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  1. i thought i would be arrived by now. what do you think?
  2. alright everybody, thanks for joining the discussion. i bought an amd hd 6870, so i guess it will do it.
  3. this is my gpu and cpu. i can't get more than 30 FPS at outside, mostly 22-20, with the LOWEST graphics possible. my desktop resolution is 1920x1080 but i use 1152x648 in game(its the lowest resolution that i can get full screen). i watched lots of videos that can help me to get higher FPS, but this is the max i can get. i even get like 17 FPS when it's windy sometimes. is it normal? do i need a younger dinosaur GPU?
  4. i think you should explore the game on your own a little bit. checking the forums after struggling with something over and over or being curious about something is what i would suggest.
  5. the game sets quality settings to low every time i open the game. There are some settings that you need to shut down the game to actually work, so i have to play on low quality with those settings.
  6. pinky muskeg. i wish i could pass that fallen tree and then take a screenshot but i am on early loper and forlorn muskeg is a wolf den. i am a coward. this game made me a coward.