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  1. Now there is Molly in Wintermute. Molly is a character in William Gibson's Neuromancer, as well as the AI Wintermute.
  2. Hello Hinterland, I humbly suggest you add the ability to navigate up/down the vertical item category bar using LB/RB (bumpers) to the Container Transfer UI, for consistency, as this feature is already present in the Backpack (Inventory) UI. Thanks for considering. Kind regards, Nicolas
  3. Hello! I am trying to trigger this Achivement. First question: Complete all Research books in one survival game run or accross any run? Second question: Can I find out which books were already completed in a given save? Thanks!
  4. Hello Hinterland, I wish you would implement a seperate sensitivy setting for Looking and Aiming also for Controller Players, like there is available for Mouse Players. If I could set the Aim sensitiviy lower than my preferred Look/Camera sensitivity, this would ease lining up a precise aim as quickly a possible using the analog thumbstick, before the "unstable arm" mechanic kicks in. Thank you for considering! Kind regards Nicolas
  5. Thank you Hinterland for having implemented this in the latest Hotfix!
  6. Please also FIX this funtionality so that when pressing LB/RB, the cursor resumes where it last left off. From game when pressing Y to enter Inventory, then LB or RB, the cursor on the vertical category list starts at the top/bottom counterintuitively, instead of moving the the next field above or below where the highlighted field currently is. Please also FIX this: When switching to the "traditional" method of navigating the horizontal menu, by which I mean pressing B to defocus the main inventory grid, it then becomes impossible to use the LB/RB method again. Only exiting and re-en
  7. I have tried multiple times to get up to Pillar's Footrest from Shatted Cove without success. Shattered Cove funnels me into the narrow canyon along the creek. I look out for oppurtunities along the walls to climb up but never find any. At the end of the narrow canyon I end up at the opening with Angler's Den. What am I missing here? I want to take the shortest path from Shattered Cove up to Pillar's Footrest which is the black path connecting the two Named Locations at the bottom of this map:
  8. The horizontal list of Spray Symbol choices does have the cursor cycling ability, so I don't see why all other above mentioned places lack this.
  9. Hi! Noticed yet another UI usability inconsistency for Controller (PC): In the inventory screen, it is possible to navigate the vertical list of categories by pressing LB/RB for Up/Down. However, this method is missing in the Crafting and Journal screen. Please fix this for the sake of consistency and fluid controller gameplay. Kind regards, Nicolas
  10. I do agree that the UI could use an overhaul for consistency. I do not find it "slow or unpleasent", rather "near perfect" and the my suggestions detailed above would bring it a little closer to perfection. I don't mean to sound "entitled" here, but I do hope Hinterland responds to this. Over the years I have posted several constructive improvement suggestions and not once has Hinterland reacted. At least some of my bug reports have been adressed.
  11. You are missing the point. I would not be asking this. None of the provided symbols is applicable to simply mark a location for general purpose. I don't want to spam, for example "supplies" symbol where there are no supplies, because I then cannot distiguish locations marked with that symbol where I actually left supplies. This logic aplies analogously with all the other symbols.
  12. Hi! The ability to cycle the cursor through lists of choices is lacking in some areas of the UI. This allows for faster selection, which can save valuable time especially on higher difficulties and in emergency situations. In my opinion some UI areas seem inconsitent or incomplete compared to the inventory screen, where cycling the cursor is possible in the vertical category list and the item grid (vertically and horizontally). The behaviour is lacking in following menus: Fire interaction menu (horizontal) Cooking choice list (vertical) Crafting choice list (vertica
  13. Hi! How about adding one more general spray can marker symbol to apply to all cases in which the player just want's to mark something witch does not fit any of the provided symbols. More often than using one of the provided symbols, I find myself just wanting to generally mark/remember a location on the map that simply isn't described by any of the standard symbols. In order not to confuse myself later with an inaccuarate symbol, I end up rather not using the spray can in such a case. The lack of a general "catch all" symbol diminishes the usefulness of the feature in my opinion. I s
  14. Great! So it seems that the bottleneck on my system is hit somewhere between SSAO High and SSAO Medium. With Medium I no longer have the frame rate drops and can smoothly sail at constant 60 FPS. My hopefully final settings are now as follows: Starting point "Preset Ultra" -> Change SSAO from High to Medium, no other setting modified (becomes "Preset Custom"). Happy. Thank you all for the hints, especially Old Hermit!