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  1. Once again. I do think, it is just about priorities. And we here are last, it seems.
  2. It is good to write things down, especially to note the date, when bear and moose hides will be cured. Or how many coal and scrap metal pieces are still left at the forge.
  3. 1 and 4 for me. I did not like the bear cave either. It is unnerving with no option to save. EP 3 starts interesting but bringing the survivors in is quite a chore with the TW packs and the slow carrying.
  4. Ha ha, the dam feelings were the same for me. And it took me a while to walk along the rim towards the other side. My best memories are the ones referring to the mead diet (... I lost three days once...). It took me so long to understand the save mechanics in survival, that I made several trips from ML to FM, wondering about if I had not taken the walk yesterday already.
  5. It is not so easy, unfortunately. Once You got the rhythm for handling things on interloper, as torch lighting to continue a fire and scaring off wolfs or using the teas for Your advantage, things are getting easy very soon.
  6. Interloper for me. But it starts getting annoying with the ample health regen during sleep and the cooking level 5 bonuses. I tried Deadman a couple of times but I am not good enough at the moment to have much fun.
  7. I am at the achievements now, in particular cartographer as my current task. It is a challenge but it feels artificial still. The "max out all Your skills" will be a bit hard on loper as I am not sure, how many gun books are around.
  8. You can do very easy on loper without the additional risks to go to BR, HRV or BI. That is sad, as for me there is no motivation to go to BI or BR. BI has severe weather too. As said before, I can live through more days on loper after day 100 or 500, but it makes no sense. There is no new challenge at the moment.
  9. Yes, going a bit more slow and planning ahead - even when and how much You eat/drink - helps a lot. It is also good to play safe, whenever possible. Carry a lit torch, have coal with You, travel only during the warmer hours - those things.
  10. I do agree with the wish for more long term goals or incentives to visit the remote regions. Ash Canyon is a loper-tourist hot spot only for the crampons and backpack. For ease of life, the Quonset garage with a regular cabin-fever-trip to a fishing hut is keeping me alive quite well. I just started to do the Steam achievements in my loper run, that keeps me occupied for now. But I would love a reason to risk a trip to Bleak Inlet (maybe limit beachcombing to this location or make the crampons repairable in the cannery?) or Hushed River (place most of the maple and birch trees here?) an
  11. I had some issues with lost cursor focus too, using the Steam version. Re-loading helped. For me it was a bear carcass, I was not able to harvest after starting a fire.
  12. Hi Serenity, it would be one of my wishes for TLD as it is now to just randomize all the loot without loot tables and maybe extend or randomize the wolf/bear paths too. It is somtimes too easy to avoid or anticipate the dangers out there.
  13. Or we could build a can tower and open a stone-throwing booth. I would charge 10 cattails for 6 stones to throw, 5 cattails, if the stones are provided.