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  1. If the fire is burning, the door makes no difference! mending is the hardest for me. im not going to burn cloth on loper just to level a skill
  2. on loper usually a couple cedar or fir, thats the best you will get unless they drop a decent clothing item, which is very rare despite them all being dressed in full clothes....
  3. Coastal Highway all day! Best mix of every resource in the game. The only thing CH lacks is warm non-loading screen caves for CF. But as long as you get on a nice fishing regiment, you will never see CF. Lots of houses to loot, beachcombing, easy bears, major coal in transition cave, easy navigation, access to indoor forging in DP. Thats my loper addiction, I stock CH with enough tools/supplies/food to last 1000+ days. its also fairly central for 'vacation' travelling
  4. trappers cabin is the best imo if you intend to survive off rabbits alone. put 10 on the hill behind the cabin and another 10 down in the grove by the bear. easy 6-8 rabbits a day and its a very easy path back to clean and process them. travelling with rabbit carcass is very risky. they are heavy and quickly put the smell meter up to 3, pulling in wolves from pretty far away. that being said, it is very tiresome in the long run and not very productive in interloper to exist on rabbits. takes too many calories to process and gather them, also doesnt have the CF killing benefit
  5. Awesome update, so great to see a developer take input from the buyers enjoying their projects. the survey was a great idea! i would love to see, (and happily pay for) any survival related dlc. the only thing i wasnt able to clarify in the survey is; as much as i would love TLD dlc, if that prohibits progress on a new game i dont necessarily think that is best. in my ideal world we get continued survival paid dlc while a new survival based game is in the works. i would love to see a similar type open world survival game with maybe a pacific island stranded vibe, deep jungle a
  6. i do wish cattails/plants respawned over some long period of time. not because i want the game to be easier, its just fun to collect and hunt resources. i particularly love getting cattails, they are the ultimate food source
  7. yep there is a few of these where they scaled down the model for whatever reason! i never harvest the mini ones, i dont know why lol
  8. indeed! i usually prioritize getting the hides early game if i at least have a saw
  9. interloper you really need vast knowledge of the maps and spawn locations of critical items. mag lens, matches, hammer, hacksaw. i like the FM start the best. i hit all the big loot spots and book it for camp office mystery lake. fill in the rest of what i need around ML to create bow/arrowheads and at least 2 knives, then run back into FM for a quick forge session. back to ML again to collect rabbits/deer/bear/wolf pelts to create some clothes. next i move to CH followed by PV to fill in the man made clothing holes. interloper is all about efficiency too, as odizzido really
  10. i never shred predator meat, too much of a pain to eat before level 5 cooking. i will shred one whole deer early on to get a boost
  11. i really hope preservance mills hits next angld has a lot of buildings! i enjoy the wilderness remote maps but i prefer the base building and looting in the more populated areas
  12. not worth the wear and tear on your arrows! I dont like shooting anything but bears on long term loper runs lol. i do hunt deer for hides and meat tho, and i kill any wolf i can for safety, but rabbits are free with stones!
  13. depends on the region but i definitely have all the whiteberry maps handy if I need them. its maybe considered cheap by some players, but in my opinion, there would be maps laying around in any situation like this, or our player would have some knowledge of the area
  14. the lantern doesnt degrade to my knowledge, i keep 1 on me at all times and break down all the rest