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  1. With the quick clip that we saw in the March dev diary, I think that my idea of the prison being under the control of prisoners was righ.
  2. Yeah I think there will be ! We can already see lights comming out the doors and windows and we can probably imagine that prisoners/prison guards are still alive. But I think that because of the aurora and everything... , prisoners have probably took control of the prison and either killed or emprisoned the guards. We can also imagine that maybe the prisoners who escaped the bus accident may have been for some of them able to get to the prison and join the prisoners inside of it.
  3. I just read the dev diary of august 2020 and I couldn't be more excited when I saw the picture of what I think is the Blackrock prison. Honestly it looks really nice and I didn't thought we would get an illustration of it so thank you for these nice teasing. We are all probably gonna have a lots of theories about the survivors inside the prison and where it is located (maybe a new small region). PS: Thank you Raph and the team for the amazing work on the survival mode and on wintermute !
  4. Yeah that's seems hard... I had this idea of crossed event like the call from the radio tower. But we still don't know could have called the lodge.
  5. I was watching an old let's play of TLD episode 1/2 and when we entered in the hunting lodge and finded the spear, a phone rang but we couldn't answer. Is it possible that the call was from Molly to Astrid ? Molly did mention that her phone call would call every phone in the area, is the phone from the hunting lodge connected to the phone of PV ?
  6. We can imagine that like the inhabitants of Milton, they leaved their homes to rejoin the coast. We will surely find a lot of people some where around Costal highway or Desolation point.
  7. I started playing The Long Dark by the story mode so the episode 1 was cleary the best experience I had in the game. The cinematic between the episode 1 and 2 was an amazing moments of my gaming life
  8. Spoilers alert So I finished the Episode 3 and I wanted to share my honest opion of it. (Sorry for my English I'm French) My first impression of the episode 3 on the first day was pretty bad to be honest. I didn't liked the walking simulator from the town to the plane then from the plane to the town while having 50kg of materials and a human body on my shoulder and with all that being attacked by 3 wolves... So I stopped playing the tuesday pretty fast. The next day I started all over from the begining with the idea that I should try to not focus on some realistic issues bu
  9. The blizzard did ended normaly after 3 days spent in the town without moving anywhere.
  10. I have to say that it will be hard for the console player to do this part of the episode 3 I think To help you, I think the best way on a long term to get rid of those type of wolves is to use the revolver or in last choice the riffle/bow. Your goal is to take only one wolf as a target. When he is close to you or running towards you : shoot it in the head. It should be enough to kill him, if it isnt try to shoot an other bullet on him or an other wolf and they will probably run away.
  11. Yeah but if you go back and lock to any video of the bus cinematic like this one at 10:10, we can clearly see that the bus is facing toward the ground, so the head of the bus is clearly crushed and if you look inside th bus, we see that he is filled of snow/wood/rocks... And we can even see that the bus is not inside the tunnel but like 5 meters away from the entrance so I clearly don't see how astrid and The prisoner went out of milton
  12. Even in the second possibility is not possible for me the front of the bus is just crush under the rock because : The tunnel is very long it's not like a door. You have to walk like at least 100 meters to get to the exit so: the landslide isn't like a wall with like 50 cm of width. It's an enormous number of rocks of fell so it's more like 10 meters of width I don't know if you understand what I meant but I think you get the idea don't you ?
  13. Here I don't have any proof, Im just thinking those are the two main possibility for her to go to Milton whitout her briefcase and Will For this part we have some informations by the grey mother, and the prisoner Hobbs. If you played the Redux you meet Hobbs and he explain that they (the prisoner) burned the school with some ihnabitants inside and that astrid tried to save the people inside the burning school so we can easily understand how all must have went. 1. The aurora : consequence -> The crash of the plane and the crash of the bus. 2. The prisoner get out of the bus
  14. I was thinking about it after watching some Wintermute videos and I'm not sure but isn't it an incoherence in the evenement of the events in Milton ? First the plane crashes so Astrid and Will are seperated. We know that Will and her Briefcase are realy important so Astrid as to : 1. Run too Milton looking for help and let some scarf piece behind to allow Will to find her path. 2. She was forced by a animal or a prisoner to run away During that, the bus of prisoner get crashed at the entry of the tunnel after milton. The prisoner who survived get out of the
  15. Yeah I like this idea, he has for sure a military past.