Dual wield revolvers.


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Dual wielding revolvers would be a good alternative to just using one, it could be a way for high revolver skill players to make timberwolf self defense easier. My idea is thatat revolver skill 3 you will be able to dual wield. 

When dual wielding, there would be  an invisible crosshair on the screen, and your bullets will land somewhere in that area. At revolver skill 3 it would be hard to hit a timberwolf unless closer then 3 meters. At skill 4 the effective range would be 5 meters and at skill 5 about 8 meters.

The controls would be LMB shoots the revolver in your left hand and RMB the one in your right hand.

This would be an interesting alternative for high revolver skill players to defend themselves from timberwolves. Even if in most cases using one revolver would be enough, being able to dual wield would be great.

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No thank you.
I think that "dual wielding" would feel silly and wasteful.  I think it would definitely feel really out of place in this particular game.


On 6/9/2019 at 2:13 AM, ManicManiac said:

I would never want this game to turn into a shooter.  There are other games for that.


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1 hour ago, ManicManiac said:

I think that "dual wielding" would feel silly and wasteful.

Yeah, mostly wasteful.  Dual-wielding is a Hollywood thing--it is simply not feasible in the real world.  Maybe if your goal is suppressing fire, sure, but if your goal is to actually hit something you're better off using one and aiming down the sights.

Edit: I've actually tried dual-wielding before.  Normally my shot grouping at 50m is around 15mm, which is fairly decent.  I tried it with two pistols once, and my shot grouping became "nothing but backstop".  And I was even taking my time and attempting to hit the target.

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