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  1. man a spear would be really neat!
  2. very excited for a new region and always hopeful we get new improvised/simple tools that are appealing for long term survival and interloper players. fingers crossed it isnt more spray paint and mapping knick knacks i will never use lol
  3. i first started playing in 2015, so the game was very different back then. i dont remember my very first run specifically but i remember when i found trappers for the first time, i never wanted to leave.
  4. you can always practice your aim at the red barn too, there is a nifty target set up! shoot a bunch of shots till your arrows wear out then quit and reload, a forgiveable use of 'save-scumming' in my opinion
  5. long game interloper you kind of need to set goals for yourself or be a collector. try to gather all of some types of resource or like i do, collect and move all skill books to one location to make a pretty table covered in books. stockpile huge amounts of resources, enough for more days than most can stomach playing. explore 100% of the map etc
  6. i think interloper temps are fine. its frustrating early as you build your 'loper outfit' and get geared up, but thats the fun, the challenge. once fully geared you can strategically perform any outdoor activities needed. i do miss voyageur sometimes, being able to travel at will and spend an entire day outside chopping real fire wood. interloper is more of a practice in efficiency. grabbing 15 sticks on a run from warmth to warmth, resting to warm up then completing the tasks as possible.
  7. Coastal Highway easily is my favorite. Allows the most variety of gameplay styles in a small area... and i love fishing, for whatever reason I really enjoy stocking up a hut and going on a 2 day fishing binder, stocking up my lamp oil and food. i have never leveled fishing to 5 so thats probably why i enjoy doing it, the chase of the max efficiency ive never reached
  8. in real life you could build a very nice shelter with access to all the tools we have in TLD, and with some knowledge of wilderness survival, you could survive a very long time i would guess. In the game however, the snow shelter provides the bare minimum warmth and degrades very quickly. long term outdoor survival would require essentially a perma-fire, which would consume huge amounts of time and resources to maintain, prohibitively so, i imagine.
  9. 'a super demanding and nearly-impossible experience' interloper is far from this already. once you know the maps and loot locations, its not overly difficult at all, just a slightly different playstyle. my main compaints on loper are a bit different. i want more variety of loot with the same difficulty. IE balanced clothing that still gives you the full variety, we miss out on so many neat items on loper. and the biggest to me is random loot tables, truly random. lists of known spots are available and once you know them its pretty easy to gear up the essentials in day 1-2 of loper
  10. i wouldnt sweat cabin fever till its a problem. stock a fishing hut with wood and fish when you can light a free fire with mag lens. that keeps me CF free most times. i craft a bear coat and moose satchel asap. i crafted two wolf coats this run but i really could have waited for the bear coat. you already have a mackinaw which is great, two bear isnt that hard to come by. imo they are one of the easiest animals to hunt in the game because of the way they follow you and let you fight on your terms. drag them close and put em down, ez money
  11. id say HRV or Bleak inlet too. i have saved both of those for last on my current loper run. im about to do HRV for the saps. i may save BI a little while longer. without guns i just cant really justify going there to risk death for saps i dont need yet
  12. FM spawn is best in loper in my opinion, plot your route to hit known loot spawns and book it for ML. plot a route around ML for known loot and stash at camp office. after looting FM and ML to get your basics, hacksaw, hammer, mag lens, you should have saps curing already and a couple hides at least rabbit and deer. grab a few metal and rush back to spences. forge a handful of arrowheads and at least 1 knife. haul this back to ML and spend the next couple weeks gearing up. everything moves pretty fast once you are able to hunt efficiently. you should be pretty stout at around 30-40 days, pick your next move but i usually head for CH, loot for clothes, then gear up for a big forging session in DP where i make as many arrowheads, knives and hatchets as i possibly can. from there its just a matter of exploring and having fun. get double bear coats finished and enjoy each map, setting up bases at each.
  13. i shit pile all my meat outdoors, or indoors, whatever is convenient, because at level 5+ who cares anyways. i sometimes line up water bottles on shelves if im bored. on loper there isnt huge hauls of manmade goods so i dont bother making it pretty, it goes in a cabinet and i take it with me to travel around to keep smell down
  14. carter hydro dam is a big one for me, i absolutely cannot stand it. i have not and will not ever set up a base here. i loot it once and only come back if i really need to stock up on metal/cloth. too big, too much junk, no proper place to sleep, too far to get out of the yard. there isnt one redeeming quality i can think of. i would stay in the basic trailers across the road before the dam
  15. maybe as a separate challenge but not as a core change to the game. thats what the entire game was built on!