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  1. Yeah but if you go back and lock to any video of the bus cinematic like this one at 10:10, we can clearly see that the bus is facing toward the ground, so the head of the bus is clearly crushed and if you look inside th bus, we see that he is filled of snow/wood/rocks... And we can even see that the bus is not inside the tunnel but like 5 meters away from the entrance so I clearly don't see how astrid and The prisoner went out of milton
  2. Even in the second possibility is not possible for me the front of the bus is just crush under the rock because : The tunnel is very long it's not like a door. You have to walk like at least 100 meters to get to the exit so: the landslide isn't like a wall with like 50 cm of width. It's an enormous number of rocks of fell so it's more like 10 meters of width I don't know if you understand what I meant but I think you get the idea don't you ?
  3. Here I don't have any proof, Im just thinking those are the two main possibility for her to go to Milton whitout her briefcase and Will For this part we have some informations by the grey mother, and the prisoner Hobbs. If you played the Redux you meet Hobbs and he explain that they (the prisoner) burned the school with some ihnabitants inside and that astrid tried to save the people inside the burning school so we can easily understand how all must have went. 1. The aurora : consequence -> The crash of the plane and the crash of the bus. 2. The prisoner get out of the bus and go to milton. Astrid go to milton 3. The prisoner burned (apparently by accident) the school and Astrid arrives at this moment to try to save the people inside. 4. Astrid fight with the prisoner and run away.
  4. I was thinking about it after watching some Wintermute videos and I'm not sure but isn't it an incoherence in the evenement of the events in Milton ? First the plane crashes so Astrid and Will are seperated. We know that Will and her Briefcase are realy important so Astrid as to : 1. Run too Milton looking for help and let some scarf piece behind to allow Will to find her path. 2. She was forced by a animal or a prisoner to run away During that, the bus of prisoner get crashed at the entry of the tunnel after milton. The prisoner who survived get out of the Bus and they go to Milton. Some thing went wrong with the inhabitant of Milton, they burn a part of them by accident in the School. Astrid get here at this moment and try to save the Inhabitants but it's too late. The prisoner try to kill her so she start to fight with them, kill one of them but get wouded. She run away and pass trough the stone of the tunnel and survive. If she run away and don't get cought by the prisoner because she was small enough to pass the landslide, who can we find Mathis and 5 prisoners dead body in the mystery lake ? In this situation where astrid pass the landslide, the prisoners are trapped inside Milton. Am I wrong ?
  5. Yeah I like this idea, he has for sure a military past.
  6. So it's been 6 month since the Redux, I think we can hope having the Episode 3 release at the end of 2019 wich I'm realy excited about. Even if the episode 3 is about astrid, I realy want to talk about what we know and what we can Imagine about firstly Jeremiah and Mathis at the end of episode 2 so care: SPOILER ALERT I have a few idea/ theories about Jeremiah. For me he is probably an veteran of the army who choose to leave alone. I think that the "wintermute" is maybe a program of the Army in case of a critic situation or wintermute is a location like a shelter for this type of situation we are in. I don't realy think he is related to Mathis who is a prisoner or that he is a bad guy. The fact that he has some survival knowledge and a radio is probable a clue to some formation that he get in the army. What do you think about him or the other carachters like The prisoners, The forestTalkers, Methuselah, Astrid... ?
  7. If you look in your "notes" inventory, you should find the spear. We still have the spear but not in our inventory to avoid us from some extra weight. That's mean that we don't need it anymore in episode 2 because the bear is dead and there is no other bear in episode 2.
  8. (spoiler alert...) I was thinking about it so I'm just gonna say it. Did we actually stole Jeremiah's gun ? I mean, he gave it to us when he woke up the first time to protect ourself from the bear. But when we killed the bear and did finished all our mission, we probably should have gave is gun back to him, but he just kicked us out without saying anything... That's the problem about switching the mission "did you fix my rifle" by "Found the spear". There is no more 2 rifle so we had to steal jeremiah's one.
  9. There is 3 books that exist in survival mode but I didn't find them in Wintermute: "Stay on target" Maybe allows us to craft a bow and arrows, I think that it could be in a hunter spot. "Wilderness Kitchen" Could maybe in the future alows us to make the grey mother soup ? "Survive the Outdoors" May allows us to start a fire without a tinder or craft the snow shelter ? So for me, if I missed a book, the "Stay on target" seems to be the most logic due to the fact that I saw a bow in the Wintermute redux trailer at 2:14. But if I didn't forget a book, I think that we are probably gonna find the craft of the bow and arrows during the Episode 3 with astrid. Mackenzie seems to be strong and powerful (The bear fight), as the opposite from astrid who sould be efficient, quiet and discreet.
  10. I find your point very interresting, I think it's true some times that there are some issues about the difference between real life and the game. No possibility to move carcass or harvest in 15min rose hips... But I think a game can't be exactly like real life, to create a stability between every elements of the game, you should choose to go for the balanced idea and create a little issue more than following the rules of the real life.
  11. Hi everyone, sorry for my english I'm French. I played since the redux went out and today I finally finish "the story", I did all the main and side mission, explored the entire map and place with loot, all the keys, both hatch, I got the best stuff that you can found or make... But I don't want to enter in the Dam and finish episode 2 without entirely finished the episode. Because I think I may have forget one or two survival book. I got in my side mission the "basics of survival" and the game tells me that I finished it but I got still one objectiv that is not finished: "Learn the basics of survival". All the books I have are: "sewing primer", "Medicinal plants", "Field dressing your kill", "The frozen angler", "Guns guns guns", "Frontier shooting guide". Did I miss one ? If yes, where can I found it ?
  12. Yeah yeah thanks I found it, realy happy to find those isolated boots. Im full of the best stuff that we can have I think.
  13. Guys I don't know what is and where is the High blind ?
  14. In both scenarios, he will die but: (0. How can he survive like one or two days with a knife in is chest deeply in...) 1. With the amount of blood lost when you pull the knife, he will surely die quickly. 2. Push the knife is even something nicer I think, he is already dying slowly so if you stop is pain by making him die quickly you did a good action.