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  1. i would much rather see another improvised weapon or tool before more firearms.
  2. i believe the fire system could use a little tweaking but nothing this intense. i agree tinder should be needed at all levels, its easy to get and it feels pointless to keep harvesting it with cedars when i cant use it or even burn it. i would like to see a small 1-2 min burn time added to tinder as well. my biggest gripe with fires right now is the wind miraculously blowing away hours of fuel. i think the wood should be able to be reharvested from a blown out fire or at least have the burn time 'stored' in the fire and have the ability to re light it later
  3. the aurora is pretty random, waiting a week is certainly not out of the ordinary. it took me about that long
  4. one will spawn on the hill next to trappers cabin, facing toward the hunters blind.
  5. odium

    New region...

    its by far my least favorite region, and i dont plan on visiting on my loper run till the very end when im ready to die anyways. its cold and the timberwolves are awful in my opinion. there is nothing special to craft with the pelts so there isnt any reason to risk it. the workshop is ok but on loper you dont need bullets anyways so its easier to forge new tools. any lower difficulty with guns its a neat place, the gunsmithing is kinda cool if you are into that
  6. too much to type tbh, there are tons of great guides out there already, most of what i could say would be redundant. here is a great one on weight management, this would be a beneficial read https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1953538782
  7. i wouldnt mind an upgraded water system but i dont know that they are looking to get crazy complex with it. we suspend belief all the time in long dark and water is no exception.
  8. its been suggested time and time again, tho i dont recall hinterlands response. i pretty much ignore corpses and just view them as a (usually terrible) loot drop. in my opinion they should always drop a good bit of clothing, seeing as they are fully clothed, that part always bothered me more than not being able to move them.
  9. what difficulty are you playing on? that strategy will certainly work but playstyle depends on what your end goal is. i shoot to explore and clear all maps, then im usually bored by 300-400 days (only done this long in voyageur). on interloper, it seems birch saplings and metal will eventually be limiting factors if you intend on surviving forever. there is always beach combing but i feel the average player gets bored well before its an issue. other than for clothing repairs i only hunt bears, they are incredibly easy to bait and lure into a nice harvesting location. trapping rabbits you can basically live forever but its incredibly boring to tend snares day in and day out. fishing is great but on interloper it requires a fire much of the time, so its an opportunist activity in my opinion. i keep a fishing hut loaded with wood and hit fishing outings to stave off cabin fever or if i have nothing pressing to do and the sun is out (free fire). there are many many ways to survive long term in TLD, and no playstyle is inherently right or wrong, just whatever floats your boat! you can certainly exist as a nomad and leave supplies all over at various bases, hitting some food supplies and moving on. once you have level 5 cooking that ruined pile of bear meat will always be there for you if you need it lol
  10. if we are going to go the route of diet based afflictions then they will need to rework the entire food system to include renewable sources of fruit, vegetable, grain, or whatever you propose we need to balance a diet. the options given to us on interloper are very limited already and they degrade fast, i dont see any way we could survive with a system like this, and franlkly i think its a bit too much for this type of game, its not an ultra-realistic survival simulator and it never will be
  11. i agree that painkillers have become largely useless, i carry a few and use them rarely when the pain blur is annoying me but i could certainly complete a whole run without 'needing' them, which imo means the system could use a tweak. i do believe pain should be more debilitating so painkillers and rosehips have more value (right now i view rosehips as more of a food item in teas). whether they implement a tiered system as you suggested or something else i dont care really but i would like to see a bit of overhaul to pain system
  12. i have one of these Estwing prybars at home that always reminds me of TLD https://www.lowes.com/pd/Estwing-15-in-Steel-Wrecking-Bar/1000398257?cm_mmc=shp-_-c-_-prd-_-tol-_-google-_-lia-_--_-hammersprybarsandcoldchisels-_-1000398257-_-0&store_code=426&placeholder=null&gclid=Cj0KCQiAhojzBRC3ARIsAGtNtHXmvnImEE4t_1eKx8P4b3vhFFri82jrmgmD7efyTpIVQvnWFenWa0caAv-EEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  13. you must have never been to the mountains, trees will grow damn near anywhere
  14. from CO to trappers, straight up the tracks but stay far left, then turn right and follow the rocks all the way there. best way ive found. unless youre carrying meat its pretty safe