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  1. Hey, Grats on the early access launch - but something in the most recent build has broken the way the game scales the FOV to the aspect ratio, leaving it Vert-/zoomed. It's great to have a FOV slider for fine adjustment, but the game still needs to recognise and scale properly. Just thought I'd report in, to say that the game is effectively unplayable at the moment You can see the amount of FOV the game crops when selecting 5760x1080 vs 1920x1080.
  2. Hi, So I'm testing out the game in triple screen, using Nvidia Surround @ 5760x1080 and at first the main menu scales well - but the menu options are on the right side monitor (which isn't a big issue). In-game the game scales perfectly it seems, so we are on track The FOV is probably a little tight for my liking, but I'm loving the art style. I'm kinda of apprehensive about playing the game - even in sandbox - as I want to save it for release. BUT I will keep testing to see if I can pick up any bugs for you.
  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the card and patch, they are pretty cool - and will look great with the rest of my gaming collection. Can't wait for the other goodies Have a great XMAS!!
  4. Hi Spoonie, I worked on EyeFinity support for Saints Row IV, and it's amazing how multi-monitor can really enhance the game experience. The extent of multi-monitor support for The Long Dark is going to mostly depend on how easy it is to support with Unity. Given our timeframe and resources, we can't afford to put a lot of time into a feature like this. As cool as it is, it only reaches a relatively small audience. I am putting an item on my list to do an investigation into multi-monitor support though, and we'll support it if it can be done without a lot of work. Out of curiosity, do you have a sense for what is the most popular platform for multi-monitor out there now (Nvidia vs AMD)? Hey Alan, Thanks for getting back to me If you worked on Saints Row IV eyefinity support than I thank you - because that game for at least the last two iterations have had fantastic support You're more than right about the impact on immersion multi-monitors can bring - and in fact I don't believe it's as small a community as everyone thinks. A lot of the time we aren't as vocal, because you usually don't get anywhere with dev's, and we have a couple of smart kids that just fix the games that don't support it. I agree it's not huge, but a little birdie told me that in the coming years we will see a big push for more multi-monitors and support for the tech. All that aside, I couldn't say exactly how the figures stack up in regards to Nvidia vs Amd. I would say it's pretty even, maybe with a Nvidia edge. I started using this tech with Amd, but converted to Nvidia. The amount of threads I've started and unofficial 'PR' work I do for Nvidia at the moment - I should really be getting paid So I thank you for at least acknowledging our existence, and I could always put you in contact with one of our geniuses that is always fixing games to support multi-monitor. He would probably work for free to have some more things on his resume Obviously you've already got experience in the matter - and I am of the understanding that the Unity Engine is quite flexible, and I have seen a few games now from indie dev's released with good multi-monitor support. So I have faith Thanks again.
  5. Hi, Can't wait to get my hand on my physical goodies from my kickstarter backing and more importantly play the game But I would really love to see this game support multi-monitor users like me I know a lot of our community would jump on board if it was a possibility Thanks again - keep up the good work.
  6. For a game like this, I believe free roam would be the best option. I understand where the question is coming from - sometimes a little linearity can create tension etc, but they can still achieve this in free roam.