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  1. kinda wanna try this.... kinda think ill botch it and get mauled
  2. i think they are all orange with orange caps now, thats all i have
  3. putting a photo, small paper item, or key up there would be really cool. i dont know anyone that tucks their snacks up in the visor lol
  4. odium

    Dead bodies

    the bodies never bothered me any. they are a great source of crow feathers, but that always seemed strange to me. the body is an icicle at this point, crows would have moved on a long time ago.
  5. i carry two at all times, and i always look to find the highest % cans i can find. i have yet to wear out even one single can though
  6. i would like to see these bunkers on loper, i love the random spawns. obviously the loot would be much less but it would still be fun
  7. oof, i usually take a week off or so between decent runs. i only play an hour or so a day so a 50 day run can take weeks. that feeling when you lose a long run is so despressing, just like shock and sadness lol
  8. i do believe you can yes, albeit rather cold, you would likely need a fire
  9. yes you do need tools as well. i carry my red tool box all the time as well. i know its excessive, but i still do it. i like to be prepared for anything, including a drop of the hat move to a new region
  10. i keep my hacksaw 75-80%+ at all times and carry 1 metal at all times. just in case!
  11. i personally dont find much use for them at all. it is very expensive to use them every time CF warning comes up, cloth is too precious on loper to be burning it up to sleep outside. fishing huts and caves are much better, seeing as all three require fire in the coldest weather. i have seen some decent setups with mostly wind proof fires set in front of the snow shelter but i still cant justify the resources. nonetheless i do carry 5 cloth at all times just in case i absolutely need to throw one up. im constantly grabbing sticks so im never much more than 5-10 sticks from the 15.
  12. odium

    Day 791

    haha i have that guy floating in my game too
  13. shows up in my tools section i believe
  14. i try to take into account the times they are working through as well. im sure the covid outbreak and all that entails had some impact on productivity, even though developer jobs can be done remotely. its probably not the same as getting the whole squad running 100% in an office together.