the set save points on sleeping and entering separate locations. It took me quite a while to figure out, why the heck I lost another half-day or so from the previous game, I played.
  7. Imagine this together with 1 or 2 cans of beer, only to be found on TWM summit in the lower deck of the crashed plane...
  8. Ha ha, I did shoot some doors. Not much to harvest, though. And I do like the way it is with one action button. We have to be careful, it is a harsh world we live in. Maybe an option to set up the keys if You want separate keys/buttons would satisfy all.
  9. It would be good to see the hunger/thirst meters before starting to eat and in the inventory. While starting a fire, the exact numbers of matches and tinder left would also be great. Reading in 0.5 hour increments would also help in the beginning of our journey. Another improvement would be to count the actual reading time spent before a break - be it manual or because of night or bad state.
  10. I do think it is just the design decision to separate those buildings from the scenery, where the inside is larger than their map representation. A view would be possible but could lead to perspective anomalies. I would love the feature, though.
  11. Yes, You just have to be a bit more careful around the predators. Great that You continued despite Your first frustration.
  12. So let's wait for the new chapter. It will be great, I am sure.
  13. Yes, therefore a harder environment setting would be nice to choose from.
  14. I would like a harder difficulty option for the story mode. In my last playthrough on the hardest settings, things went way too smooth with all the sandbox experience I have now.
  15. Oh and on another trip, canoeing this time in Sweden, I was paddling barefoot in an aluminium canoe. Summer was hot this year. The lake was very long and the banks were so steep and rocky, it was impossible to go ashore. Then thick thunderclouds grew around the distant mountains, the sky turned dark purple and lightning started to strike. I checked the shorline, looked down on my bare feet, the water around and back up to the ever darker clouds - and I started my new life as Popeye. Hitting the water hard, I fought my way along the lake toward the end, where I knew it was possible to land. S