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Not a bad idea though the time period of story mode would make it less than desirable.  I know you are referring to survival mode, but the focus for most major changes would be compatibility with story mode.  

Given the introduction of quartering (of large animals) and what it entails, I would expect that the burden of maintaining such a farm, which would have to be a location that was found, would be pretty arduous. The collateral issue would be what would be grown in such a farm.  So a nice idea from a survival point of view but there is a lot more to it than just having a farm unless one only grows cattails and rose hips. 

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Maintaining plants in -20 or -40 without any heating besides sticks you collect sounds hard. Carrots are pretty okay with cold weather as plants go but it sounds like quite the project. Honestly if they added carrots to the game while also allowing you to heat homes that could be interesting to try. Whether it would work out I don't know but still I would try it if it were an option.

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Hmm. Let´s think this through. I´ll pose some questions together with a couple of solutions and we can work out the kinks together.

For any farm you need soil, how do we get that/where would it come from? Could we collect it from all the broken plant pots dotted throughout Bear Island? Could we dig up a bacement floor?

For it to be indoors, we would need a very sunny area. Somewhere that recieves sunlight even in bad weather, do we have any existing places like this? There are a couple of larger houses with porches, the Pleasant Valley farm one is even enclosed, but it´s not completely weather proof.

Ok, so if we can´t find an existing place like this, could we construct one? Well, what about the planting beds at Thompson´s Crossing? Could we use one of those to create an old fashioned "hot-bed"? If we could harvest the front and back windows from a couple of cars that could be our glass element.

The final question. What would we grow there? For all this effort it had better be something versatile and filling. We could grow a root vegetable? I´m afraid I´m not well versed when it comes to growing veggies.

From a developer´s point of view this would be a nightmare to introduce into the game. Having said that, This is the Wishlist, where we can explore ideas. 

So, before all you "No, no, Nanettes" out there shoot it down, let´s just take a minute and appreciate the idea as it is.

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outside of mods i dont think we will or should see farming.  its just too far off base of what the core game is.  we dont even have regrowing cattails, i dont think the devs intend for it to be any more 'survivable' than it is already, which is pretty fair, considering players have eclipsed 10 years of survival.  obviously in a truly 'realistic' survival game, the player could have all kinds of innovations in 10 years, but i just dont forsee them going that route

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It's been discussed many times and in many ways in the past, so I'll just echo what I've mentioned before:

On 12/21/2019 at 5:13 AM, ManicManiac said:

Things don't tend to grow in winter... so I think "farming" them would be a bit nonsensical.  I think that the decisions to make them more or less finite was a good choice on the part of Hinterland.  It requires a player to take thoughtful and deliberate actions (which I think is part of the core and nature of the game).  Also... perhaps more importantly: plants tend to go dormant in the cold and tend not to grow very much, if at all... 

I just don't think it would seem reasonable for the player to be able to cultivate/grow plant resources.  I mean after all, even the indoors temperatures are still pretty frigid.

(and also, I'm generally not in favor of things that "make life easier" for the player :D)

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