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This is meant to simply be informative... but there are entire portions of the Journal function dedicated to what you're talking about...
The following is an excerpt from the wiki:


[text removed for brevity]

Survival mode

In Survival mode, the Journal is divided into five subsections which can be selected by clicking on the corresponding icon on the left of the screen: Logs, Skills, Collections, General Notes and Stats.

[text removed for brevity]

'General Notes' gives you a notepad to type any notes you want to make whilst playing..."

Also, each individual day on the calendar also has the option for making notes for each particular day (in addition to the more prominent general notes section).


Highlighted where both options can be found.


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On 9/28/2020 at 1:55 PM, odizzido said:

What might be cool is if the notebook were an actual book you could open up while still seeing the world around you. I know it's much higher effort, but it sounds neat.

It used to be, years ago.  I don't remember exactly when it changed to its current UI but it used to look like an actual book.  I had a screenshot at one point but can't seem to find it right now.

Edit: Looking at the change log I think it may have been added in the Timberwolf Mountain update, version 0.298, back in December 2015.

Edit 2: Found it!  (I blurred out my crappy writing.  I was in a hurry since the game was passing in real-time as I wrote it so it was packed full of spelling errors.)



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1 hour ago, ajb1978 said:

Edit 2: Found it!  



outstanding that you have saved so many images from yesteryear.  That look is so much more immersive that the current setup.  too bad they cant leave things that worked well enough alone.  sometimes an update just isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Thanks for reminding us with this awesome relic!

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i would really apreceate to have an off-ui journal. it could be a item that we can find and if we dont have to use it we can burn it.

i we want to map a region we would need a journal and same thing if we want to write inside :) it could even have some limited space lets say 100 pages. then if you write only one page every day youre fine but eventually you will have to loot another journal. 


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I think that would be fine. I also think it would be neat if we could read some books too using the same system. Just have some out of copyright ones in there. I don't think I would really read but I am quite sure some people would and it would be a neat little touch.

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