Physical Goods in Time for the Holidays

Raphael van Lierop

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Hello Hinterlanders,

We just posted an update to our KS backers (and one is going out to our PayPal backers shortly), but we're unfortunately not going to be able to ship you guys the physical rewards we had promised (t-shirts, posters, and paracord bracelets) in time for the holidays.

Here's the Backer-only update: ... sts/690722

We're really bummed about this and we hope you're all ok with the fact that we're putting off delivering these to you until we have samples in-house that hit the quality goals we have for all things associated with the Hinterland brand.

Feel free to share your comments, either in the KS comment thread, or here.

- Raphael

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Thats all good by me. I'm happier if i receive a great product, than one that you are not happy about. I didn't sign up for the physical good anyhows, so get what you need to get right, then send them out. . .

Just hope this doesn't follow along with the Game ~ Being late in our hands ;-)

The rewards are late,

i'll feel so much better,

when its quality.

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  • Hinterland

Rather quality over speed any day.

The 'letter' you guys sent out was awesome...I've got it posted up on my wall (art side out) at work with the badge next to it :)

Glad you received it.

I assume many of the rest of you who would have received physical rewards for the holidays got the mailer from Hinterland?

If so, please send us photos of wherever you've placed (sewn on or otherwise) your Hinterland badge, and we'll share the images!

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You guys are AWESOME !!!!! You made it all the ways Down Under and i thank you sincerely !!

Have to admit, it was a bit of a surprise when i just went and checked the mail :D



Once again Thanks to all the team, and love the signed card from @Raph_Hinterland Cheers mate . . . . .

EDIT ~ And if the quality of the Patch has any baring what so ever on the other Physical Products, and of course The Long Dark itself, then I'll be one happy camper . . .

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Nah @Emily_Hinterland I was outside for natural light and just bent my head back and click/click on the iPhone and wholla :) Just wanted a interesting way to show i received mine . . And yes we are in summer here at the moment Was 42°c the other day, while you all up that way is in snow :( Ive always wanted a white Christmas . . .

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Have yourself a very happy holidays Hinterland Members . . . I can't say Christmas being Politically incorrect, but you all know what i mean. Ill be opening Presents before any of you HAHAHA

Snowflakes fragile things

But just look what they can do

When they stick together.

Merry Christmas :D


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