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  1. Nice, and the bedroll should more evenly distribute the heat to keep your whole body warm
  2. Did you possibly have two can openers and one of them wore out?
  3. I dislike 3rd person view in most games.
  4. Now this would be interesting.
  5. Bug name - Deer Running in Place Bug description - I found, was a deer 'frolicking' in place near the unnamed pond. He was just jumping up and down in the air, not making any forward progress, kinda like one would expect a deer to be doing when jump-roping, without the rope. There was no visible obstruction that was impeding his forward movement. OS - Windows 8.1 Repro steps - I have not had a chance to play since this original occurrence Screenshot - I was killed by a wolf before I could get a screen shot, I will attempt to get a screen shot of it happening again. Coordinates - I did not have this function turned on, shame on me, but it was at the Unnamed Pond near the Hunter's Blind. Visibility - ?? We'll see
  6. Yeah I agree with Mac in that changing the chance of finding something based on amount of light would add unneeded complexity. on a side note my wife, continuous narrator of my playthroughs, has several times commented on how silly it must look for Will to spend so much time searching an empty container/locker/drawer, she then mimics this behavior by opening a drawer and looking in it, swiping at nothing for a few seconds before declaring that it is indeed empty.
  7. I actually don't think a kids mode is necessary, my kids can just play skylanders or, even better, ride their bikes outside.
  8. For a bit more info, I was standing on the little observation stand looking out toward the unnamed pond. I'll be sure to be running with the console options enabled next time.
  9. My 9 and 3 year old have both sat with me while I played, I have actually been so engrossed in a playthrough that my three year old curious georged all over me and eventually sat on my head before I stopped playing long enough to get him his own chair. So far I haven't seen anything in game that would give me pause regarding letting my children watch or play, of course without knowing the story of the game I can't say for sure I would let my 9 year old play story mode.
  10. No problem, like I said I was going to get the info but died before I could get the console up and the screen shot taken, I've only had about an hour to play in the past few days and I was actually running a bit late to work getting in that hour, so I wasn't quite prepared. I will try and play again tonight and see if I can run into the same issue again.
  11. Yeah, I don't think it would really make sense to sleep in the bedroll on a bed, I was just having fun placing the bedroll on random objects, like a bed, the crates in the dam, etc.
  12. you can turn your head while you're walking, you just need to strafe while you look so you continue moving in the desired direction. I understand what you are saying about the limited amount of input you have from the game, compared to actually being there in real life, I just think that the game does a good job of giving you signs that help you determine the conditions such as weather patterns changing and daylight passing. Also, while I agree that the time function already exists in the game and could be made more front and center via a quick glance watch or what have you, I guess I just don't see it as a necessity like you do.
  13. Can you place the bedroll on the floor indoors, like in the dam?
  14. I know the condition gain is different based on sleeping in bedroll vs. bed, but what is it for a bedroll set in a bed?