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  1. I've never played Dark Souls, but does it not start in the same scenario each time? What?
  2. That's basically what I was aiming at in terms of the new user. As a Quality Analyst on a triple A title, and a video game lover I know the lifeline of a game company is new users. If the first drop into a game experience isn't enjoyable (say...a black screen :lol:) I'm not going to play it much past that, and it's less likely that I would suggest it to my friends/family/coworkers - or buy any DLC, perks, map packs, etc. - all those little bits and pieces that really make the companies enter the black. And to all the people suggesting that new users should enter this game knowing how to are dead wrong. Video games must educate their users on how to play by playing, or must be intuitive enough for them to simply pick up a controller as it is a well known industry fact that large portions of new users do not read manuals, enter tutorials, or want to spend any time learning how to play at a basic level. I believe it's something like 75% of people play the game once then never come back to should TLD earn any money if they lose even 2% of their players to starting in a pitch black blizzard. Remember Hinterland is a new studio, they don't have street cred...this is their first game; will this ruin them...definitely not, will it turn away a percentage of people, maybe...but why take the chance? On the lower difficulties (pilgrim, and voyageur) just start them with even an hour of light left.
  3. I agree with you 100%. Valuable knowledge comes out the simplest of statements. Whatever TLD team decides...this thread has a lot of strong opinions.
  4. What?! This is a Sandbox?! No, no way! So, is that what selecting 'Sandbox' from the start menu does, huh? Puts me in a limited version of the game? Where I can play around with the mechanics? And give feedback on what I feel about the game in its current state? In hopes of helping the development team make decisions on certain aspects and elements in the game? Yes, I do know this is a sandbox...I'm just not certain you know it's a sandbox.
  5. I find that the wolves circle back on rare occasions; my current playthough I fought a wolf off and as I watched it run off it suddenly stopped, turned around, and bolted back at me with vengeance.
  6. This happens on all, it's really nothing to do with the intellect of players. I agree here, and I wanted to comment on it in my original post, but I'm no pilot, and am not overtly familiar with pilot etiquette so I didn't really feel like I had the place to say.
  7. People are so negative to end user enjoyment feedback. Of course the user cannot select what time they crash; but I am simply pointing out that the LP/TD should possibly take a closer look at when they decided to start players. I've personally started at midnight in a blizzard, but this thread isn't about what I welcome or what you welcome. It's a simple statement that first time users will be turned off if started in unplayable conditions such as, essentially, being blind. Well, not to point out the obvious is what makes those changes happen. It's lines of thought such as this "Oh they'll just fix it" that leaves user annoyance in's in the game right now because 1. they haven't reached the decision in their development cycle yet, or 2. they simply decided they didn't care, or 3. it's an oversight. It's not in there because it's an alpha sandbox.
  8. I didn't find any other threads on I just want to bring it up: I've been giving this game a few goes, just starting over - dying in some horrible way to make sure there are no obvious bugs...but one thing I occasionally run across is: Having my new game start in the dead of night. Talking 10pm-3am time frame. I've had at least 10 of my starts begin in pitch black. If I were a new player who is just picking up TLD for the first time and my start was a pitch black screen with a white dot I'd feel it was a pretty terrible first touch game experience.
  9. It's a tuning issue, yes. In my line of work tuning issues are still bugs; perhaps it should be where you suggest if the studio sees it that way. ADMIN NOTE: Post moved to Feedback section 8-)
  10. Being the curious "what happens if i do this" type I decided to take off all my character's clothing and run around outside and hunt for some deer. I didn't have much time to actually play - but according to my timer I spent 40+ "game minutes" outside and this is what happened to my stats: The top portion of the image is my stats after about 10 "game minutes" outside, the bottom is after approx 45 "game minutes" (The second screenshot was taken while I was standing in that broken down shed near Trappers Homestead - and actually warming up! - but still naked) I'm no survival expert...but I have a suspicion my character should be in some serious trouble (frostbitten, maybe just hypothermia setting in)...and not 100% 'Condition'.
  11. It was right in front of me walking slowly up. I aimed right between it's eyes. If you're suggesting that within a 10foot distance the bullet could stray so far as to not even hit the skull...hunting rifles are built for precision.
  12. I didn't play the earlier versions, so this was simply an observation and reaction. And I noted that 'if they want to make things further apart'...I didn't suggest just throwing a snowmobile at every player like it was the Oprah Winfrey show. I also didn't suggest this would be the only solution nor a viable one should the maps increase by X-fold.
  13. So, I just started playing TLD today and the first thing I noticed is...the wolves are clearly some form of god. I had a hunting rifle and a wolf was walking straight at me, so I aimed down the sights and centred on its forehead and pulled the trigger...the wolf then ran off...'What?'. I followed its blood trail for a bit, but then gave up and stood still to contemplate the TLD world...'How is this wolf still alive?' I questioned. Then I suddenly see it again running around like a madman; I walk to where it had just ran to make sure it was the one I shot, and sure enough there were drops of blood...'Forget that, I'm not chasing some God Wolf. If it survived a doesn't deserve to be eaten' I decided. This has happened twice to me in my hour of playing. P.S. TLD...where did your God Wolves come from?
  14. I agree on this; I had two coworkers watching me play earlier today as I was just running along to where I knew a shelter was, and they were like "So...can your character learn to sprint?" and I responded "This is sprint..." and let go of the shift key and they both replied "oh..." - even though I was the one playing it was very unengaged one point I simply held W+Shift and checked my email on my other PC... If they want to make things further apart there needs to be a form of "fast travel"...snowmobile...wrangling a buck (ha!)...
  15. If anything developers are striving for the best GP possible (physics, collisions, animation, AI, locomotion, etc. etc.) and astounding-aesthetically pleasing-mind blowing-level design these days - because people will not accept anything less. This statement is quite neutral; middle ground, and very personal to your own views, so here's mine: There were tons of sub par games back in the 90s there are tons of sub par games now, and assuredly more to come. The only difference between now and don't have to wait a month to find out if a game is bad...just go online (Ah Online; a component that, by the way, didn't truly exist in Video Games during the 90s...think about it)