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  1. you do know what a wendigo is right?
  2. we currently only have one kind of trap used for small game. I was thinking of maybe some other traps like winch, and deadfall traps.
  3. I love the idea, but I feel like this would happen in a spin-off/sequel. I doubt we will see multiplayer in this installment.
  4. I get a feeling darkwalker is going to be mentioned in wintermute
  5. this event looks amazing! I haven't had the time to play it but this looks like a good spook event ps: also darkwalker is a wendigo for those wondering
  6. the row boat could be used in rivers and in the ocean. it would be exhausting but a quick way to get to other regions. great bear is not a single island, the rowboat would be how you get from island to other island. this would be far in the future, and I would like to ways to keep it from being too OP.
  7. bear spray would be used as a substitute for the distress pistol here are its features 1. will not only stop a bear, but will scare it of too 2. can be used in a struggle 3. loses condition over time and eventually fails to function 4. uncommen rarity. 5. 5-8 uses before it runs out.
  8. something that has confused me and I would like to see is weapon variants, for example the revolver always looks the same. Mabye guns could get different textures, they woulden't change the gun at all, except in looks.
  9. co-op should be in another game if their's another game