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  1. If the "Ledge" text is flickering, try to click it multiple times until You hit it in its active state.
  2. Hi, thank You for showing the images. I did start the game with a version, that already had the current design. For me the paper book design is way superior to the current status screens. If in any way possible, I would appreciate the option to activate it.
  3. I am waiting too - and I am laughing about Raphael's tweet "We really need the equivalent of "no TV until you've finished your homework" ". Not for billionaires, but for game devs, that are not able to write a weekly Milton Mailbox entry but post on Twitter several times a day. At the same time tweeting "I should work and playtest stuff but ...". Don't get me wrong, I do love the game and appreciate the fun, I got out of playing it. But I would really love to see the next episodes released.
  4. If You have no other smelly stuff with You, You can hit the "3" key to drop the rabbits without using the inventory screen.
  5. Torches are really helpful. They give You a 3 degree temperature bonus and hold wolfs at bay. Just do not step into their range, if they have stopped and are snarling at You.
  6. Hi, please check the version of Your game. This bug should have been fixed with 1.94 (76129) [Nomad] Fixed an issue that caused the Nomad Challenge to only track half the time spent at a location.
  7. If You are walking in fog, Your vision is more clear at the edges of Your sight than in the center. This peripheral vision is sometimes quite useful.
  8. If a wolf is chasing You, don't hide inside Your snow shelter - it will not work.
  9. I usually put the bottles in the medicine lockers to create some stashes for dire need. But for carrying along it is OMB only.
  10. That was new to me. Maybe removing this limit would be a good option. Thus the difficulties would still rise, forcing You to go for a double bear coat and ending every run eventually, despite getting it.
  11. I just found out that the moose satchel is not guaranteed there on interloper. Oh my, now I have to go back and find a real moose.
  12. I do think it is a case of mediocre design. I was annoyed by deer running over thin ice in FM, where my - half starved - Will broke into the ice. The hoof/weight ratio of a deer should be worse than that of Will. For the killed bear, I do feel with You. What a shame with the wasted meat and resources.
  13. Don't forget You have multiple moose spawn sites per region. So even if the moose is back, it is not necessarily where You wait for it.
  14. I visited HRV for real first during Darkwalker. Trying to end the journey there as my last fire ūüėČ Then I was there twice to get the moose hide bag at the mysterious signal fire. I am not comfortable around it but found my way out all the times, so far. The wolfs can make life hard, at least they did for me.