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  1. THANKS A LOT ajb1978! That was exactly me, just missing that last note for hours and very annoyed at the thougt of the "needle in a haystack"... until luckily i saw your post
  2. Thanks! Yes, I regularly checked in-game with TAB during day 1 and day 2 then TIME REMAINING of each challenge and there it then saidI had COMPLETED the 2hour-Challenge. Both days! Badge was not activated" Perhaps a bug, quite dissapointing because I invested over 2 hours on monday and over 2 hours on tuesday evening after work in order to get the badge. Can this be fixed?
  3. ...does this mean within a single character or within a single uninterrupted 2 hour playing session? I had saved my game earlier today and resumed it, then completed the 2hour-challenge. Yesterday also completed the 2hour-challenge. All with the same character. It did not trigger the first badge. Why?
  4. Hi! I've just completed Faithful Cartographer achievement, and while the experience is still fresh in my mind, I'd like to share some tips to help other players seeking the challange: Get the list of locations to map from the forums, wiki or steam and convert to a checklist, then print or put it on your phone. As you map a location, check it off the list right away. The location trigger texts do not need to fully be within an uncovered circle of the map. It counts even if part of the text (barely visible) overlaps with the black part of your map. If you need to reload for emergency (bear charge etc.), don't forget to uncheck the recently mapped locations that you will need to repeat. After completing a region, double check your list before proceeding to the next region. This will save you having to revisit multiple regions if you double check only at the very end, when you *think* you're done, but are disappointed when the last location didn't yet trigger the achievement. Some icons do not get revealed when mapped from within a car. Some locations have a same named Icon and Location Trigger to map. Make sure to know those beforehand, so you don't miss one of the two (especially mountain town has several such locations). Most icons for the region exits are inaccurately and confusingly named "Icon - Leave XY Region" on the list, but infact are for example named "To Ravine" in the game. These exits are usually a two-headed arrow symbol, but not always (can be a cave symbol for example). Simply determine the number of exits there are in each region and compare with the list. The types of exits that transition into open space can be tricky to map. Stop walking just before the cursor shows for example "Leave Pleasant Valley", then take a step back and map. Good Luck! \Nick
  5. I landed here by googling the supposed issue that the "Icon - Spruce Falls Bridge" was not able to be mapped, after likewise double checking the official list for the achievement. This Icon was the very last remaining one for me. Had tried about 5 times to map.... from within a car ofcourse because of the bear roaming the bridge. And then, as mentioned in this thread: the icon doesn't trigger when mapped from a car! However it is safe to map from below the bridge. Thanks! Got the prestigious Faithful Cartographer!
  6. During struggle with wolf, after chosing the revolver and starting to smash with it, I noticed "once" the option to shoot appear. The next struggle it did not appear and I was only able to smash with the revolver and almost died. Is this random or skill dependant? How does this work?
  7. Thanks a lot! Is the buffer memory in that "office/lunch room" at the top end of lower dam (the room with the window entrance) or is it down stairs in the hall with the two circular elevated platforms (where there is also a computer desk with two flat screens)? Because these two potential locations are seperated by a wire, so I better be waiting for the aurora on the correct "side" of the wire.
  8. Hi! I have a problem in the Archivist Challenge. I am in the Lower Dam in the lunch room with the computer desks waiting for the aurora to appear. I have been waiting there for 4-5 nights with no luck. The reason I am waiting there is because I need to be already near the computer when it's time, because I will not be able to cross the live wires when the aurora appears (I would suffer electric shock; died from this on my first try at Archivist). I am beginning to ask myself -- and hence you guys -- if the Aurora will appear at all when waiting indoors? Is my strategy preventing the aurora to happen? If so, I would have to go about my business outside elsewhere and wait for the aurora. But then, is there a way to reach the computers without forcing the player to tread on the live wires, risking their lives? Thanks!
  9. I can gladly say now the "micro stutters" explained above have not been occuring anymore lately. Dont know exactly since which game version though. Haven't change my Hardware since. Seems you guys have been working on improving performance. Thanks!
  10. Hi! In the interface to select interaction with fireplace (start fire -- take charcoal -- cook -- water), please add the ability for the selection cursor to be moved left beyond the leftmost choice to jump straight to the righmost choice (water) and vice versa. This principle has worked when navigating the inventory horizontally and vertically and allows for faster gameplay with the gamepad. Imho, it would be more consistent to add this to said fireplace interface too, possibly also the similar "struggle weapon selection" interface. Thanks!
  11. YES YES HOORAY! Thank you so much for finally fixing this in 1.41 REDUX that was just rolled out a few minutes ago! Now the cursor behavior in the inventory screen is back to the way it was before, which is much more intuitive and logic.
  12. I'd like to add that the container interaction screen behaves the same way the inventory screen did before the update, regarding the cursor. This adds to the inconsistency, imho.
  13. Hello Hinterland! I noticed a change since update 1.34 to the handling of the Inventory UI for Gamepad (PC), which I personally find confusing and inconsistent. I do not know if this change was intended or not, because there was no mention in the changelog. This is the way it was before the update: When opening the inventory (always, not only after reload), the focus is initally on the vertical category bar, and no cursor is displayed in the items table. When choosing a category with 'A - Select', a cursor appears in the items table. Then the focus is on the items table and the cursor can be moved to select and item. When pressing 'B - Back', the cursor on the items table disappears and the the focus is back on the category bar. When switching category, no cursor appears on the items table until you choose to "enter" the category. This visually strongly aided the awareness of where the focus lies: Category bar or items table. Imho, this was very intuitive especially when managing inventory really fast. It was the exact same way the Blueprints and Journal screens are controlled, which have not been altered by the update. This is how it is after the update: When opening the inventory (only after reload, not upon second time), the focus is initally on the vertical category bar, and no cursor is displayed in the items table. When choosing a category with 'A - Select', a cursor appears in the items table. Then the focus is on the items table and the cursor can be moved to select an item. When pressing 'B - Back', the cursor on the items table disappears and the focus is back on the category bar. Fine so far. Now, when switching category, a cursor does appear on the top left item of the items table even though I have not yet chosen to "enter" the category! The only visual difference is that the Up/Down arrows remain on the category bar, telling me that the focus still lies on the category bar. The cursor on the itmes table in this moment is imho confusing and misleading, because I have not yet entered the category. After entering the category and moving the cursor accross items, I can press 'B - Back' to shift focus back onto the category bar. Pressing 'B - Back' again resumes the game, and now pressing 'Y - Inventory' leads -- unlinke after reload -- directly to Inventory with focus on items tables and restores cursor position from last use... fine, this saves one action (entering the category). But, please do not display the cursor on items table when switching category. Please only display that cursor after "entering" the category. Imho this is confusing and inconsistent, because the cursor disappears from the items table when you press 'B - Back', then reappears in the next category before entering it, allthough in both "states" the focus is on the category bar... there should be no difference. It appears even more inconsistent when compared to the Blueprints and Journal screens. These remained exactly as they where before the update and yet, should be controlled in the same way as the inventory screen. Kind regards! :- )
  14. I never understood why the save system isn't straighforward roguelike style: Save on exit, Load on Resume, Delete on Death (Permadeath). It's so simple, why isn't this used in TLD?
  15. @Support, I have tried setting the Quality from "Ultra" to "High" and now the described "micro stutter" is only very rare, by far not as regular as with "ultra". Is my CPU too weak for "Ultra"? @Carbon, Thanks, I tried your suggestions of manual Geforce-Settings for TLD, but they reduced the overall performance, so I reverted back to defaults.