Wearing backpacks?


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3 hours ago, DerpyLemon115 said:

I'm pretty sure our character is already wearing a backpack. Obviously you can't see it, but I mean... How else are they carrying all that gear? With their arms?

You can even hear stuff bouncing around and water sloshing around as if it were on their back.

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22 hours ago, JackTrysGames said:

There's a metric ton of backpacks scattered throughout the entirety of Great Bear. Why not put one on and use it to carry items?

It would make late game a lot easier, and would help with scavenging.

I think if it could be abstracted, so that there was a reward for "collecting" backpacks but it wouldn't be overpowered or negate the benefit of the satchel. Say everyone you find gives you 0.1 extra kg carrying capacity up to a certain point, perhaps a couple kg.

They do such a good job with sound. They never show a backpack in any way on the survivor but I've always accepted it was part of your equipment. I'd like to know how they produced the sound but it sounds absolutely like an old external frame pack I used to use when I'd have a Sierra cup and a canteen and the like strapped to the frame.

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